written by classes 1A and 1B
My name is Ornella Palazzo and I teach English at I.C. Palombara Sabina, a Secondary school of first grade in province of Rome. My favourite hobbies are photography, birdwatching, using computer programmes to teach in an innovative way.
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The Talking Animals

by Ornella Palazzo

Artwork: Classes 1A and 1B


Rabbit Piret 🐇

Created by Alessia Maria Piciorea, 1A

Every morning the village chief walked along the Spring House, to donate eggs to its inhabitants. The Spring family took 5 eggs every morning. One day the younger son of the Spring family, got sick, so his mother needed more eggs for curing her son.

One morning rabbit mother asked rabbit Piret:” Excuse me, Sir, my son is very sick, could you give me two more eggs?”. He replied:” Okay, Mam Rabbit”. And he gave her 7 eggs. The following day Mam Rabbit asked him again other two eggs and Rabbit Pired said yes, even though that was a big effort for him because every morning he had to get many eggs near the hens.

On the third day Mam Rabbit asked Piret rabbit 4 more eggs, but when he was giving her, suddenly the sick son
asked:” Mam, can I go out and ride my bike?”. Piret realized that the son did not need eggs anymore, so he took his eggs and went away. The moral of the story:” Don’t ask for too much or you may come away empty-handed”.



Peter the naughty rabbit 🐰

Created by Maria Stella Serafini,1B

Mum rabbit was cooking dinner when she realized that there weren’t any raspberries. So she asked her children to go and pick up some raspberries. But the little rabbit Peter came into Mr Mc Gregor’s garden and when Mr Mc Gregor noticed the rabbit, he began to shriek and to chase Peter. But Peter had a lucky escape from the garden of Mr Mc Gregor, so the three bunnies came home with their berries. 



Morgan the duck 🦆

Created by Cristina Andra Balaceanu, 1B 

One day Morgan the duck went to town to buy Christmas decorations including the reindeer horns to wear on Christmas Eve. Coming back home, she met a reindeer who asked her, “Why did you buy the horns? You are a duck and not a reindeer”. And the duck replied, “But it’s a Christmas tradition.” Then the reindeer said, “Invite me on Christmas Day, so we’ll have fun to dress up my horns as well”.On Christmas Eve  Morgan the duck and the reindeer  had a lovely and fun big dinner.



The lion and the mouse🐁 🦁

Created by Nicolas Salvati,1B

Once upon a time there was a lion that was sleeping as usual in the afternoon.One little mouse started to walk on his nose. Suddenly the lion catched him . The mouse asked him to get him free promising to help him in case one day he could be in difficulty or in danger. The lion laughed at the mouse and fled away. After some time the lion was trapped in a net, roaring so loud that he could not get rid of the net. The lion heard him and ran to his aid, dipped the net and released the lion. Since that day they became friends.





The little bunny 🐰

Created by Valerio Lucci, 1A

Once upon a time a little bunny did not know how to tie his shoes, so at school his mates made always fun of him. One day the bunny’s mother was tying his shoes just in front of the school and his mates started to laugh at him.The bunny was so sad for that, so he learned fast to tie his shoes.

This story teaches us that it is not fair to make fun of weak people, but that it is great to learn how to do on your own.





Friends by chance 🐈 🐱

Created by Maria Francesca Ortenzi, 1B

A cat named Franz was always alone because it hadn’t friends . One day, while Franz was looking for food, it met a scared rabbit called Roger that ran away from a circus. The cat and the rabbit became friends. Now they are always together and they travel around the world.


Molly and the wise Porcupine 🦔

Created by Francesca Sofia Pani, 1A

Once upon a time there was a family of porcupines that had three daughters:Carina the older, Poppy and Molly the younger. Sometimes the three sisters went to pick up blackberries in the bush in front of their den. One day, while they were gathering all those delicious fruits, they met a fox who said them:”Good morning dear girls! What are you doing here all alone?”. The three sisters answered: ” We are picking up the blackberries for my

mother’s jam”. The fox was thinking to eat a delicious soup made by those porcupines, so she asked them :” Do you want to come to my house where there are tasty blackberries for the jam of your mother?”. Two of the sisters accepted, but the other sister started to run so fast to their home, and when she got there, she told her mother about the episode and the meeting with the fox. Suddenly their parents ran as fast as they can to the den’s fox.

