The Simpsons Stories: Marge And Homer’s Argument by Darcy May Partridge -
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The Simpsons Stories: Marge And Homer’s Argument

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning, Marge and Homer are unhappy. “Are you okay, Mum and Dad?” asked Bart. “We are a bit fed up, so please go away, Bart Simpson.” she said, and he went to the kitchen with Lisa.


“I’m hungry.” said Bart. “I’m hungry too.” said Lisa. “I’m having salt and vinegar crisps and some orange juice.” he said. “And I’m having worcester sauce crisps and some apple juice!” she said.


Marge came up to Bart and Lisa. “You can help yourself to food and drink, but don’t make a mess in the kitchen please!” she said. “Okay, Mum.” said Bart and Lisa, and they still ate their crisps and drank their juices.


The argument started. “You messed up our sofa, thrown the cushions and smashed the TV! That is not so good!” said Marge crossly. “I’m sorry, but we have to have a new TV soon because I watched WarioWare on TV!” said Homer crossly.


“We don’t have enough money to buy a new TV! This TV was old!” said Marge crossly. “But how much money have we got? A new TV costs hundreds of dollars and cents!” asked Homer crossly.


“We have $50.00 at home, Homer Simpson! This argument is not very good!” said Marge crossly. “$50.00 won’t make us buy a new TV, and I want to watch lots of programmes on TV!” said Homer crossly.


“What’s going on?” asked Lisa. “Mum and Dad are having an argument and they are very unhappy.” said Bart. He went upstairs with her to the sensory room and she began to cry.


“I will not love you anymore, and you did everything naughty, you big fat ass!” said Marge crossly. “I will not love you too, and you are a very bad housewife, you tall monster!” said Homer crossly, and Marge unlocked the door and got out of the house and he closed it for her.


Homer cried on the sofa and Bart took care of him. “Where is the door key?” he asked. “Marge took it outside and she wanted to go to Springfield Park.” sobbed Homer, and Bart went back upstairs.


The police are here and they took Marge home. “This is a bad thing to run away to Springfield Park, and you took the house keys here! That is very bad!” said Police Clancy to her, and she went upstairs to her and Homer’s bedroom.


Homer went upstairs to the room where Marge is, and they both cried. “We will never love us again, and that was a very bad argument.” they sobbed, and Marge did a very bad thing which was she went out to Springfield Park with the house keys and Homer cried in the living room, so they won’t love each other anymore.


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