Cross Laminated Timber Market Size to Expand Significantly by the End of 2026 by antnia chuez - Illustrated by Stratview Research -
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Cross Laminated Timber Market Size to Expand Significantly by the End of 2026


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The market research report on the Cross Laminated Timber Market aims to help the users discover detailed information regarding trends in the market. The report also throws light on the overview of the thorough analysis of the correlated key players active in the market, covering their competitive landscape, supply chain analysis, and latest developments like investments, expansion, technological growth, etc.


Market Forecast:

During the coming 5 years, Cross Laminated Timber Market is likely to witness an impressive CAGR of 15.2% during the forecast period. Growing cognizance about the environmental hazards caused by the use of cement concrete in infrastructure construction coupled with increasing number of cross laminated timber manufacturers and surge in demand for green homes are the major factors fueling the


market growth. Furthermore, supportive government initiatives around the world accompanying the shift from concrete-based construction to wood-based construction are positively impacting the market. In addition, as the overall cost of CLT construction is decreasing on account of the increasing number of suppliers and shorter construction time, the growth in demand for cross laminated timbers becomes more pronounced.


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Here are the key-players mentioned in the report –

  • Stora Enso
  • KLH
  • Binderholz
  • Mayr Melnhof
  • Hasslacher


  • XLam Limited
  • Sterling Lumber
  • Shilliger Holz AG
  • Eugen Decker Holzindustrie KG
  • Structurlam
  • Smartlam
  • Meiken Lamwood Corp.

Segment-wise Analysis:

Market segmentation included in this report divides the Cross Laminated Timber Market into subgroups based on demographics, needs, priorities, shared interests, and other behavioural characteristics that help to better understand the target audience. The user can be benefitted by using this targeting in product, sales, and marketing strategies.As per the report, the market is segmented by:

Cross Laminated Timber Market Share: By Raw Material Type

Based on the raw material type, the market is segmented as


spruce, fir, pine, larch, and others. The spruce segment is expected to witness major share of the market during the forecast period owing to its high usage as raw material by manufacturers. Spruce is widely available in Alpine Europe, where most of the manufacturing plants are situated.

Cross Laminated Timber Market Share: By Press Type

Based on the press type, the market is segmented as hydraulic, vacuum, pneumatic, nails, and others. Hydraulic presses commanded more than 60% of the market share in 2020, and are expected to maintain their incontestable leads during the forecast period as well. Hydraulic presses are most extensively used across CLT manufacturing plants. The growth of the segment can be attributed to the growing demand for CLTs from residential construction and increasing production capacity by major


players operating in the business.

Cross Laminated Timber Market Share: By Region


In terms of regions, North America is estimated to rule the market for cross laminated timber during the forecast


period. The popularity of cross laminated timbers in the North American region is increasing rapidly. Besides, a growing number of tall wooden structures are being established in the region, thus propelling regional production and demand. Growing demand for mass timber in construction will boost the regional growth. Europe and Asia-Pacific are expected to offer appreciable growth opportunities during the forecast period.


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The coronavirus pandemic affected almost all the sectors of the economy in 2020. Many businesses across the globe saw their supply chains interrupted, demand for their products


and services decline, scarcities in supplies and inputs, etc.

While the majority of organisations had to face losses due to the pandemic, there are a few that have remained stable during this period and are projected to expand gradually in the future. The study on the Cross Laminated Timber Market by Stratview Research provides a sneak peek into its business success in 2020 to upcoming 5 years.


Sneak peek into the Report:

This report focuses on the various types, segments, and growth in the Cross Laminated Timber Market. It offers valuable insights into business dynamics and allows current and potential market participants to make strategic decisions.

The report also benchmarks the major parameters like –

  • Industry Outlook
    • Market Segmentation & Value Chain Analysis
    • Industry Dynamics

• Drivers
• Restraints
• Growth Opportunities
• Regional Outlook
• Country-level Analysis
• Competitive Landscape
• Company Market Share Analysis
• Key Company Profiles/ Market Players


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