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What A Character!

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What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com


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Marybeth Bonner by Dvora…………………………….3

Kory Tiger and Quina Bae by Hodaya……………..9

Miracle Jones by Keren………………………………….17

Jalen Dribbles by Loryn…………………………………25

Cherry by Michal…………………………………………..31

Mikel Rain Rumor by Nofar.………………………….37

Jessica Evans by Ora…………………………………….43

Jalen Teal Melora by Ruti………………………………49

River Valentine by Sophie……………………………..55

Jemma by Sophie………………………………………….59

Chris by Sophie……………………………………………..63

Lilian by Lia …………………………………………………..69

Jacey Bud Emmly by Chani Y.…………………………73

Dillian Jecie Verlee by Chani N..………………………77

Erika Thompson by Mushka……………………………83

Chassidi Butch by Susan….……………………………..88

Novak by Tamara……………………………………………91

Image Credits…………………………………………………97




Dvora Greenberg’s Character:


Marybeth Bonner


What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Marybeth Bonner is everything but average. She has a respectable job as a department manager at Seattle’s most advanced high-tech company. Her department is the only one run by a woman. Her stubborn feminist ego will never allow her to admit that it is hard to be a woman in a man’s world. Her employees describe her as a tough, yet professional and decent boss.

She was born and raised in a peaceful neighborhood in Brooklyn, with her two older brothers. Her supportive loving parents would sacrifice everything for her, yet she only bothers to visit them twice a year.


Men were always easily attracted to her, but she rejected most of them. Four years ago at the age of 35 she married a man whom she didn’t appreciate. She could barely suffer his childishness and idiotic jokes, let alone the fact that he worked as a masseur. She stayed in her one-sided relationship because she knew she wanted to be a mother. She got divorced two months after giving birth to her firstborn son, Jason. It was the smartest move she ever made in her life, despite her fear of raising a son as a single mother.



Being a mother doesn’t reduce her productivity at work, quite the reverse, it only pushes her to prove that she is capable of anything. Her working hours are seven to four. Then, she spends the afternoon with Jason, while the cleaning lady takes care of the house work. At 7 o’clock as Jason falls asleep, her night shift begins. She works at the computer for four more hours, answering emails, and analyzing data. At midnight she walks straight to bed, takes her sleeping pills, and awaits the sleep to come upon her.



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Hodaya Hadad’s Characters:

Kory Tiger


Quina Bea

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com
What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Hi, I am Kory. I am an orthodox soldier in the Israeli army. I consider myself an intelligent, generous and sensitive guy. Some people would say I am caring and talented. Though I can vouch that I am mostly a brave guy. I have the courage to live by my beliefs. Being a fighter in the ultra-orthodox community demands boldness and fortitude. Although I grew up in an orthodox community and family, my beliefs are different from those around me.


Even though I am quite penniless, my home-life is convenient and full. Growing up in a family of ten children, life is not so easy. The rooms are small and there is a lot of noise and mess. My mom is a teacher, and my dad studies Torah all day. They both came from Admor families.  Thus, we lead a meager life, and luxury is not often seen in our home.


In my spare time I mostly draw. Drawing relaxes me and gives me a sense of security. This is the only field where no one interferes or expresses personal opinions.

I live in a poor crowded neighborhood. Everyone knows everything about everyone. The apartments are so close as you can hear your next-door neighbor talking to his wife.


As soon as I turned  twenty, I joined the army. Everyone around me was startled but I didn’t hear the sounds of chatter around me. Everyone knew I was different. However, when it came to the moment of truth everyone was amazed; my parents, Rabbis and even my closest friends. They appreciated me although they felt they had lost me forever.


I met Quina by chance. It was a sunny, glamorous day. Quina is an instructor for soldiers. Her blue eyes and cinnamon-colored hair, which hung long past her shoulders, caught my eye the moment I met her. Our serious relationship developed in the army. Nowadays my family has a very hard time accepting her, especially my mom. She is just the opposite of everything my family desires. If they agreed to get to know her properly, they would find out how lovely and full of grace she is, even though she is secular.


It’s not a secret that I’m having trouble accepting my family’s way of life and balancing these two separate worlds – the secular and religious one  I am yearning to be back in the bosom of my family and not give up on my principles that guide me.

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com
What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com




Keren Dahan’s Character:



Miracle Jones 

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

My beloved Emily,


Call me Miracle Jones. You may also call me “sister.” I know you know me as “Ashley Jones,” but things have changed, and so has my name.

