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My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: New York City

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are at New York City for 2 days. “New York City is so exciting!” he said excitedly. “Yes, it is, Bart! We’re going to stay at a hotel just for one night!” she said.


“What is the time, Dad?” asked Bart. “It’s 10am, so would you like to play out at the park or the beach?” asked Homer. “What about the beach?! I love going to the beach!” asked Lisa excitedly.


Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went to the beach as she got so excited. “I can see lots of kids playing.” he said. “Can I swim in the sea, Dad?” she asked.


“In my big backpack, there is food, drinks, our picnic rug, spare clothes, swimming costumes, towels and sun cream.” said Homer. “Is it sunny today?” asked Bart.


“Yes, it is. You must have sun cream on as your skin won’t burn so much.” said Homer, and he put sun cream on himself, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.


Lisa and Maggie swam in the sea on the beach. “I don’t like swimming in the sea.” said Bart. “I’ll swim in the sea with the girls so I can keep them safe.” said Homer.


“Dad, why are you swimming with me and Maggie?” asked Lisa. “Because I need to keep both of you safe so you cannot dive underwater.” said Homer.


Next, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went to the park to have a picnic. “I’m very hungry for lunch now!” she said. “We have sandwiches first, and then snacks!” he said.


“I love cheese sandwiches.” said Bart, and Lisa ate some of the ham from one of Homer’s cheese and ham sandwiches. “Meat is disgusting! I hate meat!” she said crossly.


“I’m so sorry I gave you some of my ham from my sandwich, Lisa.” said Homer. “That’s okay, but I don’t like meat because it is disgusting and it hurts the animals’ feelings.” said Lisa.


“Alright, time for snacks!” said Homer, and he, Bart and Lisa ate some snacks from his backpack. “Maggie hasn’t had her lunch yet, Dad.” she said.


“Lisa, I gave Maggie her mini round shaped ham sandwiches and a baby food pouch of bubble and squeak.” said Homer. “Wow! This strawberry ice cream is so delicious!” said Bart.


Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went to vacuum the Simpsons car at a car wash service in New York City. “It’s a coin operated vacuum.” she said. “That’s right.” he said.


“It’s $1.00 for the vacuum!” said Bart, and he put a $1 coin and turned on the coin operated vacuum cleaner. “I love vacuuming!” said Homer.


Lisa vacuumed the passenger’s seat of the Simpsons car. “One of the twins love vacuums very much!” she said. “Is it Sherri or Terri who likes vacuum cleaners very much?” asked Bart.


Homer vacuumed the back seats of the Simpsons car. “I love vacuuming too, Dad!” said Bart. “It’s Sherri who loves vacuums very much, Bart!” said Lisa.


Lisa vacuumed the boot of the Simpsons car. “Maggie, can you please be careful when I vacuum the car boot?” she asked, and Bart moved Maggie away from the boot to the back seats.


“My car is all clean and vacuumed now, kids!” said Homer, and he drove Bart, Lisa and Maggie to the hotel. “It’s 3:10pm now, so we chill out first, and then we can have dinner there!” she said.


Homer, Lisa and Maggie went to watch TV in the sitting room and Bart wandered around the hotel. “I want to see what’s going on in the hotel?” he asked.


“Oh, wow! I can see lots of rooms in the hotel!” said Bart, and he went into a bedroom where Scott and Brenda are. “Hello, Bart! It’s nice to see you again!” she said.


At dinner time, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went to a big restaurant to have some dinner there. “Oh, look! There’s Mr Taylor!” she said.


“Can me and Bart have fish and chips with peas please?” asked Homer. “Can I have creamy cheese pasta with naan bread please, Mr Taylor?” asked Lisa.


“Of course you can!” said Mr Taylor who works at the hotel restaurant. “Thank you!” said Homer, and they all waited for their dinner to come.


“What is Maggie having for dinner?” asked Bart. “She is having her baby food for dinner.” said Homer, and a lady called Miss Sparkes took Maggie’s baby food to the kitchen to be microwaved for her.


Soon, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s dinners were ready. “I love fish and chips.” he said. “I love the creamy cheese pasta and the naan bread.” she said.


“Mama.” said Maggie. “First words at the hotel restaurant! I’m so proud of you!” said Lisa, and she was proud of Maggie. “I think I’m going to tell your mum all about it, Lisa!” said Homer.


It was bedtime at the hotel. “Goodnight, Bart and Lisa. Sweet dreams.” said Homer, and he went to Maggie’s bedroom. “Sleep tight, Maggie.”


Homer was asleep in his own bedroom. “I love New York City and day outs in the USA too.” he said, and they all enjoyed going to New York City, so he was fast asleep in his bed.


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