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Artwork: krithiga

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Webnexs is a video-on-demand, live-streaming, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform that exceeds expectations and reaches a wide audience. It is both cost-effective and easy to use.


It requires very little infrastructure to run and runs flawlessly on all other devices. All devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, are compatible. With a solid internet connection, accessing at any time and from any location will be straightforward.


Device Management Monetization Control Video Encryption.
All devices are supported.
Pricing is based on our financial constraints.
The platform is relatable.
The platform is simple to use.



Webnexs is a unified streaming platform that supports both VOD and live streaming. It has a host of powerful over-the-top (OTT) features that professional broadcasters will appreciate. This password-protected network makes it simple to send video content to viewers all over the world in a secure manner.


video API With video management solutions that provide video API access, organisations can easily integrate platform capabilities into a wide range of cloud video applications.


Our video content management and video player APIs both come with documentation

Allowing developers to improve mobile live-streaming apps.

New features to existing networks.

Build their own specialised video content management systems.



Bulk upload solutions might save you a lot of time because many video CMS platforms only enable you to upload one file at a time.


FTP and Dropbox are supported via the Webnexs uploader, as well as auto-pause and resume functionality.


This means you’ll never have to worry about your uploads being hampered by failed wi-fi.

Poor cell connections.

Other signal interruptions.


Hosting video content for worldwide audiences, it’s vital to have multi-bitrate encoding and transcoding options for video delivery.


Quality and performance.

Regardless of bandwidth.


Device type.

Distributing them in a variety of streaming formats.


Video Monetization is Advanced features are important, but an OTT video technology business must also earn cash in order to succeed.


Webnexs also includes a comprehensive set of tools and features to assist you in achieving your video monetization objectives.


Native advertising (AVOD),

Subscription-based (SVOD),

Transactional or pay-per-view (TVOD).


Webnexs also offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the needs of its customers. For content delivery systems, it also provides white label services and video encryption.

Analytics, a video management platform with privacy settings, and other capabilities are among the fundamental features. To use the basic live streaming functionality, you’ll need a Premium subscription.



Video platform from a technical sense, setting up an OTT platform is rather straightforward. The distribution method differs depending on whether the video recording is live or on-demand.


With on-demand video, all a provider has to do is upload their file to their internet video platform and allow consumers to view it.


Joining a live broadcast is usually uncomplicated. To go live, connect your streaming encoder to your live streaming platform, enter the broadcast URL, and push a button. This procedure can be coded to automate and regulate the process.


For those unfamiliar, captions are written subtitles broadcast as part of a video broadcast to aid the deaf and hard of hearing in viewing a particular show.


Captions are widely used by people learning a new language and those who want to watch a movie with the sound turned down.


The storey is the same regardless of the measure used. The number of OTT subscriptions, as well as revenues and average watch time, is growing.


It’s a great time to put money into OTT videos. To turn your investment into long-term success, you’ll need the right tools.

This free e-book was created with

Create your own amazing e-book!
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