You may find it funny, seeing a nun exercising, but truth be told, this is most probably the only photo of myself taken in the past 25 years. We don’t tend to pose in front of the camera here in the convent. I’m lucky to have this one, seeing that one of the workers who renovated the convent last year took my picture and was kind enough to give it to me.


You may ask why am I writing you, and why now? Well, my dear, read on. You will soon understand.



You hardly know me. Perhaps you have heard my name whispered, perhaps you have found an old photo of mine tucked away in a yellowing photo album. I am sure my family – our family – is still angry with me. I know for a fact that they want nothing to do with me. My returned letters state so loud and clear.

However, I feel a need to explain myself to you, my youngest sister. You were only four when I left. I loved you dearly, and I still remember how you cried when I kissed you goodbye.

Do you recall?

Our rich, WASP family did not cry, however. Father yelled and threatened. Mother looked at me coldly and nodded her head, as if to say – Just as I have expected, my disappointing daughter. Our sisters, both younger than myself, just stared at me, knowing it was too late.


Emily, growing up with all that money has never made me happy, or even remotely content. Has is made YOU happy? I hope it has. I desired meaning. Love. Kindness. I couldn’t find any of those at home. I do not blame our parents for it. There is an expiry date on how long you can blame your parents for your misfortunes and shortcomings. I believe you can do so until you are 18, and then you are on your own. All I can say is that I had to leave, because I wanted to be different.

I must say that I AM different now. Has the void in my soul filled? Yes and no. Have I found meaning? Yes and no. Contrary to what you might think, the fears and doubts I have always had didn’t vanish when I became a nun. They took a different form. I fight them all day, every day. And then cradle them to sleep.



What I HAVE found though, is love. And kindness. And the opportunity to give others. Lest you be mistaken to think that I am perfect. I have my terrible moments of envy and greed and hatred towards the world. On occasion I suddenly find inside me the black lake that was once my soul, and then I look away. And try and do better. THAT is why I left, Emily. I knew, even as a child, that I was the worst of us all. That I had the blackest of hearts and the most deviant of minds. I hid them from you, but I knew, clearly and undoubtedly, that if I stayed, I would ruin you all. In a heartbeat. I AM better now.


So, I left. Not because of them – I hated them. All of them. But because of you. Looking into your blue eyes, holding your small sweaty palm in mine, I knew that I can’t let that happen. I knew that you had to be saved from what I might do and who I may become. And I did, Emily. I did. I wake up every day at 4:30 and work relentlessly to make the world – and my dark heart – a better place. I think I have succeeded.


So, Emily, my love, won’t you drop me a line? Tell me how you are and who you are. I desperately wish to know.


You see, after all, I have changed the world for you.


All my love,

(Your) Sister Jones

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com




Loryn Na’amad’s Character:


Jalen Dribbles

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Jalen Dribbles lives on his own. He owns a dog called Magpie and he takes Magpie for daily walks. His job is in security and he works in 8-10 hour shifts. His favourite time of the day is when he is out with Magpie, when they go for long idyllic walks in the countryside.

During these walks, he stops to give Magpie a break and he spends some time working on Taekwondo. Jalen dedicates several hours a day to building up body strength. He may look lean and slim, but he is extremely strong. That is exactly what Jalen wishes to portray to the world. If anyone tried to start up with him, they would find themselves in severe pain.


Jalen visits his family every other weekend. His parents and sister live in a city that is a 2-hour drive away from where he lives. Alexis, his younger sister, is studying at University so sometimes he misses her when he goes to visit his parents. He and Alexis have a very close and loving relationship. They speak to each other at least every other day.

What Jalen does not know yet is that Alexis has found herself in very deep trouble. It started out as something innocent, but has snowballed into something terrible. Alexis is too scared of how Jalen will react to her situation.



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com
What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com


Michal Aronovits Shaom’s Character:



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Cherry is a lonely, widowed woman in her early fifties. She had tragically lost her husband in a car accident three months into their marriage, never having any children.  She has never been being able to get over the loss of her husband and the shattered dream of raising a family of her own. She has one younger brother living abroad and is hardly in any contact with him. Both of her parents had died due to illness when she was quite young.  She constantly feels that the most important things in life have been taken away from her.

