Instagram Clone Apps: Generating Revenues Through Ad Campaigns by Narola Infotech - Illustrated by Narola Infotech -
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Instagram Clone Apps: Generating Revenues Through Ad Campaigns


Artwork: Narola Infotech

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The power of Instagram is unprecedented in today’s times. Because, from celebrities to solopreneurs, everyone is using Instagram to share their talent. Keeping in mind the changing needs of users, the app is also introducing new features. If you own an app like Instagram, you can also introduce features that will help small businesses.


Features to provide in your app like Instagram to help small businesses


It does not matter if you are reading this blog to grow your sales, generate revenues through your Instagram-like app, experiment with your Instagram Clone App Development, or drive traffic to your business’s website, we have you covered.

Why do Will Businesses choose to Advertise on Your Instagram-Like App?

An app like Instagram is the wiser alternative here. Making this wise switch will not only help you boost your growth and revenues but will also help app developers and owners earn through these apps.


Let us discuss some reasons why Instagram clone apps must focus on making their platforms better to attract more and more users.


App Like Instagram Advertising is a Cakewalk if You Know The Do How

Including “promoted posts” as a feature on the Instagram clone app has the potential to attract more users. Promoted posts are excellent ad formats that are easy to set up. They have high visibility and 8/10 of users click the links mentioned, thus helping app owners generate revenues through ads quite instantly.

Build Shopping Features Like That of Instagram

Instagram is already a virtual shopping hub. Its features promote organic shopping and provide an excellent user experience. Draw inspiration from these features and add them to your app with the necessary modifications. When you do so, you are bound to attract users. Connect to a reliable Instagram clone development company to integrate these features into your app.


How to Create The Right Kind of Ad Campaign on Your Instagram-Like App?

Instagram clone development may be easy when it comes to development and implementation, but it is equally challenging to attract users and retain them. Hence, to solve this problem for app developers and owners, here are a few pointers.


1. App Installations

Create links and pages that prompt ‘download app’ and redirect the user to the App Store or Play Store to download your app.


2. Lead Generation

Instagram Stories promote ads that create the permissible amount of data for users such as name, age, as well as sex for newsletters and weekly/monthly updates. Try to incorporate this into your app.


3. Create Brand Awareness

Define your brand and target audience. In that way, you will be able to focus on the ads you want to rope onto your platform.

4. Traffic

Traffic is automatically drawn in when your ad game is top-notch. Hence, focus on defining your target audience and then allow ads that suit the mood and nature of your target audience. Do basic research on what your target audience likes and prefers. That should solve your problem.


How to Develop an Instagram-Like App?

Given the traction social media apps have these days, there will always be a market for your app like Instagram. So, the question then turns to which Social media app development company will you choose to work with?


Developing your Instagram clone app is a huge responsibility. Therefore, you should only trust the best partner with the undertaking. If you are looking for affordable, high-quality mobile app development services, Narola Infotech has your interests at heart.


We provide services that cater to the needs of app owners as well as small-scale businesses who are trying to grow on multiple platforms. Since Instagram already has a huge user base, several small-scale Instagram apps have come into the picture, which is proving worth a shot.


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