Twisted fairy tales Lycée Bascan by S. Boudjenane -
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Twisted fairy tales Lycée Bascan

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Alice In Despairland

Once upon a time, a lonely girl was walking in the forest, saw a strange grey cat. She thought « It looks friendly and cute». Curious, she followed the cat until she reached a door. The little girl, whose name was Alice, stepped inside a land filled with despair. A sudden shiver ran through her and the door suddenly shut. She became terrified when she saw such a macabre show unveiling before her eyes : a huge forest of dead trees, the atmosphere troubled by a stifling fog. The cat was no longer in her sight but she perceived a light far in the dark fog. Alice ran towards the light but she stumbled over a blade and turned back to pick it up. Right behind her, a tremendous shadow was getting bigger and bigger and she started to flee to save her life.She yelled « Wha… what is that?! » And began to become as white as a sheet and she was in a cold sweat. She finally reached the light she had percieved. The light came from a floodlit teapot surrounded by people drinking some tea.

The cat was there and said “Come my sweetie, drink some tea with us.”


Alice in despairland

Alice walked slowly towards the table when she suddenly got caught by two unknown figures that got her shut inside the magic teapot. She was not alone inside of it. There was a man alongside her, his eyes as deep as the ocean. He was wearing a big green hat, giving him the look of some kind of adventurer. Sundenly, she heard a man who said « It will be a new savour for our tea, eh Tweedle Dee ? » « Sure, yummy yummy Tweedle Dum ! Ahah ». The man recognized the blade that Alice was carrying with her and explained to her that it was the only way to break through their magical prison. They gripped firmly the blade and slashed through the teapot’s copper. The teapot turned into ashes and the illusion shattered, giving the world back his ray of hope. Alice, the orphan, had finally found a dad, a family, to start a new life with.

Elaura, Leslie, Solene and Bryan


The two little pigs

Once upon a time, there were two little pigs  in the Roberval on the second floor. One day, the wolf arrived dressed up as the Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother in a night dress. He knoked at the door. In the mean time the 2 little pigs were waiting for the arrival of the grandmother and prepared to go to a bal organized by Cinderella when suddenly they heard a knock at the door. One of the little pigs went to open door and saw a grandmother dressed up with a night gown and shoes. At that precise moment, the grandmother jumped on the first little pig and caught him, then the second escaped and hid in the lift but the lift got stuck. In the mean time, the grandmother, sat on the bed, devoring quietly the little pig, that he had caught five minute before. Once the real treat finished, he went after the second pig, and he looked for him on the three floors.

Twisted fairy tales Lycée Bascan by S. Boudjenane -

Once the pig found by the wolf, he had the same fate as his poor brother. When the grandmother finally arrived, she heard the little pigs scream inside the belly of the wolf. The people who lived in the next bedrooms heard the cries of the two little pigs and came to help.

Finally, everybody helped the grandmother and  the two little pigs opening the belly of the wolf.

The 2 little pigs had survived. They lived happily ever after.

Medienne Lea Elise and Veronique


Modern Little Thumbling


Once upon a there was a little boy named little thumbling because he had a litlle thumb. But one day his parents became jobless. They couldn’t feed the little Thumbling , so they decided to abandon their son in a fair. But the litlle Thumbling didn’t know anything. The D-Day arrived, and the Saturday his parents took their son to the fair. While he did a big dipper, his parents decided to leave the fair and abandon their son. After the big dipper, the little Thumbling rapidly realized that he was alone. He decided all the same to gamble at the casino. He won lot of points for a big prize. The little Thumbling went to see the trader and he said :

-Hello mister , I have lots of points and I would like a big prize !

-Yeah little boy, come in my truck I have better prize for you…

-Ok, I follow you !



The little Thumbling Followed the man in the truck. At that moment the man closed the truck’s door with the little Thumbling inside. He was scared and searched the truck. He found the truck’s keys and drove the truck. He left the fair and went to the road but he didn’t know how to drive.

What was doomed to happen happened: he had an accident. And in the accident he killed his parents. When he left the truck to see the victims : the cadavers had disappeared !


You must not do what you don’t master. 

Théophile, antoine and raphael




Every rich people of the neighboorhood had been invited to the party by the mayor, Prince Albert.

The evening of the party, Cinderella’s God mother, who worked for Christian Dior, had made a beautiful golden dress for her; but between her washing machine and her fridge Cindy was crying and she looked at her dress  and weeped again.She was desperate because she didn’t have a car. Her godmother who was there asked her why she was crying. Cinderella say: « I don’t have a car! With this hairtyle, really,  I can’t take the subway because there are many people and my hairstyle is fragile, all my sisters have a Ferrari !!».



The god mother, who was standing there heard her and she immediatly proposed her red magnifiscient Buggati. So Cinderella immediately stopped crying and started to make her up when she recieved a text message fromm the mayor, Prince Albert which said « Im at the party , waiting for u ». So she rushed to make her up to be on time at the party. In Paris, there are many roads, many cars but no parking place Cinderella saw everybody enter in the party but she was very frustrated because she could not find a place. So log on to to and asked to change her Buggati into a pumpkin for only 800000$. She went but to the party at midnight a drunk man dropped alcohol onto her hair, so  she decided to go home because she couldn’t be ugly in front of the Mayor. Yet, she couldn’t’t go home because she had changed her own car into a pumpkin.

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