Cherry is a an extremely intelligent woman. She has received a good education and is a making a living as a successful engineer. She is respected by her colleagues at work and finds some comfort in her demanding job, but she can’t bare the feeling of entering her empty house every single night.


She lives in a decorous house in a fair neighborhood in the suburbs. She is a kind, good-hearted woman, always ready to assist anyone in need. When looking in the mirror, she often sees herself as not being groomed enough, her grey hair becoming more noticeable on her mousy brown hair as the years go by. Yet she still perceives herself as a fair woman, looking younger than her actual age, even though the loneliness of the years has taken a toll on her.

Every day when she returns from work to her silent home, she immediately turns on the T.V so there will be some noises in the background. She absorbs herself in reading and often goes for a walk. She likes wandering around the streets nearby early in the evening. She admires that time of the day, that moment before sunset when there is still some light, just before it becomes dark. For some reason it evokes in her a sense of hope.


She has obtained a habit of peeking into house windows when taking her evening walks, wondering about the people who might be living in the houses. She loves listening to the sounds of laughter, quarreling, and even the sounds of clashing dishes being set up for dinner.

While the weekdays are somehow tolerable, the long weekends are harder for her to endure. That void that she is trying to fill becomes much more prominent.  She loves to indulge herself in reminiscence from her childhood, one in particular in which she used to go to waterparks with her parents. She has a vivid vision of her father, admiring her bravery for going on all the scary rides.



Her loneliness, so consuming over the years, caused her to take some bizarre actions.  Sometimes on the weekends, when the weather allows it, she buys the most expensive ticket for the waterpark with free passes which allow her to skip the long lines for the rides.

She approaches affable families visiting the park, offering to share her passes with them with the excuse that her husband and children couldn’t come. She tells them in great detail about her pilot husband and three successful children, the children she had always deeply desired for but never had. She knew she was lying to people, but couldn’t stop herself. She has told herself that no harm was done.  She has become addicted to her make-believe stories, almost living them for a few hours when visiting the waterpark.


She is afraid that her secret will be revealed one day, that someone would recognize her and think of her as a lunatic. But her biggest fear of all is that she has actually become one.

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com


Nofar Levi’s Character:

Mikel Rain Rumor 

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Mikel Rain Rumor is a 20-year old guy who lives in a rich neighborhood in New York with his family. His father is a successful well-known lawyer and his mother studies cosmetics because she is sick of staying home, doing nothing. Although his parents raised him well and took care of Daniel, he always seemed to get into trouble. As a child he used to steal things from the grocery store. He also started smoking at a very young age. Daniel never felt that he was missing anything. He had almost everything: a car, money in his pocket, prestigious brands of clothing, beautiful ex-girlfriends. The only thing he was missing was the adrenaline in his blood.


You see, Daniel was always looking for danger. He firmly believed that “We only live once” and therefore we should not be afraid of trying things. That is exactly the reason why he turned to drugs, stealing, and drinking and driving. He wishes he wasn’t like that, but to be honest, he enjoyed chasing after trouble. Well, he used to enjoy it, until the last time in December 1977. That was the first time he felt he was losing control.





Ora’s Character:

Jessica Evans 

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Hi, I’m Jessica, I work as a cashier in a grocery store, but I consider myself to be a natural born therapist. I think I’m smart, intuitive and very perceptive; skills I developed as a result of growing up in a home with an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who was addicted to pain medication.

My home life was unstable and violent. The partners I find myself attracted to are handsome, ‘bad boys’, who are domineering and abusive like my father. I am currently not in a relationship.


I left home as soon as I could. I am not in touch with my three older siblings at all. I often feel very alone in the world and that I that can only count on myself. I suffer from panic attacks and sometimes crippling anxiety. During my lunch breaks you can find me smoking in an attempt to calm myself, in order to get through the day. On my way home from work I grab some cheap snacks as dinner.


I live in a poor run-down neighborhood, and struggle to pay my rent each month. My apartment is clean and bare, but functional. I have lots of motivational sayings pinned to the wall reminding me not to lose hope. My vision board is bursting with pictures of my dreams, as a constant reminder that it will not always be like this.


