the war of unicorns BY: Hadar vizn

by Noam Banot Pisgat Zeev

Dec 2015
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the war of unicorns BY: Hadar vizn

by Noam Banot Pisgat Zeev

It all began on a clear
day and one dayתמונה קשורה
Oh, but before I tell you the story I want you to know it
It has a lot of blemishes and a great forest if a lot of unicorns!

 ×ª×ž×•× ×” קשורה

But one day black clouds appeared, and suddenly came the new pheasants!תמונה קשורה

And after a war, bloodshed and tears, everything is destruction and destruction, all blood and all the cute horns, have become heartlessתמונה קשורה
And Pegasus was that he was also unicorn, and his own father killed him because his mother was because she was unicorn, and he killed his mother and unicorns terribly angry because they killed their leader and they were waging warתוצאת תמונה עבור תמונת של פגסוס,תוצאת תמונה עבור תמונות של חד קרן
Unicorn decided to return revenge! They sent the sharpest unicorn and then he killed their leader !!!

תמונה קשורה
Then there was a division, the unicorns went to the flower forest, and the princes went to the Black Forestתמונה קשורה.תמונה קשורהתמונה קשורה

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