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What Are The Difference Between Research Paper And Term Paper

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You’re confused, right? A research paper vs. term paper: what are the differences?
The confusion stems from the fact that both papers share similar features and may even be related.
You’re on the right page. In this article, we’re going to talk about the differences between research papers and term papers.
Read on to learn more.

During your college years, you will write essays and papers of types. If you don’t understand their differences, you might end up submitting the wrong paper. This is especially true when it comes to research papers and term papers. These papers almost look similar but they have some key differences worth understanding.

During my college years, I once asked someone to write my thesis but then I knew I couldn’t differentiate between different papers. I was lucky though since my writer was an expert in writing different kinds of academic papers so I was guided accordingly. To help you avoid a similar situation as mine, here are the differences between research papers and term papers:

What is a Research Paper

A research paper is based on a specific problem or situation

Typically, research papers focus on problems that haven’t been completely dwelt on that have doubtful results. Generally, research papers follow a similar format no matter the topic or subject one is writing about. The basic structure of research papers contains the title page, table of contents, discussions, and conclusions or recommendations. Each research paper section has specific guidelines.

A research paper requires in-depth research about the topic

When asked to write a research paper, you may need to conduct research, interview experts, or execute some surveys. You may also need to do some experiments and observations. A research paper can take more time to write than a term paper.

A research paper is a long document

As the name suggests, a research paper is a research-intensive, lengthy document of about 10 to 100 pages depending on the depth of topic you’re writing about.

Having understood what a research paper is, let’s now turn the coin on the other side:

What is a Term Paper?

A term paper helps to check student’s knowledge about a theme they have studied

After completing a specific topic, subject, or theme, students may be asked to write an essay, do a test, or complete a certain task that aims to check their knowledge.
In this case, students are required to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained.

A term paper is written near the end of a class

As stated above, a term paper is written to check students’ knowledge about the theme they have studied. It is, therefore, assigned near the end of a class and contributes a bigger percentage of the final grade.

Term papers have different formats

Unlike research papers, term papers have different structures. They may resemble essays or a set of questions and answers. A term paper may also look like a test or annotated bibliography.

Term papers have varied lengths

Sometimes you can write a 20-page term paper and in some instances, your instructor may ask you to write a single-page term paper. The length of a term paper is determined by the professor.

We hope this article answers your question of “what are the differences between a research paper and a term paper?

Happy studies!

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