The Simpsons Stories: The Whole of 4th Grade Class’ School Trip by Darcy May Partridge -
My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: The Whole of 4th Grade Class’ School Trip

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning, when the bus reached to the pier, the students all from 4th grade are so excited about their whole school trip. “What is the timetable?” asked Samantha.


“First, we’re going to the pier and beach, then at break time, we have a snack at the cafe, then we’re going to meet some cats at a cat centre, then lunch outside the cafe, then the fairground, and then home time.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Are we going to a gift shop today, Mr Skinner?” asked Lewis. “No, not for the school trip. You all have $15.00, don’t you, students?” asked Mr Skinner.


“Yes!” shouted the children, and they walked along the pier. “I’ve never been to the pier before.” said Samantha. “When I was a baby, I went there with my parents.” said Jaffee.


“Do I need to spend my money on a ice cream?” asked Milhouse. “No. You spend $3.00 for a snack, $5 for lunch and $5 for ice creams.” said Mrs Krabappel.


The students and the staff went on the beach. “Let’s make sandcastles!” said Martin excitedly, and he went to build a sandcastle for himself.


“Martin? Have you got a packed lunch in your bag?” asked Mrs Krabappel, and Martin opened his bag and felt that he didn’t have his packed lunch in there.


“Well done for not bringing your packed lunch, Martin! That’s very good!” said Mrs Krabappel, and she was proud of Martin. “My mum said I have to bring a packed lunch with me.” said Sophie.


“Sophie, you’re not supposed to bring a packed lunch for the school trip! You know that!” said Mr Manns crossly. “I’m sorry, Mr Manns. Can I still eat it at lunch time?” asked Sophie.


“Sophie, when you are the only student who brings a packed lunch, I’m going to say the bad news for you… You’re not going to eat it at lunchtime, unfortunately.” said Mrs Krabappel, and Sophie began to cry.


The students and the staff went to the cafe at break time to buy a snack for themselves. “What’s the matter, Sophie?” asked Jessica. “Mum said to me that I need to bring a packed lunch with me, but I’m not going to eat it.” sobbed Sophie.


“Sophie, I spoke to your mum about your packed lunch, so instead, she said that you can eat lunch from the cafe instead of eating your packed lunch, okay?” asked Mr Manns.


Sophie’s mum came to give her packed lunch back. “Sorry, Mrs Jensen. Sophie’s not allowed to bring a packed lunch, so instead, she will have to eat lunch from the cafe, okay?” asked Mr Manns. “Thanks, Mr Manns.” she said.


“Wow! I wanted two packs of Lay’s cheese and onion crisps and two cartons of apple juice!” said Bart. “Please do not give your food to your taxi driver, okay?” asked Milhouse.


After break time, the students and the staff went to see some cats at the Springfield Cat Centre. “I love cats!” said Brooke. “What’s wrong?” asked Jaffee to Sophie.


“My mum took my packed lunch away from me, so unfortunately, I’m now going to eat lunch from the cafe instead.” sobbed Sophie. “Don’t worry, Sophie.” said Samantha.


“I would really love a pet cat of my own!” said Bart. “I might do too!” said Milhouse. “I have a black cat called Sarah because I give her lots of strokes and hugs.” said Brooke.


“Everybody, this is Dean. He is a white cat with a black tail. He is very friendly.” said a lady called Mrs Donovan. “Hello, Dean.” said Jaffee. “Hi, Dean. It’s nice to see you today.” said Nikki.


At 12pm, it was lunch time in the cafe for the students and the staff. “I would really like fish fingers, chips, beans and peas with ketchup.” said Bart. “I want that too!” said Milhouse.


The students and the staff all chose their lunch. “Here are your apple and orange juice cartons. Lunch will be ready very shortly.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Did I buy one for myself?” asked Nina.


“No, Nina. Me or Mr Manns buy the juice cartons for you and the students.” said Mrs Krabappel. “I don’t like orange juice.” said Lucy. “I’ll have your orange juice carton. I have my apple juice carton.” said Milhouse.


At last, lunch is ready. “Wow! I wanted this meal of mine!” said Bart. “You and Milhouse can’t always have the same meal, Bart!” said Sherri. “Oh. At least we got them.” said Milhouse.


“Milhouse, why do you have two apple and orange juice cartons together?” asked Mrs Krabappel crossly. “Because Lucy doesn’t like the orange juice carton, so she let me have that.” said Milhouse.


