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Mar 2019
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What Every Fitness Addict Should Carry To the Gym

by Jilli Rose

Artwork: Jilli Rose

Are you someone who spends most of your time in the gym? Do you consider the gym as your second home? Are you fitness-addict? If so, you are probably familiar with the way on how to pack your things when you go to the gym. Most likely, this is a routine procedure that you do on a daily basis. Some even have a separate gym bag, which they intentionally leave in their car. Through this, they are always prepared anytime they want to go to the gym because all they have to do is to just pick up the bag and they’re ready to go. However, there is a common catch to it. Sometimes, you tend to forget and leave things behind but since you are already in the gym, there are instances when you have to go on without it. Or even worse, you need to go back home to get it. Are you wondering what these things are? Well, here is a list for you.

Membership Card

How can you access the gym if you do not have a gym membership card with you? Because of their size, they are often left out inside the house or inside a drawer, or even misplaced. The trick is that you just have to store it with a keychain so you won’t misplace it. Another way is that you keep it inside your gym bag so whenever you feel like going to the gym, the membership card is just inside your gym bag. Don’t forget your gym bag though!


Since you are a regular gym visitor, you know every type of clothing that you should bring. However, there are instances when you forgot to replenish your clothing stock inside your gym bag. Well, the trick here is that you need to recheck and replenish your gym bag every time that you worked out. This will ensure that your gym bag is always fully-stocked and always ready-to-go anytime.


Similar to the membership card, this portion of working out is also commonly left due to the size of the gadgets. Apparently, some can’t go on without it because the music helps them to get into the intense fitness zone. Since you often forget about it, it is best that you place it beside your phone. In that way, you will be sure to bring your wireless sport earbuds with you everywhere you go. Just make sure that your phone has enough battery to last for the day.

Energy Bar

They say you should not eat anything heavy before exercising. That’s right! That is also the purpose of the energy bars. It is best to have a couple of it with you so you can munch it roughly 30 minutes before you begin your workout. This will provide you with enough energy that you need to finish your workout routine. It is also best to eat it after you finish your workout so you can replenish your energy.

Being a regular gym visitor does not exempt you from forgetting certain items. In fact, you tend not to think about it because you have been doing it regularly. Hence, it is always best to check your bags and make sure that you have everything with you before you leave the house.


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