My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
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My Passion for Rhodes

I am a poet, writer fiction, photographer and organizational consultant. I am proud to be part of the team leading Read More
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I want to take you on an adventure,

A trip to my Rhodes,

To inhale the turquoise of the sea,

To discover hidden corners,

To meet wonderful people.

My Rhodes 鈥 to taste the little intoxicating tastes,

To get to know the secrets of the countryside

and the city.

To smell, to touch,

To feel through dancing feet,

To listen to the music, the waves, the language,

To collect experiences along the way,

To take them home,

To open your heart,

And to get excited.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -



Created Rhodes,
Surrounded it with iridescent blue waters,
Filled out its curves with sparkling green,
And kissed its face with hues of peach.
They brought down the Goddess of music
Placed a bouzouki in her hands
And gave her the voice of the wind
And rain
And sea
And heart,
And commanded her to sing. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽


聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽





My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

I always believed that happiness exists in simple little things.

But to write with passion you must be in love.


Rhodes was love at first sight

All my senses awake there

On聽this fairy tale island

From excitement to silence

From sunrise to sunset

From the great Greek Gods

To the warm welcoming people

From the endless fascinating 聽blue of the sea

To the waves of the beautiful bouzouki music and the soulful words.

And I find myself

Coming again and again to this paradise.


The coming pages explain why I love Rhodes.


My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The blue Aegean sea


Take a ride, or a walk, go barefoot, or swim.

Just breathe in and worship the magnificent Turquoises and blues.

Discover why Poseidon chose to live here.

Collect beautiful sea pebbles

And put them in a transparent聽box 鈥

To remember the Aegean sea.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -




Smiles at me

From his turquoise ocean

He bares his muscular torso

Bronzed by the summer

He knows that I will give myself to him

Any time he desires

All the blue words

Swim around

In my head

For him

I would be

A small mermaid

Or even a goldfish

If only I could

Drown each dawn

In the turquoise of his eyes.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The colorful old city

Look around, taste, smell, touch (start with a corn-on-the-cob cooked on burning coals).

Walk around Socrates St.

And discover the colorful alleys

Between the ancient walls.

You鈥檒l find here natural products such as

Olive oil, olive soaps,

Cookware made of olive wood, local jams, ouzo candies.

All the basic elements are here: glass, ceramics,

Fabric, gold, silver, wood, iron and so on.

Look at the beautiful things they produce .

What a celebration of colors.

You鈥檒l find art in everything.

And don’t leave without聽drinking聽a glass of Ouzo with coffee.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Take a break in the Socrates garden .

Have a good local beer with fresh Greek salad, and rich vegetarian聽moussaka (piping hot) baked in the oven.

Muse in the breeze blowing through the garden trees

With relaxing music is in the background.



The thick rich yogurt with melting honey

Probably produced聽the queen bee聽herself.



You must taste the Greek Coffee.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The Blue Lagoon

Come and sway to the Greek spirit

In the most enchanting place,

With live authentic music, and the moon shining above

(this place literally has the sky as its ceiling).

Very nice hospitality and unique atmosphere.

Drink, dance and listen.

To get away from it all and commit yourself to the atmosphere that takes you away. To get to know new friends from all over the world and Greeks with soul. Not to hesitate to join in the circles of simple Greek dances, some of them led by non-Greek聽guests.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Later when the night and the heart are warm,

the Blue Lagoon takes on more of a Greek nature.

To see the Greeks dancing the incredible Zabekiko while friends honor the dancer by kneeling on one knee and clapping hands to the unique rhythm.

Yiannis Klouvas, the owner of the Blue Lagoon, his family and the staff ensure an unforgettable experience.


2, 25th Martiou Str. 851 00 Rhodes Tel. +30 22410 32632, 76072 – Fax +30 22410 37114

Open every night from 20:30 till 24:00


My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Efta Piges- the seven springs

To meet the royal blue.