In my spare time, I try to go jogging, listen to music and I love reading all kinds of books, which I get from the secondhand book store. I am always dreaming of a way out, to have a better future as a flourishing therapist with a practice of my own. I dream of a having a stable and loving family, unlike the one I grew up in. Most of all I long for a healthy, balanced and loving relationship with an intelligent and caring man. My self-esteem is non-existent, and I don’t realize how much I have to offer the world and how much potential I have to be successful. I never feel good enough and I fear that I will never amount to anything. I am desperately trying to move past my self-imposed limitations. I want to make some decent money and make a difference in peoples’ lives. I’m terrified to step out of my comfort zone, for with the little I have, I feel safe, for once in my life.

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com


Ruti Weinrich’s Character:


Jalene Teal Melora



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Jalene Teal Melora is a twenty-two-year-old girl. She is a pretty Ukrainian girl. She is tall and skinny. Her blond hair is long and wavy. When you see her on the street, she mostly wears plain dresses and flipflops.

Jalene grew up in a small village in Ukraine in great poverty. She has a loving family; a father, a mother, a sister, and a grandmother. All in all, she had a happy childhood although they couldn’t afford to buy almost anything. At the age of twenty, Jalene moved with her boyfriend to Israel to make some money. They are not planning to settle there but to save enough money to buy a house and live normally there.

Currently, she lives in a small apartment with her boyfriend and some other friends from Ukraine. She speaks some Hebrew and some English. She works long hours as a cleaner and she is liked by anyone she works for. She is smart, quick and nice.


Despite the physical hard work, Jalene is enjoying her tough job. She is making good money. She learns a lot about the lifestyle of people who are not poor. Instead of being jealous, she tries to be practical and sees what she has to do to get the things she wants. Also, in Israel, for her first time in her life, she goes on vacation once in a while. She tours beautiful places. She goes to bars with her boyfriend and seems to enjoy life.

Before coming to Israel, she was sure she would return to her village within several years. However, she has begun to think of living in a different place. She seems to prefer living in the modern world.



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com
What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com


Sophie Buchnik’s

Character # 1:

River Valentine 

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

River Valentine is a young, married woman who lives in a quiet and safe neighborhood. She walks by the clean streets that are shaded by old oaks, every day, taking her two boys to the daycare. Brendon always holds her hand while they walk, while Mykie tries to escape the prison of the stroller and shouts all the way to the childcare. When she returns home, no-one’s there. No-one is screaming that he doesn’t want to wear this specific shirt. No-one’s crying while his big pile of curly hair is brushed. No-one is shouting for help to find his car key, wallet or any other thing that he threw around yesterday evening. Finally, it’s quiet!


She tidies the house starting from the kitchen, erasing all signs of the chaos that usually takes place during breakfast. Later, River goes to the boys’ room to prepare it for the afternoon hurricane. Finally, she gets to the master bedroom…. “Oh, what a mess!” she thinks. The blanket is gathered as one giant blob on the edge of the bed, the curtains remain closed, socks and shirts are on the floor and the empty coffee mug that was left by her husband is still on the night stand. After few minutes of intensive work the room returns to its previously organized and beautiful self.

At last, River can enjoy her first of many cups of coffee. Those few minutes of sanity spent in the garden where she sits in her favorite spot, slowly sips on hot cup of java, and reads

obituaries, are the most important part of her day.



Sophie Buchnik’s

Character # 2:



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

“What a crazy dream!” Jemma thought, running her fingers through her wild red hair. She laid down for a while in her big, old, wooden bed thinking about ten thousand things she

needed to do today. After a few minutes, she realized that it was awfully quiet in the small apartment she and her boyfriend have rented for the past few years. This was the time when Jonathan usually enters the room with cup of hot freshly brewed coffee, but she couldn’t hear his footsteps. Jemma got out of bed and went to the kitchen dragging her feet. As she walked in, she noticed that it was perfectly clean. She didn’t remember the last time she saw her kitchen so clean and organized. On the black counter, she saw a white piece of paper.


“Maybe it’s a note from Jonathan,” she thought to herself. Jemma made few steps towards the note, took it into her hands. The first thing she noticed was the hand writing, big curly dancing letters, it was hers. She didn’t remember writing it. She read the note and froze in her place. The note said: “I cleaned the kitchen, you will get rid of the body.”



Sophie Buchnik’s

Character # 3:



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

It was already very late, Chris was on his way home after a long day in the office. He didn’t like his job, but he stayed there because the pay was worth it. It usually took him 15 minutes to get from the train station to his house, but today he slowed his pace. This morning when he left the town he lived in, its streets were grey. People that walked those streets looked stressed and had hollow expressions on their faces. However, upon arrival from the office, he noticed that while he was away, the streets changed their appearance. He remembered, it was Christmas, his favorite time of the year.


