Tips on Financing Your Writing Career by Mike Langer -
Jul 2017
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Tips on Financing Your Writing Career

by Mike Langer


The eternal problem of wanting to write a book is the balancing act between earning enough money to live on, while finding the time and energy to devote to your writing. Unless you have a very well-paid job, you’ll probably be working full-time and quite possibly be combining your job with looking after your family. When your day is so full, it’s difficult to find the motivation to sit down and work on your novel, but if you find yourself with plenty of free time, you’ll be too busy worrying about paying the bills to get much writing done! There’s no magic solution to this problem, but there are some ways you might be able to help yourself get started.


Writing for money


There are millions of websites and print publications needing well-written content. If you can get some content writing work, you’ll not only be earning extra money, but you’ll be getting the practice you need to become an effective writer. Before you start sending off emails and submissions, it’s vital that you check the guidelines on websites you are interested in writing for. Some sites don’t accept unsolicited pieces, and the ones that do will have rules about what they will accept and how it should be presented. If you don’t adhere to the guidelines, your work will not be considered, and you’ll have wasted your time. There are numerous websites that will help you find writing work, and many more that will help you hone your writing skills, so make use of these tools, many of which are available for free.


Savings and investments


If you have even a small amount of capital, it’s worth looking at making some shrewd investments to help you grow your money and give you the opportunity to devote yourself to your writing. If you’re concerned about the cost of hiring a financial adviser, there are some excellent cheaper options available that use robo-advisers or a combination of robo and real advisers to carry out all your trading for you. For example, there is a specialist women’s investment servicewhich takes into account the difference in peak earnings between men and women. You can have a look at Ellevest financial reviews or find out about the alternative options on the Internet. If you’ve saved enough and are determined to give writing your best shot, you might be tempted to give up work or cut back your hours. If you’re considering this option, do check your budget to be sure you can manage for the months and possibly years it will take to set yourself up as a writer. You might be better off taking a sabbatical from work, or saving up leave, so you can devote yourself to your writing project without risking financial problems. Writing the book needn’t take too long, depending on your work rate, but once written it will need to be mothballed for a few months before final editing, and then there is the lengthy process of finding a publisher.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to write a book, but the tools available to writers now are making the job very much easier than it was before. With the advent of self-publishing and sites like Ourboox, you don’t even need to be reliant on finding a publisher to get your book into print!



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