The Simpsons Stories: Happy Halloween by Darcy May Partridge -
My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: Happy Halloween

by Darcy May Partridge

One evening at 6pm, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are going trick or treating. “We didn’t go to school today, Bart. The school office told us that it was a day off, wasn’t it?” she asked.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie got out of their house and walked around the houses in Evergreen Terrace. “Knock knock! Who’s there?” she asked, and out came the Flanders at number 744.


“Trick or treat! Here’s some sweets for you!” said Rod and Todd. “Thank you, Rod and Todd!” said Bart. “We’re not trick or treating this year.” said Ned.


Marge rang 734 Evergreen Terrace’s doorbell, and out came Bernice with her children. “Trick or treat!” she cackled. “You’re a witch!” said Lisa.


Lisa rang 555 Evergreen Terrace’s doorbell, and out came Moe dressed up as Frankenstein. “Trick or treat! Sweets for you.” he said. “Thank you, Moe!” said Bart.


Marge rang 82 Evergreen Terrace’s doorbell, and out came Mrs Krabappel wearing devil horns on her head. “Trick or treat!” she said. “Thank you very much for the sweets.” said Lisa.


“I can hear the kids trick or treating at night.” said Lisa. “Who else are we seeing, Mum?” asked Bart. “I don’t know, Bart.” said Marge, and they walked around the houses again.


Bart rang 74 Evergreen Terrace’s doorbell, and out came Scott and Brenda dressed up as a zombie and a witch. “Trick or treat! Sweets for you!” she said in a operatic voice.


“Thank you for Bart and Lisa’s sweets, Brenda!” said Marge. “You’re very welcome, Marge.” said Brenda. “Are we going home now, Mum?” asked Lisa.


“Yes, we can, Lisa.” said Marge, and she and the kids went straight home. “Trick or treating was fun!” said Bart. “I think we should go again next year.” said Lisa, and they enjoyed going trick or treating, so they should go again next year.


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