Advanced Memory Formula Reviews (Advanced BioNutritionals) Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints

by Cheryl Goodwin

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Advanced Memory Formula Reviews (Advanced BioNutritionals) Ingredients, Side Effects, Complaints

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The brain goes through a lot of stress during one person’s lifetime, and most people have been led to believe that age causes a rapid decline in their brain power.


Advanced Memory Formula is a daily supplement that helps consumers to improve their memory retention and recognition with natural ingredients. With three different package options, consumers could be just one week away from a better memory.

What is Advanced Memory Formula?

The brain goes through a lot of stress during one person’s lifetime, and most people have been led to believe that age causes a rapid decline in their brain power. However, this idea has been continually disproved because there are plenty of people in their 80s and 90s that are still as sharp as they’ve ever been. According to a team of scientists at Northwestern University, the reason could be due to the health of the microglia.

In an effort to restore dysfunctional microglia, the creators at Advanced Bionutritionals developed Advanced Memory Formula. This remedy focuses on delivering enough luteolin and other ingredients that will restore microglia and protect the brain from succumbing to the inflammation around it. With these improvements, consumers can promote better memory and focus naturally.

Ingredients in Advanced Memory Formula

The reason Advanced Memory Formula has such a substantial impact on the brain is because of the incredible assortment of ingredients. With a potent serving size of 2 tablets, the ingredients that users get to take advantage of include:

  • Gingko biloba
  • Phosphatidylserine complex
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Blueberry extract
  • Luteolin
  • Lecithin

Neurofactor whole coffee fruit

Read on below to learn about the impact that each of these ingredients makes.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is a potent plant, and it has been used to support the heart with improved circulation for years. The improved blood flow provides an onslaught of other benefits, improving the memory and cognitive performance of the brain. It even has the power to protect the neurons and brain tissue from succumbing to deterioration.

In many studies, gingko biloba has become a reliable remedy for improving memory. One of the studies cited by Advanced Memory Formula shows that even just a week of use is enough to see a major memory improvement.

Phosphatidylserine Complex

Phosphatidylserine Complex is a type of fat that helps consumers to make their mind sharper and more reliable. Consumers who regularly use PS tend to be more capable of improving learning ability and recall. Most consumers have to take this formula for three months to get the support, but most participants in clinical studies found that their concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving skills were improved as well.


Alpha-GPC is a type of choline that helps the brain to start supporting acetylcholine production. This chemical is a necessary component for the brain because it improves clarity and keeps memories vivid. It has been researched in over 20 different studies, covering over 4,000 participants. These studies showed that users improved their alertness, memory, and ability to learn. These studies also showed that Alpha-GPC protects the brain against a slow decline.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine is ideal for anyone who struggles with feeling mentally fatigued and foggy. The creators of Advanced Memory Formula reference the work of Dr. Bruce Ames as the reasoning for including the nutrient, citing his background as a biochemist. His research confirms that ALC can help users to repair mitochondria, which ensures that the brain will work more efficiently. It can even improve the strength of muscles.


Vinpocetine helps consumers to improve their blood flow. Sourced from the periwinkle plant, this extract can help users to improve circulation, which directly impacts brain function. Research shows that using vinpocetine regularly can help anyone to improve their memory and focus. In fact, one study confirmed that this ingredient is even effective in adults who have already experienced medical decline, ensuring that they can be as sharp as possible.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri, which is sometimes referred to as Brahmi, is an herb that has been written about throughout history as a remedy for improved memory. This ingredient has been tested in humans and rats, finding that the animals experienced a better memory and were able to take on new tasks in a fraction of the time that they normally would.

In a human study, the same results were found as users were able to learn a new task in half the time they normally would.

Blueberry Extract

Blueberry extract provides users with incredible antioxidant support in a way that other fruits just can’t. This ingredient can help users to eliminate issues with cognition to protect their memories, but there are many other reasons that consumers include in this extract. Blueberries provide users with a nutrient called pterostilbene, which can help activate genes that will improve the user’s memory. Activating these chemicals also helps to reduce the severity of aging in the brain while reducing mental decline simultaneously.


Luteolin is the main reason that consumers often decide to take Advanced Memory Formula in the first place. This antioxidant works to restore damage to microglia so effectively that it establishes the same performance that the brain used to have years ago. This substance has been heavily researched for years, finding that just four weeks of use was enough to grow new neurons, according to animal studies. It improves sexual performance, and it stimulates the mind more effectively than any nootropic supplement. The improvement made as a result of this ingredient only takes about 4 weeks.


Lecithin is an important ingredient for any brain health supplement because it reduces the risk of fat build-up in the user’s brain. The creators include it for the idea that it can reduce the “senior moments” of users, suggesting that it helps with memory retention and cognition. This ingredient is also important to heart health and keeping the balance in cholesterol levels.


This formula would not be complete without the use of NeuroFactor. NeuroFactor helps consumers to improve their BDNF levels in as little as a single hour, according to blood tests during clinical studies. This ingredient provides the brain with more BDNF than most other products offer, even with one serving. The therapeutic dosage of this ingredient – 100mg – is used in clinical studies, which is why Advanced Memory Formula used the same amount in their remedy.

Purchasing Advanced Memory Formula

With all of these benefits, it is hard to imagine that Advanced Memory Formula isn’t available in stores. Instead, the creators keep their distribution close to home by only offering it on the official website. The website has three different packages, which are all one-time transactions. No subscriptions are presently offered, but the total cost is quite a deal.

Choose from:

  • One bottle for $49.95
  • Three bottles for $134.85
  • Six bottles for $249.00

All orders come with a money-back guarantee.



Advanced Memory Formula offers a unique chance to make the mind feel younger than it has ever been. It restores brain health while improving memory retention, cognition, and more. The ingredients offer other health benefits for the body, but the main focus of the creators was to develop a formula that could overcome the potential concerns for aging users who want to keep their mental acuity intact as they get older.


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