He liked everything about it, the huge decorated trees

that were placed in different corners of the town, the Christmas market where people looked happy, the smell of gluehwine in the air mixed with the sweet scent of caramelized almonds. He chose to walk through one of the old neighborhoods instead of taking the main street. He liked to look at the different decorations people used to embellish their houses and gardens.

When he finally arrived home, his three-year-old daughter ran to him hugging his legs. He scooped her into his arms and greeted his wife while entering the living room. Tracy greeted

him back and invited to sit down for a family dinner. During the meal, she noticed he looked troubled, she wanted to know what was it. After few minutes of quiet, Chris said:” Something strange happened in the office today.”

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com
What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com



Lia Mirilashvili’s Character:



What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

My  character’s  name  is  Lilian.

She is  a  teacher  and  a  mother  of  two  sons  and  two grandchildren.  Lilian  has  been  in a  relationship  for the  last  forty  years. Her  partner  looks   very  handsome. Lilian  is  gifted  with  an  extraordinary ability to  create  an  atmosphere  of  warmth  and  comfort at  home. Moreover,  she  is  a  highly  educated  person. She  is  fond  of  learning  and  discovering  new  things  about  education.

Lilian  is  an  expert in  learning  disabilities.  Her  greatest  strength  is  humanity  and intelligence.  Her  weakness  is  hesitancy.  Lilian’s deepest  desire  is  her  family  wealth

and  well-being.  Her  greatest  fear  is  illness.  She  wants  to  become  less  hesitating  and a more  self-confident  person.  She  is  not  quite  aware  of  her  mental  powers.

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com






Chani Yud’s Character:

Jacey Bud Emmly

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

I’m Jacey Bud Emmly. I am a twenty-nine year old who deals with life and with what it offers: health and disease, sanity and craziness. In my free time, I am a mother of 3 children, develop learning programs, learn for a Master’s in psychology and share my thoughts and feelings with other people. I am used to writing at nights. Silence is my best colleague when the whole universe sleeps.

Recently, thoughts of death have been playing in my mind. Who is afraid of death? Many people. Some have real and good reasons for it, me as well. Actually, according to all predictions, I’m supposed to lie in a fresh grave. I don’t know how but I’m still alive. I was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and was given half a year to complete my missions before dying. Today I am laughing about my doctors and dealing with the embarrassment of riches.


I allow myself to relax on the sofa, to eat ice cream after chocolate and to start thinking about a diet. Death does not bother me so much now.


Here is a piece from my blog:

Dear people.
I want to challenge you and motivate you to write your fears list. Once you get hit the first time, 
all your nerves go away.
I share my list here. I guess that you’ll be surprised…

My fear list is this:

  1. To become fat.
  2. To suffer from nausea.
  3. To suffer from pain.
  4. To die.



Chani Neiman’s Character:

Dillian Jecie Verlee

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Hey you, I am Dillian Jecie Verlee, but you really should use my nickname D.J. It is not my fault that my stupid parents gave me such a long and heavy name. Anyway, nothing is my fault. I am a person with my own rights. I do not think that I am here in this world just to fulfill my parents’ dreams. They wanted me to be a doctor as my mother is. So what, who cares? It is not even in my future plans. I am here to have fun, to enjoy myself and to forget all those stupid, boring people.


I am nineteen years old. I graduated high school last year. Ooops. Not really. I quit school when I was seventeen. Who needs all those exams? What are they good for? I could not find any rational reason why I should waste my time on them. I left school. My fancy parents almost died when they understood. So what? Who cares? I had enough of doing what they wanted me to do. As long as can I remember, I have had to behave as a good and polite girl. I could not do this or that. While all my friends were swimming in the pool, I was practicing my piano. Come on, guys. We are in the 21st century!!


I work in a bar. I enjoy working there. It is a place full of energy. Only cool guys come there. I like them. I like the loud music and the drinks. I like the dancing and the laughing. There I find myself. I work at nights and sleep during the days. It is perfect for me. It drives my parents crazy. I think that they need to understand already that I am not their three-year-old daughter anymore. I am old enough and know what is good for myself.


I have no enemies. Everyone is my friend. There are some people whose presence I cannot endure, but it does not really bother me. They are not my enemies; they are just people who are still imprisoned in their fear of society.