Take the wild road, surrounded by fragrant pines and huge pine trees,

Meet the crabs and the wild peacocks spreading magnificent colorful wings

In their courting dance.

Discover the aquamarines and blue-green springs

And some secrets of nature.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -


Lindos is a beautiful legend, a village of mountains and white houses, on the eastern part of the island. And at its feet, a clear sea which you can鈥檛 resist.


The best way of course is to climb the paths and steps leading to the top of the mountain, there you find the ancient acropolis of Lindos, one of the most impressive and ancient sites of Greek culture, with the temple of Athena. To look from high, feeling like a Greek deity, while the ships in the bay below appear to be mere toys.


And afterwards, meander back through the streets of the village, narrow, with hundreds of stalls and stores, pubs, tavernas. The turquoise colors are in full display and it鈥檚 all so pleasing to the eye.

And now, to the sea鈥ut first鈥

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The Nefeli restaurant – Lindos

The Nefeli restaurant offers wine, beer and a meal on the shore 鈥 a real treat. The restaurant is located in the picturesque bay of Lindos, literally a few steps from the shore. Just sit there over a glass of wine, and you are in a great state of mind. The service is good, the food is good and the place is the stuff of legend.聽Nikos and his family who own the place are friendly and can tell you stories. This is the place to catch up with your muse.

You are in a place that is timeless.


The winds blow

In the turquoise dresses

Between white houses

The sea is a legend

And over a glass of wine

Time takes no account.


And now聽it鈥檚 time to dip into the clear beautiful sea. And if you have a snorkel, you can have an even better view.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The synagogue 鈥

Connect with the roots of the Jewish people.

Just feel the holiness of the place.

See the old books and the festive clothes

And spare a moment on the wooden chair, where they used to pray.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Mama Sofia restaurant


When all the lights are on, and it looks like an enchanted kingdom of lights,

go and have a delicious meal with excellent Greek wine.

La聽 sp茅cialit茅 de la maison: fish and seafood.

service with a smile.

Mama Sofia herself oversees the kitchen, with her secret recipes.


The salad, with its fresh shining tomatoes,

Onion and cucumber straight from the field

You can smell them.

And the big fat black olives –Kalamata olives

With聽 slices of Feta cheese

They are all in the best olive oil ever.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Just one more glass of ouzo


Just one more glass of ouzo

And we鈥檒l forget

The politics,

The scratches

The heartbreaks

The ashes of dreams

We鈥檒l let the heart fill up with music

We鈥檒l let the feet go dancing

With Yiannis, Nikos, Daphne, Maria and Eleni.


Just one more glass of ouzo

On this small enchanted isle

With the endless sea of blues and turquoise.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The Jewelry Store of Dimitris


There are many stores in the old city, with shiny crystals,

Swarovsky and precious stones, jewelry in gold and silver.

Dimitris owns one of these stores. He designs his own jewelry and has a wide collection of bracelets, chains, earrings, rings and other lovely items.

Dimitris welcomes you with a wide and hospitable smile, and is also quite a conversationalist with a sense of humor and impressive knowledge of philosophy.

From the first time I met him we engaged in animated conversations, together with the charming Daphne who worked for him.


In his store there is a huge sign which says,

“The only thing that I know, is that I don’t know anything.”



My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Caf茅 Chantant


Caf茅 Chantant is a tavern of local Rhodes inhabitants.

They don鈥檛 break plates anymore, but they do strew flowers everywhere 鈥

on the stage, and on friends seated with you at the table.

This is where the local Greeks celebrate their traditional rebetiko music. It鈥檚 crowded here and full of cigarette smoke, but equally

full of atmosphere and real Greek tradition.

The musicians are great and authentic and the songs (most of which are new to us) are accompanied by dancing.

It鈥檚 open on Saturday nights till the wee (and I mean wee) hours of the morning.

Caf茅 Chantant is in the heart of the old city of Rhodes.


