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Why Is It Difficult To Write A Unique Research Paper

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Let me guess. You searched for…why are research papers so difficult? What is the hardest thing about writing a research paper Or perhaps you just want to know how difficult it is to write a research paper. You’re on the right page.

Typically, a research paper is an academic writing document aimed at evaluating students’ ability to understand and interpret a topic, gather information from authoritative sources, analyze it and compile a comprehensive paper.

These are skills that some students lack due to some reasons that can affect their performance over time. The good news is that these days there are tons of paper writing assistance providers out there who work with professional academic writers with many years of experience.

Read on to learn why writing a unique research paper isn’t a walk in the park.


Lack of Time

A research paper is a time-consuming academic assignment that students who are already busy with other assignments might struggle to complete on time. Some students may fail to complete their papers on time due to procrastination while others may lack the time to deal with writing. It’s a good idea to start writing immediately after getting the research paper instructions.

The complexity of the Topic

Writing a research paper can be easy or difficult depending on the topic assigned. Even though students are allowed the freedom to choose a research paper topic by themselves, not choosing keenly can make them end up picking a complex topic.



It’s a good idea for students to choose a research paper topic that’s not only relevant but also interesting and simple to write about.  Choosing a complex topic can complicate the investigating process. 

It’s also advisable to avoid choosing controversial topics.

A Research Paper is Founded on 100% Original Research

Even though the research paper writing process is time-consuming, there is always more time allocated to this academic paper. This is because of the different research requirements.
A unique research paper is based on 100% original research, a skill that many students lack.


Lack of Strong Writing Skills

Writing isn’t for everyone. After all, it’s not something one is born with. It’s a skill you learn and develop with consistent practice.
Apart from research skills, most students also lack strong writing skills.
After gathering enough amount of information, students are required to put their findings in a way that addresses the research question. This is where things get difficult, especially for students who lack strong writing skills.

There is More Editing Required

A high-quality research paper is usually between 15 to 20 pages long. Students are, therefore, required to carve out more time to read over the paper several times to edit and fine-tune their papers before the final submission.


The most unfortunate thing is that not all students are good editors
That’s why many do shoddy work while editing. The editing process is also systematic, something that students aren’t easy to abide by.


There are many reasons why writing a unique research paper is difficult. However, lack of time, the complexity of the topic, lack of strong writing skills and the editing required make it even harder to turn in a high-quality paper.
What’s what do you find more difficult when writing your research paper?

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