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Ways to Improve the Customer Experience with OpenCart Mobile App


Artwork: Knowband

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If you own an e-commerce store and want to increase the success of your business, then developing a shopping app could be a good option for you. The development rate of mobile applications for e-commerce businesses is increasing. Android and iOS apps consist of plenty of features that attract the customer’s attention to your online store by just applying a few strategies.

The OpenCart Mobile App Maker by Knowband offers several advantages to e-commerce merchants. The blog post talks about some ways that using the OpenCart mobile app builder could help improve the customer experience.

Many Of Your Customers Shop Via Mobile Devices

A large number of internet customers shop online via their mobile devices. So, it is inappropriate to customize the user experience only according to the browsers. You need to provide the sort of shopping experience to the customers that they are seeking. Since your customers are buying through smartphones and tablets, you must provide them with the desired shopping experience even in the eCommerce mobile app.

Many of your rivals likely already have the OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App. If you do not develop an app for your e-commerce store, then you might risk falling behind the competition.

Mobile Apps Are Faster

The Knowband OpenCart Android App Builder allows users to enjoy a much quicker browsing experience. Customers might get irritated with your Android and iOS apps if it take too long to load. Moreover, it can also cause them to purchase elsewhere. Since users have several alternatives, the store admin needs to ensure that their shopping experience is effortless and enjoyable. Customers will not even consider purchasing elsewhere if they get a fast and reliable mobile app.

You Can Provide A More Customized Experience.

Customers expect a customized purchasing experience, especially in the Android and iOS apps. Shopping apps that provide a customized experience often result in greater user happiness. The Knowband OpenCart iOS App Maker allows the store admin to provide a more immersive experience to the customers with various customization options.

If the customers are getting a phenomenal experience, then it is most likely that they will complete the transaction. Providing an exceptional user experience is one of the most effective methods to turn a visitor into a potential customer.

Ability to Connect with Customers.

It is essential to have the ability to communicate with customers if you want to serve them well. The Mobile App for OpenCart provides Zopim and WhatsApp chat options to the customers which make sure that their queries and issues can be easily resolved. However, contacting customers will make it simple to persuade them to purchase a particular product.

Furthermore, the store admin can send a push notification once a customer has downloaded and installed the eCommerce mobile app. The push notification feature allows the store admin to notify the customer when there is a deal or when new goods are available.

Reflect Your Brand

When you launch a mobile app, your ultimate objective should be to create a brand that attracts customers. It is easier to establish a brand image when you have an eCommerce Mobile App. The Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Maker provides a variety of customization possibilities for the eCommerce merchant. It makes it easy for the store merchant to develop an app that portrays a positive brand identity in front of customers.


Customers are increasingly being attracted to the shopping apps of their favorite brands. You just need to ensure that you are providing a great customer experience to your customers. After that, you will see a great boost in the revenue and sales of your business. If you have an online store, then you should consider using the OpenCart Mobile App Creator to create a fully functional shopping app. You can have your mobile app to improve the customer experience by just connecting us at [email protected].

This free e-book was created with

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