Five Things You Must Know About HTML5 Game Development
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Five Things You Must Know About HTML5 Game Development


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Since the advent of HTML5, it’s been popular among techies worldwide. Be it web development or game development; the experts prefer using this language because of its features for creating cross-platform and cross-browser games. 


Providing a wide range of features, it enables 2D & 3D graphics to audio APIs, offline asset storage, and support for all browsers. As everything is getting digitised, gaming is one of the next big things in the tech world. Thus investing in building a game can be a sure return on investment.


However, there are HTLM5 development services available, and you can connect with any service providers to get your game developed and try an all-new venture. For this, knowing some essential aspects of HTML5 game development is the need of the hour. Thus here are a few exciting things about HTML5 development that you must know.

5 cool things about HTML5 for game development


1. Cross-platform support 


The main reason behind the popularity of HTML5 among game developers across the globe is its cross-platform support. It easily adapts requirements like aspect ratios, resolutions, screen size, etc. Regardless of the operating system and browsers, the HTML5 games run flawlessly on every device. 


Whether you use iPhone or Android, a game developed on HTML5 opens on all devices using a single code. It saves time and money also. That’s why you should hire HTML5 developers if you want to create a fantastic game. 


2. Easy to promote the game


As a game code on HTML5 is compatible with different operating systems and browsers, it covers a broader audience. It facilitates you with an option to promote all features through any website. In this, a simple link sharing to a gaming website is enough to boost your game, and a user can access it from a link. 


3. Easy development using WebGL & Canvas


Using Canvas, the HTML5 developers can create shapes to convert them into 3D images that can be added to the library directly for instant use. 


By using WebGL or Web Graphics Library, there is no need for plugins and can implement 2D and 3D content in the browsers without much of a stretch. 


By combining both technologies, the HTML5 game developer can create a high graphic web game and deliver a tremendous gaming experience. Thus hiring an HTML5 developer for your next gaming project would be an asset. 


4. Remote updates


The best advantage of using HTML5 is it enables automatic updates, and a user doesn’t need to update manually. You can find the updated version whenever you open the app or game. With this feature, the app providers and developers benefit from accessible services and don’t need to go through the manual process of updating. Most importantly, this feature helps many users enjoy the gaming experience without the hassle. 


5. More suitable for emerging markets


Emerging markets are those landscapes where people are still developing, so this technology seems familiar in such countries. Due to more demand for gadgets, operating systems will come around, and HTML5 will be the first choice for everyone. Since creating games may be scary but HTML5 developers make it easy to deploy games to different platforms. 


In a nutshell, the HTML5 framework offers countless opportunities for game development. It will be more future-ready, allowing the above features and creative enhancements that keep up with modern trends.


Contact ScalaCode if you want to develop HTML5 games or want to earn money from them. Our HTML5 developers widely understand the value of HTML game development. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience you require. Hence hire HTML5 developers by contacting us and witness the growth.

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