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What Is The Season?

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What Is The Season?

By Mollina Camire

Almost everyone around the world experiences the different seasons throughout the year. Beginning with the New Year, the season is winter and we experience many snow storms and cold days. As the months go on, the season change with the weather becoming warmer and colder. But what happens in each season? When do the flowers start to grow and when do the leaves on the trees begin to fall? This book will help children understand the different seasons, as well as what the weather is usually like.


You wake up early in the morning and take a

look outside your window.

You notice its cloudy and there is snow on the trees and ground.

You and your friends are going sledding and building snowmen. 

What is the season?


The snow starts to melt and the grass starts to show.

The snow turns to rain and the flowers start to grow.

The sun is shining bright and birds are signing in the light.

You plant some flowers in your yard in the warming sun.

What is the season?


The flowers are blooming and the leaves are growing.

The sun is shinning almost everyday and its getting warmer.

You hear the ice cream truck coming around the corner and you are  swimming and playing in their yards.

What is the season?

What Is The Season? by mollina camire -

The leaves on the trees start to turn colors and fall to the ground.

The days are starting to get shorter and the weather is getting colder.

The sun doesn’t come out as much and there is a crisp wind.

You carve pumpkins and go trick or treating. 

What is the season?




  1. What type of weather would you expect in Spring?
  2. Which season do flowers start to grow in?
  3. What season is the coldest? Warmest?



  • Think about your favorite season. What do you see? Whats the temperature? What is one activity you like to do during that season? Draw a picture answering these questions.
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