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Using Woocommerce’s Progressive Web App Is a Smart Business Move


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WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms when it comes to selling things online. The WooCommerce PWA App Creator by Knowband is well-known for creating ready-made mobile apps. Launching a PWA mobile app is a simple way to boost your company’s online visibility and brand recognition. The WooCommerce PWA App Builder provides a higher conversion rate to the store admin by making the shopping app more convenient for customers.


The Top Reasons For Choosing The Woocommerce Progressive Web App


A Customizable White Label Solution


The store merchant can gain a lot of brand visibility by launching the mobile app under its brand name. With the shopping app’s white label app feature, the eCommerce merchant can add their splash screen, icon, and logo. The WooCommerce PWA App Creator allows the store admin to simply customize the look and feel of their home page.


All Methods of Payment and Shipping


There is no additional requirement for customization if the eCommerce merchant wishes to integrate multiple payment and shipping methods. Moreover, the WooCommerce eCommerce PWA App immediately retrieves the website’s current payment and shipping options.


Social Media and E-Mail Sign in


The quick login and sign-up feature lowers the cart abandonment rate and improves the user experience. The WooCommerce PWA App Creator by Knowband consists of built-in Google and Facebook Sign In and Registration options. Additionally, users can sign in and register on the app using their email address and access it with a single tap.


Push Notifications


Ecommerce stores that use Push Notifications can see an increase in their conversion rate. Push notifications manually or automatically send to customers through the WooCommerce PWA App Maker backend. The store merchant can customize and send notifications to the user’s screen regarding orders placed successfully order status updates, and abandoned carts.


Offline mode


Progressive Web app users now no longer have to worry about the internet and network connections. The PWA for WooCommerce will also function for customers who are having problems with their internet connection. Even if the customers have a slow or no internet connection, they can readily access the website’s products.


Real-Time Synchronization


With the Knowband WooCommerce PWA App Builder, inventory management and real-time synchronization can be done simultaneously. The progressive web app retrieves all of the product and inventory details from the eCommerce website. Any modifications to the website’s inventory will be automatically reflected on the shopping app in the runtime. Since all changes and additions are automatically reflected in the PWA web app, there is no need for manual updates.


Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies


The WooCommerce PWA App Builder supports all eCommerce website languages and currencies. If the store administrator wants to reach a global audience, then using this multilingual feature will be beneficial for him. The shopping app gets automatically translated when the user selects the desired language. In addition, the module allows the store admin to incorporate all of the accessible currencies on the website.


One Page Checkout


The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App has a one-page checkout feature that simply requires the user to provide the essential information. Moreover, this feature of the PWS mobile app makes it easier for customers to place orders and reduces the cart abandonment rate.


Order Tracking


Customers can keep track of their past purchases by using the order status feature. Additionally, this feature allows customers to check on the progress of their orders at any time.



Launching the WooCommerce Progressive Web App on your website will help you attract more online visitors and improve their overall shopping experience. Using Knowband WooCommerce PWA App Builder, you can make your mobile app more user-friendly. Connect with us at [email protected] to increase your online store profits.

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