Just in time they arrived there , so their daughters were safe. By that day the porcupines did not accept any invitations from anyone, and they all lived happily ever after.




The magical hamster 🐹

Created by Tommaso Cremonesi, 1B

Once upon a time there was a hamster named Sbytery. One day he escaped from his den and he went around in the forest. After a while he fell into a hole, but he used his magical ladder and climbed the hole. He came back to his den safely.


The ant story 🐜

Created by Jasmine Hani, 1B

Every day a small ant arrives at work very early and starts working immediately. She produces a lot and she is happy!



  The talking animals 🐻

Created by Matias Frroku, 1B

Once upon a time there was a bear in a forest where he often wondered: “Am I alone here?”. One day he met a rabbit who was crying, and the bear consoled him. Then they became friends and all the people of the forest said:” Hurray for the bear!”, and they all lived happily ever after. 



 The Tale of the magical rhino 🦏

Created by Cristiano Rubbo, 1A

In the savannah there was a rhino who liked to sing rap songs. Every day, at lunch time, he sang his invented songs for his animal friends. His fame was known throughout the savannah, for this reason he attracted the attention of the wizard who was a huge gorilla coming from far away to take his place and his voice. When he heard him singing, he was so enthusiastic that, instead of stealing his vocal skills, he made a big applause and became his greatest fan.



The two horses🐎 🐴

Created by Consuelo Massimi, 1A

Once upon a time there was a horse that asked his mother the reason for that fence in front of their house. She replied that it was because there were their enemies, so he could not jump and be in danger. But one night the horse wore his wings and jumped the fence. He met a beautiful horse and fell in love at first sight. They decided to get married so they went to an island where they started to live happily. They sent a letter to their parents in which they wrote about their marriage. The two families left for the island to meet their kids. At the end their parents reconciled and lived happily ever after.



The bird and the fox 🐦

Created by Anna Lisa Angelova, 1A

Once upon a time a fox discovered that one bird has hatched nine eggs. One day she went under the bird’s nest asking for all their eggs. The bird thought she had to feed her little ones, so he gave them.After some time the fox came back again and asked other three eggs. The bird began to feel suspicious, so he decided to follow the fox and

he found out that the eggs were for him and not for her little children. The bird was really angry and


Moral: “Nobody should exploit the kindness of other people”..




The ant and the dove 🐜🕊

created by Beatrice Maschietti, 1A

nce upon a time an ant was very thirsty so stopped for drinking in a stream, but she fell inside; she could not swim because of the current of the stream and for this reason, she could not go back to the shore. A dove was passing over the stream and she saw the ant in trouble. Suddenly the dove handed her a leaf 🍁, so the ant could save herself.

A few day later a hunter saw the dove and pointed the rifle to shoot at her. The ant went out of her house to see what was happening. Immediately the ant got on the hunter’s foot just to distract him, so the hunter leaned to see who has bitten his foot, and quickly the dove had time to fly away. The ant and the dove became friends forever.

The moral of this story is that good actions lead to good things.




The cat and the mice 🐈 🐭

Created by Miriana Simeoni, 1B

Once upon a time there was a house full of mice. A cat heard about it, and he went to settle there to catch and eat them.The mice got in their househole for a long time. The cat was there to wait for them , but they didn’t want to get out. The cat got an idea: he took a piece of cheese and put it in front of their door. One of the mice slowly

started to walk towards the cheese, but when he saw the cat, he pretended to be dead. The cat stopped and said:”I don’t want to hurt you, be calm!”. The mouse replied:” I believe you, but I prefer staying away from you. It it’s ok

for you, I will take the cheese and I’ll go into my househole”. The cat replied:” Ok, that’s fine for me,you can go”.

The mouse replied:”Thank you”.



The ugly monkey 🐵

Created by Leonardo Sgrulloni, 1A

Once upon a time there was an ugly monkey that everyone made fun of her. One day while she was buying some things for her mother, she met a crazy scientist who wanted to give her a magic potion to become a beautiful monkey. But she refused the gift because she thought she was not ugly at all. The moral is that you have to love and to accept your body the way it is.



