The Story of My Life (so far) by Adeifemide Olu-sholanke -
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The Story of My Life (so far)

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My name is Adeifemide Treasure(my middle name) Olu-sholanke. I am from Ogun state, Nigeria (but I was born in Lagos). I was born on the 18th of December 2005- a week before Christmas. This year, I am going to turn my double ones.
I have a wonderful family. I have 3 sisters. My dad’s name is Olumide and my mom’s name is Abimbola. My sisters’ names are Ayo, Ademi and Adeeri (Angel). We all begin with As. I love my family because they are very supportive. So far, we have been through a lot- 6 houses, 9 schools and 2 countries for me to be exact.

The Story of My Life (so far) by Adeifemide Olu-sholanke -

I started school at the age of three. Hiding behind my mother, I made my way to my new school, Porters. Staring and shaking, I looked around. I didn’t know anyone. Sniffling, I saw my mother’s figure slip out the door silently. Silence. Then, I let out a big wail – I was really sensitive back then. A while later, I was sitting down, playing with blocks, pretending to be a builder.
I went to at least 3 schools before I was even six! My last school – before I moved to Dakar, Senegal- was called Skylink. I learnt a lot of things in that school including most of my morals, how to play the violin ( I stopped though) and how to add/subtract fractions and whole numbers.


THE BIG MOVE 1 (Part 1)
Blinking, I saw my dad and mom in our bedroom. I checked the time, 3:00 am. I groaned.
“Why did they have to wake me up so early?” I thought.
“Wake up sleepyhead. Today’s the big day.” they said.
“What big day?” I thought, “Oh yeah. Today’s moving day!”
I got out of bed excitedly. I had forgotten all about it! This was going to be a loooong day.

We piled into the car, speeding along the for the first time in forever, not clogged road. We reached the airport (the Murtala Mohammed airport to be exact) at about 6:00 am. We got our visas and passports checked. Finally, the inhumane voice called our plane. We boarded the plane, winding past the other passengers and took our seats. A few minutes later, the plane took off.


THE BIG MOVE 1 (Part 2)
I opened my eyes (I was sleeping). I heard a voice.
“Please put your seatbelts on; we’re about to land.” the voice “cheerfully” said.
I put my seatbelt on and waited. Finally, the plane landed and we got off. Taxis fought to get passengers, who were going to different destinations.

“Where are we?” we (my sisters and I) asked my parents.
“Dakar, Senegal; it’s in Africa.” my father replied.

Soon, a taxi pulled over and our parents ushered us in. A few minutes later, we were on the well-constructed road, some roads lined with beaches, boasting soft golden sand and a bright turquoise ocean/sea, that stretched on for miles ( it didn’t actually stretch on for miles). I opened my eyes again – I was sleeping. This time, I saw a white building (a block of apartments to be exact), towering majestically above our heads (we actually lived in 2 houses in Senegal). We took the elevator to the 3rd or 4th floor and there it was. Disappointed, I surveyed the apartment. It was as empty as a jar of honey -at least once a bear has finished it. It wouldn’t stay that way for long. The exact same day, our beds were set up. Soon, there was a bunch of furniture in every room! It was official, we had finally settled in.

The Story of My Life (so far) by Adeifemide Olu-sholanke -

The first day at a new school on a Monday morning, what do you expect? Nervously, I halfheartedly entered my new classroom. My new teacher, Ms. Karen, looked very nice.
“Everyone please sit in a circle on the mat.” she said.
We all sat in a circular formation and took turns introducing ourselves. Next, when we had finished the introductions, we did some Math and English. Before I knew it, it was time for recess. We lined up to wash our hands at the sink (there was a sink in the classroom), making sure to wash behind and in between our fingers (it was very important apparently).

Recess. I dreaded the thought. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop it.
“Everyone pack up your food and please line up for break.” Ms. Karen said.
We obediently lined up and went outside.
The playground was like a giant sandbox with a fort, 2 slides, monkey bars and a set of swings. The only problem: I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I sat down at the edge alone. I spotted 2 other girls that looked like my age.
“Why not? Better to make a friend than an enemy anyway.” I thought.
I got up from my spot and went to meet them. I had the feeling, a beautiful friendship was about to blossom; I was right.


The first day of first grade is very important to a graduated kindergartener, so I picked one of my former favourite outfits to wear(there ,was no uniform and there still isn’t). I had new classmates, but this time, I had friends – though they were not in my class. My new teacher was Ms. Tehuki – please forgive me if I spelt the name wrong- and she was from New Zealand.

One thing I loved about first grade, was that we had a lot of different nationalities from all around the world: American, Nigerian, Chinese, South Korean, Malaysian, Swedish, French, Zimbabwean, New Zealander, Malagasy, Hungarian, South African, Canadian and of course Senegalese. It was a good experience for me because I learnt to work with people of different nationalities.

Technically, I was on good terms with everyone, but I also expanded my circle of friends: Ginger (Chinese and American); Erika/Erica (Malaysian); Klara (Swedish); Dolores (Zimbabwean); Ayla (Hungarian), Ella (Canadian) and Maria (South Africa) etc.. First grade was my last grade in ISD; I was moving again.


The Story of My Life (so far) by Adeifemide Olu-sholanke -


I saw blurry figures as I woke up. Moving day…again. I groaned.

“Why do we have to move so much?” I thought.

This time, we were moving back to Nigeria, but, we were moving to Ibadan, Oyo state and not Lagos.

We boarded the plane while the robotic voice “greeted” us again. It has an unpleasant way of speaking in a sarcastic manner. I closed my eyes.

“Please put on your seatbelt. We are about to land.” a voice said.

I woke up in a strange looking place and remembered I was on an airplane, about to land in Lagos. We had to drive to Ibadan, as the closest airport was in Lagos. It took forever! The traffic was terrible in Lagos and we still had to drive through Ogun state (my native state), just to get to Ibadan! The journey took at least 3 hours.

We entered our new home (we actually had lived in 2 in Ibadan).



My new school in Ibadan was ACA (American Christian Academy). There, I met some of my favourite teachers there: Ms. Gretchen, U.S. ; Ms. Ethel, Nigeria; Mr. Abayomi, Nigeria etc.

What all of these teachers have in common is that they are kind, helpful, caring and they make learning fun! I salute all my teachers for helping me!



“Have a great day Adeife!” my mother called.

“Thanks mom!” I replied.

It was around 6:00am and I was going to school, while my dad was going to work. My new school was CIS (Children’s International School). I was going to be in Year 5C. My new teachers were Mr. “B” and Ms. Desola. I was not in my best mood – due to waking up at the crack of dawn. However, I eventually lightened up, due to the cheerfulness of my teachers.

I learnt important core values in Year 5C: Courtesy, Dignity and Respect. They still help me with my learning and other areas of my life.

Currently, I am in Year 6B and my new teachers are Mr. Fasanmoye and Ms. Nnochiri. I moved (again) before I started Year 6. I have a lot to learn before I leave school.



I know some things, some things I don’t, but one thing I know, this is the beginning and not the end. Everyday, you grow older, wiser, stronger and better. I have not stopped. I can’t wait for the other adventures of my life.

The Story of My Life (so far) by Adeifemide Olu-sholanke -
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