The Dinner of My Life by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג -
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The Dinner of My Life

After fruitful careers as a scientist and inventor I've gone back to what I love most - writing children's books Read More
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Last night my friends and I enjoyed a dinner out. On a boat cruise to Venice. With Kinnernet Italia.

Boat cruise to Venice With Kinnernet Italia

I’m not sure what this so-called ‘unconference’ is all about, but we had a great evening.

There were interesting mortals everywhere.

I had a few hors d’oeuvres….

Interesting mortals and hors d

People were working up a sweat on the dance floor. My friends and I just love when people work up a sweat. Anywhere.

It was a warm Venice evening. They had a lot of bare skin. We love that too.

sweating on the dance floor

Took a tiny, loving bite of Vittoria’s arm


For my main course, I dined on David Orban. He is a very clever guy from something called “Singularity”. We shared some DNA. I feel much smarter.

David Orban

I realize now that my tribe is misunderstood. We have been persecuted for thousands, if not millions of years. We have been gassed, succumbed to lethal chemicals, and swatted dead.  There are lots of blood libels about our tribe. I guess that is understandable.




What are we asking for, after all? A microliter of your blood, less than one millionth of your supply. People donate half a liter to blood banks and don’t bat an eye.

After all, just like Gloria Gaynor, all we want to do is survive.



Maybe it’s because we leave an itching feeling. Trust me, we don’t mean to. It’s the last thing we want to do.And yes, sometimes the itch does get out of hand. But this is one of the human’s immune systems imperfections. It has nothing to do with us, really.I hear that clever humans are developing technologies to prevent that itching and burning. We will look forward to being your beta testers. After all we want to live in harmony, just like you do!

An itching feeling after a mosquito bite

Yes, it is true that some of us are vicious and virulent, and might even spread diseases. These are just a tiny monority, giving all us mosquitoes a bad name.


Anyway, I’ve droned on more than enough. I just wanted to  say thank you to Maurizio, Riccardo, Yossi, and all the amazing folks at H-Farm, we all had the best dinner ever!!!

There should be more Kinnernet events like these. We were so happy to have left our mark on such an amazing conference!!

a Mosquito having the best dinner ever

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