“I wanted apple juice instead of orange juice.” said Lucy sadly. “Here is a carton of apple juice for you, okay?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Thank you.” she said.


“I love my beans and cheese jacket potato.” said Nina. “Apple juice isn’t nice for me. Can I have some water instead?” asked Nikki to Mrs Krabappel.


Mrs Krabappel gave Nikki a bottle of water. “Thanks, Mrs Krabappel.” she said. “You’re welcome!” she said, and all of the students and the staff are eating their lunch.


The students and the staff went to the fairground. “After the fairground, are we going to buy an ice cream from the cafe?” asked Wendell. “I think we are, Wendell.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“I love the carousel!” said Bart. “I’m on a black horse!” said Brooke. “I think there’s too many people on the carousel now.” said Adrian. “You have to wait, Adrian, don’t you?” asked Mr Manns.


Bart, Milhouse, Brooke and Lucy went to win a prize for themselves from the crane machine. “Me first, Milhouse! Me first!” he said, and he put a $2 coin inside the crane machine.


“Yes! I’ve won two cheeseburger squishies, one for me and one for my taxi driver!” said Bart happily. “I’m next!” said Milhouse. “Can I go after Milhouse?” asked Brooke.


“What are you four doing at the crane machine?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “We’re winning some prizes.” said Lucy. “Okay, so I’ll be near you, just in case.” she said.


“I’ve won one cheeseburger squishy for me!” said Milhouse, and it was Brooke’s turn. “I want to win a Spiderman plush toy because I love Spiderman.” she said.


“Yes! I’ve won my Spiderman plush toy!” said Brooke happily. “Well done, Brooke!” said Bart, and it was Lucy’s turn. “What shall I win this time?” she asked.


“Oh, finally! I’ve won a blue and pink unicorn plush toy!” said Lucy. “Do you like unicorns, Lucy?” asked Brooke. “I love unicorns!” she said loudly.


Bart saw Martin, Nelson, Lewis, Wendell and Richard on the up and down ride. “Ahh! I can’t be happy with that!” he said. “It’s okay, Nelson.” he said.


The rest of the students went with Mr Skinner to the soft play area. “I love the soft play area.” said Jessica. “Hi, Milhouse! I’m taking the pre-school class to the fairground today. How are you?” asked Luann.


“I’m doing good. When I went to win a prize from the crane machine, I’ve won a cheeseburger squishy!” said Milhouse. “Well done. When you get angry or stressed, use your cheeseburger squishy without pinching and squeezing your hands and arms, okay?” asked Luann.


“Luann! Hello, there!” said Bart. “Hi, Bart. I saw you last week when you had chicken kickers with Milhouse. Was that nice?” asked Luann. “Yes, it was.” said Bart.


“I’m in the ball pool with Milhouse!” said Bart. “I love the ball pool! It’s so adorable!” said Jessica. “Jess!” said a pre-school girl to her.


“The slides are fun!” said Richard. “They’re too scary for me!” said Kearney. “Don’t be silly, Kearney. They’re just for fun!” said Jaffee. “That’s the drop slide that I don’t like.” he said, and he slid down on the drop slide.


The students and the staff now went to buy an ice cream at the cafe after the fairground. “I love a vanilla ice cream cone and a blue raspberry slush drink together.” said Bart.


“I have the same as yours, Bart!” said Milhouse. “Bart, you and Milhouse don’t always have the same thing! For instance, me and Jaffee don’t have the same thing.” said Samantha.


“Are we going back to the school bus now?” asked Sophie. “I think we are. Everyone, back to the school bus!” shouted Mrs Krabappel.


“I loved the whole school trip today.” said Bart. “And it was nice for me to see my mum too.” said Milhouse. “I brought two packs of Lay’s cheese and onion crisps both for me and my taxi driver.” said Sherri.


The students and the staff went back to Springfield Elementary School. “Me and Bart’s taxi driver is here!” said Lewis. “Off you go, Lewis and Bart.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Johnny, I got you a pack of Lay’s cheese and onion crisps, an apple juice carton and a cheeseburger squishy.” said Bart. “Aww, thank you!” said Johnny delightedly. “You’re welcome.” he said, and he enjoyed going to the school trip with the whole of 4th grade, so he loved it very much.


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