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The Best Way to Build Your Woocommerce Mobile App Without Coding


Artwork: Knowband

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When an eCommerce business decides to launch a shopping app, they need to consider a few aspects, such as app design, development, and deployment. These points must be considered to manage and develop a feature-rich and customer-centric Android and iOS app. Moreover, it is now becoming a trend to use an app builder extension to create and deploy Android and iOS apps.


Adding multiple features can be a pain in the pocket of the store’s merchants. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder by Knowband is budget-friendly and consists of all the essential features that are required to boost the app’s productivity.

Launching a native Android and iOS app is simple with this module, even for non-technical users. The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker is a no-code solution for creating your mobile apps (APK/IPA files) using your eCommerce website. Moreover, the WooCommerce Mobile App Creator provides excellent front-end and back-end functionality for the store merchant.


Quick Steps to Create and Launch a Woocommerce Mobile App


1. Purchase the Knowband WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App module addon.

2. Install the downloaded extension on your WooCommerce website. Then, just fill out the prerequisite form and share your requirements with us.

3. Test your eCommerce mobile app and publish it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by using your developer account.


Highlighted WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App Features:


Unlimited Push Notifications


Store owners get the option to send an infinite number of push notifications to their customers. The Knowband WooCommerce Android App Builder allows the eCommerce merchant to manually or automatically push alerts without any restrictions. Push notifications such as offers, discounts, updates, abandoned cart messages, order status messages, etc. is available to send to the customers.


Home Page Customization


The WooCommerce iOS App Maker backend allows the store merchant to edit, modify, and change the home page layout in real-time. Furthermore, with a few easy clicks and drag-and-drops, store owners can create interactive home screen layouts, banners, sliders, countdown timers, sale banners, etc.


Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support


This Knowband WooCommerce Mobile App Creator allows the store merchant to make the shopping app available to a larger customer segment. The module allows the eCommerce merchant to handle all website languages at once in the mobile app. Additionally, the plugin supports several languages (including RTL scripts) and currencies by default.


Support for WhatsApp and Zopim Chat


This Mobile App for WooCommerce consists of two major customer support services, which are Zopim and WhatsApp. Moreover, the eCommerce merchant can even enable or disable the live chat support from the module backend.


Social Sharing and Fingerprint/Social Login


The WooCommerce Mobile App simplifies the login and sharing options for Android and iOS app users. Online visitors can access the shopping app by just using their Facebook or Google credentials. The customers can also save their fingerprints for safety purposes or can opt for the OTP (Phone Number) login option.


Furthermore, the module includes several social sharing options by default. It allows the store merchant to share the products on their favorite social media platform. This process also helps in improving the brand’s visibility and product awareness.


Payments And Shipments


All of the payment and shipping options available on your eCommerce website are automatically enabled and supported on the WooCommerce Mobile App. A Store admin can check certain app settings and perform multiple changes with ease. Additionally, the eCommerce merchant can enable and disable the PayPal and Cash On Delivery options.


Real-Time Synchronization


The WooCommerce Mobile App supports all the data and inventory available on the eCommerce website. All of the data on your app and website is synchronized in real-time. As a result, any changes made to the eCommerce website are immediately reflected on the shopping app, requiring no manual intervention.




The popularity of Android and iOS apps is continuously increasing among internet users. Almost every e-commerce store is now launching a mobile app with the most recent features. Furthermore, the Knowband WooCommerce Mobile App Creator is an inexpensive solution that takes just a few days to have the shopping app up and running. So, you need to take the required action now by connecting us at [email protected].

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