What is Ourboox?

Ourboox provides the world’s simplest free platform for creating and sharing digital picture books of any genre, in any language. Our page-flipping e-books are easy to create, easier to share. They are highly searchable and promote one another. The books can incorporate text, images, video, maps, games, puzzles and many other features.  Authors can edit their books at any time. Readers can access books freely on laptops, mobile phones and tablets. 

Who are we?

Ourboox was founded by Prof. Mel Rosenberg, writer, scientist, inventor and musician and Ran Shternin, leading web developer. Shuli Sapir-Nevo, poet, author and administrator with over twenty years experience in management, serves as CEO.

Our advisory board includes highly successful industry leaders, writers and visionaries: Alon Cohen, Jeff Pulver, Avi Yaron, Asher Grinbaum, Avi Shechter, Tal Givoly, Uri Levanon, Stephen Pohlmann, Roi Shternin and Keren Dobkovsky.  Yoav Itamar is advising us on content.  Allon Sasson is advising us on business development. Trevor Muir is a teacher, author, and international speaker, and is serving as our Educational Advisor.

How did it all start?

In March 2009, Mel Rosenberg attended the Bologna children’s book fair. He returned with the idea of a  simple and free web platform where authors of picture books could share their work with one another and the world.

In mid-2013, Mel met Ran Shternin, a web developer guru who immediately connected with this  vision. Within months, Ran developed an ingeniously simple, proprietary platform.

Ourboox was introduced to the world at conferences in Munich (DLD) and London (BETT) in January, 2014. Since then our growing community has uploaded many tens of thousands of beautiful page flipping e-books. Many of our titles are on the first page of search, and we have only just begun.

Ourboox is rapidly becoming the leading website for free and accessible digital picture books worldwide. Join us now and help make our books come true!


  • 97,928 Members
  • 159,410 Published Books
  • 124 Genres
  • 28 Languages