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The Most Important Keys to Run an Opencart Mobile App Builder


Artwork: Knowband

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With the rise and continuous growth in the e-commerce market, online stores are looking for new ways to easily get connected with their customers. Nowadays, mobile apps are becoming a great tool for e-commerce business owners to interact with their customers. But not all business apps are successful with the launch of e-commerce mobile apps. The reasons can be a poor user interface, missing features, customer service issues, and so on.


Furthermore, there are also plenty of useless apps available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These apps are not able to satisfy the needs and want of their customers. So, it is a big opportunity for the store admin to launch the mobile app as per the needs and wants of the customers.


The OpenCart Mobile App Builder by Knowband includes some amazing app features that are essential for running a successful e-commerce business. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker allows store admins to launch the ready-made, fully functional mobile apps without putting too much effort and money into it.


This blog post consists of some important points about the OpenCart Mobile App that you should know before setting your app up and running.


Unique, appealing, and simple design:


The look, feel, and operation of the mobile app are important to ensure the success and popularity of the online store. If your Android or iOS is bloated with unnecessary features, then your users are most likely to exit a shopping app.


The Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Creator keeps the mobile app’s user interface as simple, user-friendly, and minimalistic as possible. Having a fully functional mobile app is a great way to keep the user interested.


Offline Capabilities:


A good mobile app must be fully functional even when there is an unavailability of an internet connection. The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App consists of offline capability, which resulted in a positive user experience. It enables customers to connect with your brand from anywhere and at any time, regardless of network issues.


Personalization Options:


The Knowband OpenCart Android App Builder allows your store admin to customize the app to meet the specific needs of the online store.

The module provides an easy way to change various settings in your app, such as colors, fonts, banners, layout, splash screen, and so on. The personalization option greatly improves app usability and attracts more customers to your online store.


Social Media Integration:


The Knowband OpenCart iOS App Maker allows the store to promote the app and quickly grow the user base. The module allows users to easily share content on any social media platform directly from the Android and iOS apps.

Furthermore, the customer can log in to the mobile app using their social media credentials (Facebook and Google). The module also consists of OTP and fingerprint options that simplify the login and registration process.


Feedback System:


The feedback is a great way to understand what customers think about your mobile app. The OpenCart Mobile App allows users to send feedback and reviews about specific products and brands. The feedback can be about anything, such as reporting bugs, making valuable suggestions, complaining about a poor user experience, and so on.

These small changes can improve your store’s productivity and give you more opportunities to grow. Additionally, the store merchant must keep the feedback system as accessible as possible for the online visitors.




The Mobile App for OpenCart loads quickly, which means the code is simple and well optimized. The fast loading speed of the shopping app reduces the bounce and cart abandonment rates. This will eventually increase the eCommerce store’s revenue in the longer run. You can also have your fast-loading OpenCart Mobile App right now by just connecting with us at [email protected].


This free e-book was created with

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