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The Simpsons Stories: The Donut Party

by Darcy May Partridge

One evening when Bart came downstairs for excitement, Marge showed him a message from Homer on his phone. “You, Lisa, Maggie and Milhouse are going to Dad’s house for the donut party, so he will have to pick you all up and take you all and Milhouse there.” she said.


At last, Homer got to 742 Evergreen Terrace to pick up Bart, Lisa and Maggie. “Maggie wouldn’t ever like to eat the donuts. Would she eat something else instead?” she asked.


“Bye, Mum! See you at 9pm!” said Bart. “See you later, Mum!” said Lisa, and Homer drove away with the kids to pick up Milhouse next. “Mama.” said Maggie.


Homer went to pick up Milhouse next. “Can I sit in the front?” he asked. “No. Lisa’s sitting in the front. What about if you sit next to Bart and Maggie in the middle?” he asked.


“I’m so excited to go to the donut party with Dad’s friends!” said Bart, and he got so excited. “I love donuts!” said Homer. “I like donuts because I like the pink icing and the sprinkles.” said Milhouse.


At last, they reached to Homer’s house. “Shall we come in?” asked Milhouse. “Who else is coming to the party?” asked Lisa. “Wait and see!” said Homer, and they all went inside his house.


Carl, Lenny and Mr Burns came to the donut party at Homer’s house too. “I don’t know what other food the party have.” said Lisa. “I’m hungry.” said Bart.


Maggie tried one donut and licked the pink icing and the sprinkles. “Ma!” she said happily. “Donuts are not for babies!” said Milhouse, and he took away the donut from Maggie.


Maggie began to cry. “Here is some lovely fish pie that I made for you in the microwave.” said Carl, and he gave her baby food. “Is that baby food?” asked Milhouse.


Homer, Milhouse, Carl and Lenny played on the Wii in the living room. “I love playing on the Wii at home.” said Lisa, and she watched the males play on the Wii.


It was time for Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Milhouse, Carl, Lenny and Mr Burns to have the donuts, cake and orange squash. “May I have apple juice instead of orange squash?” he asked.


“Really?! Okay, I’ll get the apple juice for you.” said Homer, and he gave Bart some apple juice for him to drink instead. “Thank you, Dad.” he said.


It was time for Marge to pick up Bart, Lisa and Maggie from Homer’s house. “I loved the donut party!” he said. “Maggie really liked the pink icing.” she said.


“I want to go home.” said Lisa, and she went to sit in the front of Marge’s car. “Leave the door open, then I’ll close it for you properly.” she said to her.


“Did you have a nice time at the donut party?” asked Marge. “Yes, I did! I mostly enjoyed the donuts.” said Bart, and all enjoyed the donut party, so Homer and him love donuts very much.


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