Friendship 🦔 🐰

Created by Ilaria Lupi, 1B

Once upon a time there was a rabbit that met a hedgehog that asked him:” Who are you?”. The rabbit replied:” Who are you?”. The latter said:” I am the only one in the world who lives here, and you?”. The hedgehog said:”I am the only one who has to stay here”.The two guys had an argument about this topic for a long time. Every day they came out of their dens, they did not even look at each other. One day the rabbit understood that it was silly to keep on quarrelling, so he decided to make peace with the hedgehog. This decision was made because it was very important to have a friend that you can trust. Then he went to the hedgehog’s den and asked him:””Do you want to make peace?”” The hedgehog had thought the same thing and replied:” Yes, I’m so happy we are friends again!” At the end they became great friends for life and shared all they have.


The ant and the grasshopper 🐜

Created by Valerio Pecchi, 1A

One day a grasshopper said to the fly:” That ant has a liar and bad expression”. After two months the cicada and the ant became friends, so the fly realized that he has had a wrong opinion about the ant. The moral is that people should not judge other people by their appearance.



The hungry eagle 🦅

Created by Valerio Massimo Dicintio, 1B

Once upon a time there was an eagle who was hungry, but he was fed up of eating the fruits of the tree every day. He tried to catch a fish,  but he did not succeed, so for lunch he ate the fruit of the tree, as usual.



The bears 🐻 🐻

Created by Asia Barbarossa, 1A

Two bears wanted to eat a salmon. They had two little bears. They didn’t eat the salmon and let the little bears eat it. Parents always do all they can for their children.



The fox 🦊 and the grape 🍇

Created by Cristina Tarantino, 1A

Once upon a time there was a smart and a hungry fox. One day she went to a vineyard where there were many bunches of grapes. She tried to climb the bunches, but she failed, she tried again,but without success. A bird from a branch laughed at her and said:” Those grapes are too unripe” The fox replied:”It doesn’t matter, I will come when the grape is mature”,and then he went away.




The hungry monkey 🐒

Created by Federico Annessi,1A

Once upon a time there were two very hungry monkeys who decided to look for food. One monkey said to the other: ” If you find something to eat, call me with a whistle”.They took two different paths. A few hours later, one of the monkey found a giant banana, but he was too hungry, so he didn’t call his friend and started to eat it.The next day he met his friend and he felt very bad because he was a selfish. Then the monkey apologized and his friend forgave him.



The terrible pig 🐷

Created by Marta Ludovici, 1B

Jamon lived in Spain. He was a terrible small pig, he never listens to his mother Patanegra.

One day his mother, while she was going to the market, said:” Jamon, you must always stay close to me, don’t go around alone!” But Jamon disobeyed his mother, so he was captured by Balicchi, an Italian butcher that turned him into a good and taste ham.

The moral: “You must always obey your parents”.



Byll the dog 🐶

Created by Christian Citarella, 1B

Once upon a time a dog named Byll lived with his two brothers and his sick mother. Byll liked travelling, so he started his long journey around Europe. One day he stopped in a farm to work as volunteer . But after a few days, he returned to his family because his mother died. Byll was desperate for this bad news, but he had to work so he decided to come back to the farm. There he met a beautiful, little dog named Kira, and  they fell in love at first sight.

Byll told kira the story of his life , in particular about the death of his mother and his desire to take care of his two brothers.Then Byll asked Kira to marry him, and she said yes. Byll and Kira got married and lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story: “Who finds a friend, finds a treasure”.



The story of Henry the Rabbit 🐇

Created by Giacomo Michienzi,1B

One day Henry the rabbit was jumping into the wood when he saw a cat. He was very scared so he began to run. But the cat wanted to play with the rabbit, he wanted to be only his friend. When Henry stopped, the cat started to play with the little rabbit, so they became great friends!


The Talking Animals

Students of classes 1A and 1B of ICS “Palombara Sabina”, Secondary school of first grade,Palombara Sabina, Rome, have created, drawn and written all these tales. They have been inspired by the film “Miss Potter” seen at school.

Each student has done a great work!


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