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3 Easy Steps To Launch PrestaShop Mobile App Faster And Easier


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There might be a rise in the number of e-commerce websites in the near future. So, opting for the shopping app is the right step to take forward. Experts have also predicted that eCommerce mobile apps will grow much more popular over the next several years than they are now.


PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is currently being used by e-commerce merchants to develop their own Android and iOS apps. The PrestaShop Mobile App by Knowband consists of a three-step installation process that can easily turn your eCommerce website into a shopping app. Several new and cutting-edge features can also enhance the store’s productivity. Furthermore, adopting a PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App can be immensely advantageous for many eCommerce shop owners that are in direct competition.

Steps to Launch Mobile App for PrestaShop

The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder by KnowBand allows the creation of both native Android and iOS apps. Since this module requires no code, it is great for developing mobile applications. After following a few easy steps, you’ll be able to quickly launch Android and iOS apps on third-party platforms.


Step 1:

Install the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator module on your eCommerce store after purchasing it from Knowband. If you are having difficulties installing the module, you can refer to the user manual for detailed instructions.


Step 2:

During this step, you must provide all the necessary information to the app development team that is required for building your PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App. The store admin has to share the details like app icon, splash image, social login options, store name, and the colors and fonts. Knowband developers will go through all of your app development requirements and then start the development process.


Step 3:

Based on the information you provided in step 2, the app developers will construct the APK (for the PrestaShop mobile app for Android) or IPA (for the PrestaShop mobile app for iOS). You just need to verify the PrestaShop Mobile App and approve it. After that, you can publish your mobile app for PrestaShop on Google Play or the Apple App Store with your developer account.



Due to the changing nature of e-commerce, it is important to adapt according to the changes. The PrestaShop Mobile App allows eCommerce merchants to provide the most convenient and smart solutions to their customers.

The Knowband PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a great way of proving the ideal online shopping experience to your online visitors. So, connect us at [email protected] and purchase PrestaShop Mobile App Maker right now to create your mobile application.

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