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The Simpsons Stories: Listen To The Teacher

by Darcy May Partridge

One Wednesday morning at Springfield Elementary School, G4EK are having a quiz for their lesson. “Today, it is Teacher Listening Day, so we’ve got an exciting quiz to do!” said Mrs Krabappel, and the children cheered with excitement.


“Okay, question one! What is the name of the popular brand that makes crisps?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Is it Potato Makers?” asked Terri. “Do you know this brand, Bart?” she asked again.


“Lays!” said Bart. “Well done, Bart. That’s correct. You’ve listened carefully to me.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Second question. What is Mr Skinner’s favourite sport?”


“Hockey?” asked Terri. “Football!” said Milhouse. “Is it golf?” asked Sherri. “Swimming?” asked Nelson. “Sherri got it right. Mr Skinner’s favourite sport is golf. Well done, Sherri. You’ve listened carefully to me.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Okay, third question. What are these creatures with the antennas on their heads?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “It’s the Goombles!” said Nelson. “That’s not right, Nelson. You need to listen carefully, don’t you?” she asked again.


“It’s the Teletubbies!” said Bart. “Well done, Bart Simpson! You’ve listened carefully, haven’t you?” said Mrs Krabappel, and she was proud of him.


“Who is Kirk Van Houten’s wife?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Lara?” asked Terri. “That’s not right.” she said. “Luann is my mum!” said Milhouse.


“Well done, Milhouse! You’ve been listening carefully, haven’t you?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Fifth question. What are the people who go up in space?”


“Astronauts!” said Todd. “Well done, Todd!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Wow, that was pretty quick!” said Sherri. “Okay, sixth question. Do you know the name of the school that we are in?” she asked.


“Springfield Elementary School!” said all of the children. “Well done, all of you. You have all listened carefully. Seventh question now.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Where is London?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “It’s in the United Kingdom!” said Martin. “Well done!” she said proudly. “Are we ready for the eighth question now?” asked Terri.


“Eighth question! What are the names of the two animals that are in this TV show?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Tom and Jerry?” asked Nelson. “Itchy and Scratchy!” said Bart.


“Well done, Bart Simpson! I’m so proud of you again!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Well done, Bart!” said Milhouse. “We’re so proud of you!” said the twins.


“Ninth question! When is Easter?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “That’s easy.” said Kearney. “April!” said Milhouse. “Well done, Milhouse! That’s great!” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Last question! What food is made out from pork inside a pig’s leg?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Ham!” said Terri. “Well done, Terri! she said.


“Everybody has listened well, expect Nelson.” said Mrs Krabappel. “I want to win everything!” cried Nelson. “We won!” said Milhouse to Bart.


“Nelson, about this quiz, you need to listen carefully when we have a quiz. When we do another quiz next time, would you listen carefully to it?” asked Mrs Krabappel.


“Okay.” sobbed Nelson. “It will be okay, Nelson.” said Terri. “Next time, you need to listen carefully to the teacher and to the quiz, okay?” asked Martin. “Okay, kids. I promise.” he said, and G4EK enjoyed having their quiz at school.


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