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Types of essays for students

by Mike Langer

Students in general fear the thought of having to write essays, research papers, thesis, dissertations and term papers. These types of writings vary with the academic level. High school students will be asked for simple types of papers like descriptive essays definition essays are common. For college students, they are required to write deeper types of assignments and homework.  The various types of assignment test a variety of skills and knowledge. All these types of assignments are essential.


Descriptive essay

These are essays that describe something. One can get that from the name descriptive essays describe things. The aim in this case is to deliver a list of subjects, persons or events properties or features. Descriptive essays are made up of details. Writers use various adjectives and adverbs to illustrate the chosen term. One can also apply a multiple of nouns to draw parallels when writing about things that are identical. Excellent writers go along to make use of analogies in developing descriptive essays.


Definition essay

For these types of essays, writers are given a word or term to define. This though, does not involve the mare copy and pasting of the dictionary meaning of the word. A good definition essay includes paraphrased definitions that have been advanced by other sources and authorities, opinions of experts, and personal definition by the writer.


Compare and contrast essays

The primary objective of these types of essays is to pick two or more people, events, books, poems, places or subjects. One then goes on to explain the similarities and differences between the two things being compared. The writers evaluate the chosen subjects for what they have in common and what makes them different.


Persuasive and argumentative essay

By telling students the benefits of buying essays and how they benefit students succeed in both academics and future work life and career, we are persuading them to dedicate time and to writing on their own or hire professional writers from theessaypro.com. Essential parts of life and opportunities like the merits and demerits of writing in other parts of life work as the arguments. Therefor persuasive essays serve to persuade the reader into doing something or acting in a certain way.


Reflective essay

This is the simplest type of essay one can be required to write.  This is common in high school and middle school teachers love assigning student reflective essays especially when introducing students to academic writing. One can be required to write for example on how they spent holiday with friends and family, what they learned from a particular course and so much more.

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are common in high school and middle school. This requires the writer to tell a short story. The primary objective of this type of writing is to share ones experience and information or knowledge of a selected subject. The topic can be for example last night out, a concert narration. For this it is advice able for the writer to write in first person while processing this kind of paper.


Rhetorical precis

What is a precis? Students and authors are at some point required to write summaries, abstracts, outlines of a given text. A precis is a short version of a text, an article or a book. They are normally short, and written without changing the original author’s message. This is a type of paper that confuses many students.







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