The Simpsons Stories: Milhouse Loves Brooke As A Friend by Darcy May Partridge -
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The Simpsons Stories: Milhouse Loves Brooke As A Friend

by Darcy May Partridge

One Friday morning at Springfield Elementary School, Brooke went to join G4EK for the day. “Why are you joining us, Brooke?” asked Todd.


“Because my parents said to me that they didn’t want me to go to G4PM’s residential trip to Kentucky.” said Brooke. “Are they coming back to Springfield on Sunday evening?” asked Martin.


“I think they go to Kentucky on Friday morning at 5am and then they go back to Springfield on Sunday evening at 7pm.” said Brooke. “Do you miss your class?” asked Sherri.


G4EK had PE for their first lesson. “Are we playing cricket?” asked Milhouse. “No, we’re not. We’re going to play tennis.” said Coach Krupt.


“I love tennis!” said Brooke. “Now, when we play tennis, you must work in pairs!” said Coach Krupt. “I want to work with Milhouse.” said Bart. “I want to work with Brooke.” said Milhouse.


“Bart and Sherri! Milhouse and Brooke! Nelson and Martin! Todd and Lewis! Kearney and Richard! And Jaffee and Samantha!” shouted Coach Krupt. “Yes! I got Brooke as I want to love her!” said Milhouse.


The students started to play in their pairs. “Tennis is fun!” said Brooke. “Ah! I can’t get the ball hit my tennis racket!” said Nelson crossly.


“Come on, Samantha! You can do it!” said Jaffee, and the ball didn’t hit Samantha’s tennis racket. “I’m not good at this!” said Samantha, and she began to cry and stamped her right foot and sat on the bench.


“What’s wrong, Samantha?” asked Coach Krupt. “I wasn’t good at playing tennis. It’s because the ball didn’t hit my racket.” sobbed Samantha, and Jaffee went to cheer her up.


“It’s okay, Samantha. It’s just that sometimes balls don’t hit tennis rackets well. Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?” asked Coach Krupt.


“The ball hit my tennis racket! I’m very good at playing tennis!” said Bart. “Terri isn’t very good at playing tennis at all! I might just help her next time.” said Sherri.


It was break time on the playground. “I can see Milhouse cuddling Brooke on the bench.” said Ralph, and he came up to Milhouse and Brooke.


“Can you say the word relax?” asked Milhouse. “Relax.” said Brooke. “Aww! That looks cute!” said Ralph. “What are you doing with my boyfriend Milhouse?!” asked Samantha crossly.


G4EK have drama for their second lesson. “Are we still singing the talent show’s songs?” asked Martin. “No, we’re not. We’re going to have deep pressure. You all have to work in pairs.” said Miss Hoover.


“Bart and Milhouse, you work together, Sherri and Brooke, you work together, Nelson and Lewis, you work together, Richard and Kearney, you work together, Martin and Samantha, you work together and Todd and Jaffee, you work together.” said Miss Hoover.


“Deep pressure is nice.” said Martin. “I don’t often have deep pressure at home, but I had it in my old school.” said Samantha. “Does deep pressure mean you push someone’s hand?” asked Jaffee.


“It’s okay, Todd. I’m not going to touch you a lot. It’s just I’m pushing your arm very slowly.” said Jaffee. “I don’t like being touched, remember?” asked Todd.


“Well done, Todd and Jaffee. And well done, Richard and Kearney.” said Miss Hoover. “Richard, can you give me a massage on my shoulders please?” asked Kearney.


“Do I need to give someone a massage when we have deep pressure together, Miss Hoover?” asked Richard. “You can do.” said Miss Hoover, and he gave Kearney a massage on his shoulders.


“Are your shoulders aching, Kearney?” asked Samantha. “No, they’re not. I need to have them massaged as I feel like it.” said Kearney. “I love deep pressure!” said Nelson.


It was lunchtime in the school hall. “G4EK, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I’m so glad that the fish fingers are on the school dinner menu on week 2!” said Bart happily.


Bart, Milhouse, Kearney, Richard, Brooke, Ralph, Melody and Rod sat with themselves in their own table. “The fish fingers are nice!” he said. “The fish fingers look disgusting. I don’t like the fish fingers.” she said.


“You chose fish fingers for lunch, didn’t you, Melody?!” said Kearney crossly. “I want to have the vegetarian hotdogs instead of the fish fingers!” said Melody crossly, and she threw away the fish fingers from her plate into the bin.


Melody came back to sit in the table with two vegetarian hotdogs on her plate. “Are you a vegetarian, Melody?” asked Brooke. “I’m not a vegetarian. I eat meat and fish.” she said, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


G4EK have ICT for their last lesson as Brooke was tickling Milhouse on his tummy. “It feels tickly!” he laughed. “Tickling people is inappropriate, isn’t it, Milhouse?” asked Nelson.


“Brooke, I heard Nelson saying that tickles everywhere on your body is inappropriate. Can you stop tickling Milhouse now?” asked Jaffee. “Okay. I’ll stop tickling him.” said Brooke, and she stopped tickling Milhouse’s tummy.


“There is still no work to do for you yet, so you can have free time on the computers.” said Mr Hindman. “Did you like the tickle, Milhouse?” asked Brooke. “Yes, I did.” said Milhouse.


Samantha saw a picture of Dakota on Google Images on her computer. “I think Sophie put a picture of Dakota on the Jigplay website. It’s still here.” she said quietly.


“Samantha, are you seeing a picture of Dakota on Google Images?” asked Nelson. “Yes, I am. I didn’t do it. It was Sophie that did it.” said Samantha.


“I love you as a friend, Brooke.” said Milhouse. “Samantha, can you close the images please?” asked Mr Hindman. “Yes, I will.” said Samantha, and she closed the tab of Google Images featuring the picture of Dakota.


“Samantha Stanky, would you come to my office please?” asked Mr Skinner, and Samantha went with him to his office. “It was all about the picture of Dakota on Samantha’s computer.” said Bart.


“There’s no need to worry about Samantha, is there?” asked Mr Hindman. “No.” said the students, and Brooke sneezed. “Bless you, Brooke!” said Bart, and Mrs Krabappel came to Mr Hindman’s ICT room to take the students to the sensory room for their meditation time.


The students went with Mrs Krabappel to the sensory room for their meditation time. “I haven’t had meditation time with G4EK before.” said Brooke.


Milhouse and Brooke went to lie down with each other in their blue giant beanbag. “Relax, relax.” she said to him, and she tickled his chin. “I can see Brooke tickling Milhouse again.” said Jaffee.


“Brooke, can you please stop tickling Milhouse?! It’s inappropriate!” asked Nelson crossly. “Well done, Nelson. Brooke, can you stop tickling Milhouse now? That’s inappropriate!” asked Mrs Krabappel crossly.


“Milhouse likes having a tickle, but it’s inappropriate for meditation time and around the school.” said Bart. “I know! Please stop the conversation!” said Jaffee.


The students and Mrs Krabappel came back to her classroom. “Can we read some books before my taxi driver comes?” asked Lewis. “Yes, you can, and I’ll do the register myself.” she said.


“Wow! This book is about working in a fast food restaurant, just like Krusty Burger!” said Bart. “Bart and Lewis’ taxi driver came first, Mrs Krabappel.” said Milhouse.


Bart and Lewis went into their taxi with Johnny and Gracie. “Milhouse loves Brooke as a friend as he gave her cuddles all day.” he said. “I love cuddles!” she said, and he enjoyed having Brooke joining G4EK with him and the rest of the students, so they should have her again some point.


More in the next pages!

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