Andrew’s Poetry book

I'm am writing about myself at bergenarts science charter school.

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Andrew’s Poetry book

by Andrew Elyas

Artwork: Andrew Elyas

Copyright © 2017

Table of contents: 

Creature Alliteration Poem

Bio Poem

Haiku Poem

Acrostic Poem 

Color Poem


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This is a Toybain

A Toybian lives in a terrible town in texas and a in a tiny T-REX Toybain lives in Taian and Tainan city

A Toybian eats trees, tacos, taxis, and a Tobian.

A Toybian likes a lot of toys and lots of tacos and taxis with a side of torkys paint.

A Toybian told twenty toys to tackle Tairian  

The Toybian also told Tobia that she deserves it for talking to her sassy.

Artwork from the book - Andrew’s Poetry book by Andrew Elyas - Illustrated by Andrew Elyas -


Happy, caring, laughable, friendly

Sibling of Angela and Emily

Loves his family

Who fears fnaf S.L 1, 2, 3, 4 but like to play it

Needs food and fun everyday

Gives hugs to family

Would like to see Dantdm the youtuber

Resident of Garfield NJ, 07026


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Pokemon is great

Pokemon goes with google

I love Pokemon

No Artwork uploaded!

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