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Jun 2017
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Why Magento is Still the Best E-commerce Solution

by shira winget

Artwork: Shira Winget

Aside from having a physical store, businesses today should also have an e-commerce site to keep up with the demands and competitions in the market. To create the perfect online shop, hiring a professional web developer along with the best e-commerce solution is essential. Nothing beats Magento when it comes to the functionality and capacity of an e-commerce site. Here are the reasons why both customers and business owners prefer Magento.

From a Shop-Owner’s Perspective

The online world is a perfect area to sell your services and products to any interested consumer. Invest in your e-commerce site and hire Magento web developers to create the best online shop for your business.

Shop-owners prefer a user-friendly interface so they won’t have any problem managing it. Below are the reasons why Magento is popular among business owners.



Magento is easy to understand and use. With advanced tools and features, it helps a business owner to efficiently manage orders, shipping, inventory and reporting in an automated way.

SEO Optimization


An e-commerce shop is never complete without SEO optimization. It allows the owner to optimize products through visual merchandising and even through web content. This increases the reach of your website, especially when it lands on the first pages of search engine results.

No Boundaries


Magento offers multi-language features that cater to various countries all over the globe. Expect to reach customers even outside of your country.



Today, most people connect to the internet through their mobile devices. It wouldn’t look appealing if your e-commerce site is not mobile optimized. Magento provides a responsive design that can adjust to almost all kinds of mobile devices to create a better online shopping experience for everyone.

From a Customer’s Perspective

Most consumers prefer online shops that are user-friendly and simple to understand. Magento provides both of these factors and ensures a great shopping experience for every customer.



Magento has features that could track customer’s shopping behavior, product preferences and search history. From these data, shop owners can be able to suggest products and services to those who prefer them the most. Consumers get to choose better when they have a variety of options laid before their eyes.

Advanced Search Feature


Consumers today use the search button a lot especially when online shopping. Magento has an advanced search feature that allows the customer to filter the search results depending on his preferences such as price range, size, color, latest products, etc.

Smooth Checkout


A hassle-free check out is essential in every e-commerce site to increase turnover. Magento uses a simple, single-page check out so customers go on with the purchase rather than abandoning their carts.

E-commerce is becoming a trend in every business today. Having an efficient and functional online store is essential to meeting the needs and expectations of new-age shoppers. Stand out among all the competitors and boost your sales and performance by choosing Magento as your only e-commerce solution.


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