Oh! If you wondered about my good English, it is again my parents’ fault. However, if you really ask me, I do not think that a “colorful” person would speak improperly. After all, we are all humans who speak the same language. We have just decided to live our lives differently.




Mushka Strassberg’s Character:

Erika Thompson

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Erika Thompson is a 28-year-old trainee doctor. She grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. Her mother raised her, her father having left when she was young. People usually say that she looks very much like him, and it makes her curious to know him.

She is currently in a relationship with Kade Tia Gallagher. Kade is the same age as her and works as a lab assistant. He is friendly, creative, and very handsome. Kade is tall with chocolate skin, black hair, and grey eyes. He has an unusually long nose.


Erika has just moved to Kade’s apartment. However, she does not like his place. It is too empty, and lifeless, especially contrary to her childhood neighborhood. There she had lots of friends and crazy parties at night. She also had a secret spot just for her best friend in the house on the tree that her father had built for her before he left back to Sweden his motherland.

Erica enjoys reading and spreading left-wing propaganda. She is super great at playing volleyball, she even beats Kade. She is intelligent and caring but also very pessimistic and a bit impatient. Sometimes Erica worries that others see her as an easy mark and fears being abandoned by her friends. Also, she would like to feel able to accept more leadership roles.



She wants to create an environment of trust, sharing, and communication in the whole world. She believes no one should hold power over others. That is not to say that she does not see the value in clear hierarchies, but she may wonder just how better off the world would be if more people were like her.

Although she avoids the spotlight, her friends and family look to her when they need someone who will fight for a cause. With her empathy, warmth, and passion, Erica is the ultimate choice.


What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com



Susan Elbas’s Character:

Chassidi Butch

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Chassidy Butch is a twenty-seven year old woman who recently relocated to Queens, from Alabama. Chassidy used to be a practicing nurse back in Alabama, where she worked hard and saved countless lives every day. Now in Queens, Chassidy is a 911 dispatcher, still saving lives each day. After everything that Chassidy has been through she appreciates working behind the scenes.

It was hard for her to leave her family and friends behind. she honestly didn’t want too. However the FBI insisted she move, telling her it was for her own safety. Deep down Chassidy doesn’t believe she can ever be safe again, not after what happened, not after everything.  Chassidy rents a small house in the suburbs, where children run around playing outside and people walk their dogs. Here, Chassidy feels, should be a safe place, here Chassidy believes she can start over again.

What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com



Tamara Bairamov’s Character:


What A Character! by Keren Dahan - Ourboox.com

Novak is 14 years old. He is tall. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He is not so neat in his clothes and in his things. He doesn’t like to smile.

He is a pupil in Junior High School. All teachers think that he is the worst pupil in the class. He has a lot of problems in the classroom. He is always late. He hates school and all the subjects. He doesn’t want to study. His grades are low.  His teachers always tell him that he can’t study well and it’s not clear if he will continue his education in this school.

The homeroom teacher has invited his father to school every week and told him that they would have to go to psychologist. Novak is rude, doesn’t have many friends in the class, always fights, doesn’t study.


His father always came, listened to the teachers and always said: ” I’ll talk to him. I’ll try to explain.” But his father knows that they don’t have money to go to the psychologist or to do any diagnostic tests.

There are five kids in his family. His father works a lot. He works at the factory. But they have to rent for a flat and pay a lot for it. Novak’s sisters are small. His mother doesn’t work. Last time when his father came back from school. He shouted that he doesn’t want to go to school anymore and to listen to only bad things and the only way for him is to go to study in a boarding school. His  mother cried and said that Novak is a good boy and always helps her at home.  His Father was angry with him and didn’t talk to him for a week.


Novak has a dream, but he doesn’t want to tell anybody about it. He wants to be a hairdresser. Once he watched a movie about one. He enjoyed watching how this hairdresser did magic with people’s hair. Novak knows that he may also do it. He doesn’t know how to finish school, but after school he wants to study this job and to make people who will come to him happy.

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Thanks and Clarifications


We would like to thank Dr. Melodie Rosenfeld for her guidance and support at each step of the way. Her enthusiasm was positively catching!

We would also like to clarify that although it states that Keren Dahan is the author, the book was created in cooperation between Keren and Loryn Na’amad. Unfortunately, the credits were given by what appears to be an inflexible software.


We extend our thanks to all the talented women who contributed their creation to this book. It would never have existed without your imagination and hard work.




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