Your Song by Ela Akerman - Illustrated by Ela Akerman -
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Your Song


Artwork: Ela Akerman

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Hello to all readers, I hope you’re ready to dive deep to the song “Your Song”, learning new information and my opinion about it.

In the next few pages we will understand the birth of the song and even hear some beautiful covers.


How it all began

In 1967, Bernie Taupin wrote the song while being only 17!

Elton John was the one who wrote the melody and it got included on Elton’s self-titled second album.

This song was one of the first songs they wrote together, but surprisingly it wasn’t meant to be Elton’s in the first place.

Surprisingly enough, before becoming the great famous Elton John, he was the warm-up act for US rock band Three Dog Night. At first, they were the ones who recorded ‘Your Song’ on their album “It Ain’t Easy”! In the end, they decided to give Elton a chance to becoming a success in the industry.

Did you know, the original lyrics have coffee stains on them. As been quoted by Taupin: “The original lyric was written very rapidly on the kitchen table of Elton’s mother’s apartment in Northwood Hills in the suburbs of London, if I recall, on a particularly grubby piece of exercise paper,”.



The Story Behind the Song

One of the most curious thoughts I have when hearing this song is “what is the story behind the lyrics?”. Unfortunately, many people tried to find out the story just to revile there might not be one. As Elton once said to the Rolling Stone ”

I always thought ‘Your Song’ was written about one of his girlfriends, and when I asked him that, he just said, ‘No it wasn’t!’ He gets fairly defensive.”

Although there isn’t a solid story, the lyrics are so easy to connect to that any person listening to this can give it their own personal story, one that is close to their hearts.


Highway to Fame

The song was released in the United States in October 1970 as the B-side to the record “Take Me to the Pilot”. Both songs received airplay, but “Your Song” was preferred and replaced “Take Me to the Pilot” as the A-side, eventually making it to number eight on the Billboard chart. The song also peaked at number seven on the UK Singles Chart, as well as charting in the top 10 in several other countries.

This song got the attention of some main figures on the music industry. Arranger Paul Buckmaster and producer Gus Dudgeon, which had a big part in crafting Elton’s songs over the next several years, both signed with Elton after hearing this.

The song was a plot twist for Elton that in 1975, he released a song “We All Fall In Love Sometimes” which is about the writing of this song.

Even John Lennon knew what Elton was worth after this song, saying: “The first new thing that’s happened since we (The Beatles) happened.”.



My Opinion

Personally, I love this song. No matter what age or place I am in my life, I can always connect to this song. It might remind me of an old love, it might give me hope of finding love and it might make me think of my boyfriend. And that’s what special about this song, that no matter what you story is, if you are a boy or a girl or what age you are- everyone can connect to these breathtaking lyrics. In my opinion that is what make the song so popular and special even years later. Love is something that is never going to die, as people we were born to love, and the song will live as long as love will. Adding the beautiful music to it, it just becomes one of the softest songs, having such a strong meaning. In the next page, we can see how popular the song is even in our ages, being sang by the big Lady Gaga.




In the end, I feel grateful that the song went down the path it did, coming into our lives. I think this song is so popular even today thank to the easy connecting lyrics it has. Something about the naïve yet deep love lyrics it has, brought it to his greatness. Adding Elton John’s melody- it makes the perfect long-lived song!

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