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Nov 2018
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Video Game Music: The Importance of Soundtrack

by Uri Miron

Before we really start this, listen to some advice from a video game.



First, I would like you all to listen to this music for a bit. what vibe does it give you?

what do you think the story of the game is about?


This book contains plenty of video game themes, and different soundtracks of different games, but I will try and cover most of the classics, and some that I personally love.



Last lesson, I thought to myself : On our first lesson we listened to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” , one of the most popular songs out there. but, some video game tunes are probably as popular, and Super Mario’s theme came to mind.

(By the way, who knows who composed this theme?)


Another theme that will be remembered through the ages (hopefully), is the theme of the Russian Tetris, one of the first video games.




Accidently, I found this song performed by The Red Army Choir, strangely similar to the Tetris theme


To tell you the truth, I’ve never played this game, but its soundtrack was considered one of the best at the time and still is.


Again, a classic created by Nintendo’s finest.


The music of the franchise, it fits this chaotic shooter. We needed some sort of representation of metal here, didn’t we?


This game is considered one of the best, and you can hear that the music fits the title.


This game is more calm compared to the others, and you can hear it. As a game that teaches you about history as you play, the Latin sure seems fitting.


What does this make you feel?


This song is a favorite of mine. Try and guess the plot of the game, if you don’t know it already. The game’s soundtrack feels melancholy to me, which fits its plot perfectly.


This game, although released 2 years ago, has music that fits cartoons from the 1970s. All of this is to help the player ease into the game’s inner mindset. This game probably contains tunes that resemble what we will hear in this course.


For me, this has a strong resemblance to Swing and Jazz. Maybe Mel will consider adding this to the course…



Now, This is where I present to you the game which I think does a whole lot with the tools it was given. Although all of the music was made with simple tools, It feels so much more then that, so much that orchestras played it a few times. Buckle up, and like always, enjoy the music.


This, is Undertale.


As you can see, the first song played, is also from this game. I want you to ponder over what the plot is just from listening to all of these tunes, since that is what the composers want you to feel. As you listen to this tune, do you feel as if you are in a dark cave, water dripping from above?


Another one of Undertale’s finest, I feel as if I am faced with a Challange when I hear this tune. What do you feel?


This tune, is one of my top favorites in this game. the build up is very well done and the tune itself doesn’t disappoint.


This is a version of the first tune that I showed you, but it feels like more of a finale, which is why I am showing this at the end…




More in the next pages!

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