The Simpsons Stories: Sunday Roast Day At Grampa’s House by Darcy May Partridge -
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The Simpsons Stories: Sunday Roast Day At Grampa’s House

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning before Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie go to Grampa’s house to have roast dinners for lunch, they are eating a sandwich as a snack in the kitchen.


“What is in your sandwich, Bart?” asked Lisa. “In my sandwich, there is a slice of wafer thin chicken, a slice of cheese and a slice of turkey ham.” said Bart.


“In my sandwich, I have a slice of Quorn fake ham and some tuna mayonnaise.” said Lisa. “Are the sandwiches for lunch?” asked Marge.


“No, Mum. They’re just for a snack.” said Bart. “And we’ve got dressed already.” added Lisa. “That’s good, but after you ate your sandwiches, you have to brush your teeth, okay?” asked Marge.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie got ready to go to Grampa’s house. “Hey, Mum, can I sit in the front please?” she asked. “No, you can’t. Maggie is going to sit in the front. You can on the way back, okay?” she asked.


“I’m so excited to have roast meat at Grampa’s house!” said Bart. “I’ll be delighted to see Grampa, Patty and Selma when we get to his house.” said Marge.


At last, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie reached to Grampa’s house. “I hope Mona’s there.” she said, and she rang the doorbell.


Grampa opened the door. “Hello, Simpsons. Come on in! We cooked you some roast dinners for lunch that are both meat and vegetarian options.” he said.


Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Patty and Selma sat in the dining room table while Bart was looking at the food in the kitchen. “I don’t like Quorn and vegetarian food, but I like meat food the best.” he said.


“Is lunch ready now, Grampa?” asked Lisa. “Yes, it is, Lisa.” said Grampa. “Grampa, I got off meat. I don’t eat it anymore.” said Marge. “Do you still eat fish?” he asked.


“I still eat fish, but I don’t eat meat anymore, remember?” asked Marge. “Do you want to try some roast Quorn for lunch?” asked Grampa.


“I’d love to, thank you!” said Marge delightedly. “That’s okay, Marge. Help yourself to some lunch!” said Grampa. “I’m having roast Quorn for my lunch.” said Lisa.


Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grampa, Patty and Selma sat with themselves in the dining room table. “I like helping myself to my own lunch.” he said.


“What meat roasts do we have?” asked Lisa. “The meat roasts are chicken and beef.” said Grampa. “Me and Lisa both have the roast Quorn with roast potatoes, veggies and gravy for our Sunday roast lunch.” said Marge.


“Do you want the stuffing?” asked Grampa. “No, thanks. Has it got pork in them?” asked Marge. “Yes, it has, Marge. You don’t have to like the stuffing.” he said.


Lisa took one stuffing ball and cut it into half. “Let me try one and see if it is for vegetarians.” she said, and she ate half of the stuffing.


“I didn’t like the stuffing.” said Bart. “Eww! The stuffing has pork in it, so it’s not suitable for vegetarians! That’s very disgusting!” said Lisa crossly.


“Well, let me eat your stuffing which you didn’t like.” said Grampa, and he took away half of Lisa’s stuffing which she didn’t like.


Everyone finished their lunch. “What desserts are there?” asked Bart. “Do you want an ice lolly?” asked Grampa. “I would really love a strawberry ice lolly!” said Lisa excitedly.


“Oh, no. We haven’t got any strawberry ice lollies. The only flavours we got are raspberry, orange, apple or lime.” said Grampa. “What about orange?” asked Lisa.


“I have an apple ice lolly.” said Bart. “I have an orange ice lolly like you, Lisa.” said Grampa, and they went to sit in the dining room table.


“Lisa, look what we’ve got for you? Purple round shaped fake nails, 24 inside with glue.” said Selma. “Thank you, Patty and Selma!” said Lisa delightedly.


It was time for Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to go home. “Well, I hope you enjoyed having your roast lunch, Simpsons.” said Grampa, and she gave him a hug and a kiss.


Lisa gave Patty a hug as she began to cry for happiness. “I hope that you’re wearing your purple fake nails. So please enjoy wearing them.” she said.


“You can sit in the front if you like, Lisa.” said Marge. “Thank you, Mum.” said Lisa. “I want to sit in the front next weekend when I have Dad.” said Bart.


“That was nice to have Grampa, Patty and Selma for our Sunday lunch at their house.” said Bart. “Well, that went really well, didn’t it?” asked Marge, and they really enjoyed having Sunday roast lunch at Grampa’s house.


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