Dimokratou 3

Telephone +30 32277

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The red choo choo train


A fun trip through the city of Rhodes. For adults too!!

The electric street train takes you on a lovely trip through the new and ancient roads of Rhodes. Through the ramparts, the walls, along the sea, through the port, passing the stadium, then climbing gently through the various quarters until the Acropolis on high, then back through the winding streets with amazing views of the ancient ruins and the sea coast. You can get on and off at the Acropolis.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Balsamico is a new legend

On the street across from the sea the windows are wide open, and you can see the beautiful sea, the sunset, the turquoise colored water, or the high waves when the wind blows. In Balsamico you feel as if you are in a magical space, designed from top to bottom with bold happy colors, made of real iron, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, and it鈥檚 as if you are in a dream.

You can eat all kinds of delicacies, that your Greek mother (if you had one) would have cooked for you in the old days. You feel that everything that is done here is done out of love, tradition and dedication.

On weekends and during the winter you can enjoy your meal with real live Greek music, with well known and beloved songs. The owner of this enchanted place is none other than Yiannis Klouvas who also created its twin location the 鈥淏lue Lagoon鈥 in order to create a charming place especially for the winter and it’s open all the year.

Akti Miaouli 4-6 Rhodes town聽tel – 302241075967


My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Smells and tastes of Rhodes


*Melekouni 鈥 made of sesame, honey (and optional almonds), 100% natural and manufactured solely on this island. Buy a big box with individually wrapped portions but beware: there is the danger of becoming addicted to them. And they are not low calorie!!

*The local olive oil is unbelievable.

*The Kalamata olives are great and juicy.

*The local wines are special.

*The local honey is clearly manufactured by bees that are clearly聽in love with their product.

*Body care products made from olive oil are common in all the health stores.


There is a legend that Rhodes manufactures the best and strongest umbrellas.

You can find them (alongside the regular ones) at special stores. The prices are not cheap, but they are worth it. Luckily, it is unlikely to rain during the tourist season.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Greek is a lovely language

So that you will feel at home, show the Greeks that you care enough to learn a few words (this makes them very excited indeed).


yia sas – (hello (formal)

yia sou – hello (not formal)

efharisto- thank you

efharisto poli 鈥 thank you very much

kalimera- good morning

kalispera – good evening 聽

kalinichta – good night

parakalo – please

sygnomi- excuse me聽聽

lipame – sorry

Yah mas!- Cheers!

kali oreksi- bon appetit

nai 鈥 yes , no- ochi

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The Mediterranean Hotel


* Request a full sea view room with a great balcony聽the view there is spectacular.


* Service here is pleasant

* Location- you have the sea and you have the city- You have聽the whole world in your hands.

Thank you very much Mr. Andonis V. Cambourakis,聽President of Rodos Hotel Association.


My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Grand hotel

Wonderful location, between the sea

And the city.

Take a room with a sea view.

The service 鈥 starting with the reservation- you feel so welcome. The staff in this hotel聽are great, from their first hello of the reception you can tell聽they all want to please you.

The food is very good and plentiful, with a variety of dishes from different cuisines.

You can also make reservations to eat in the Italian or聽Chinese restaurants, without paying extra.

Sit on the balcony and have a glass of Greek Wine .You can buy it in the grocery around The corner,

ask for Nikos.

Nikos will tell you that all the Greek wines are Good 鈥 and he is right,

And he will show you other local products ,

If you ask.

So put your feet up, look at the sea, admire the sunset, enjoy the taste of the wine.

And don鈥檛 think about life. This is the life!

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -



Memories in my hand

Like the pebbles

Of the sea

That I collected.

My fingers are still wet

And blue

From the turquoise waves

Which touched

The sea that opened

In my heart.

I still stand bewitched,

By the shells, the corals and the stars

That pulled me into depths

The likes of which I’ll never know.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -


The long line of little old houses,

in pastel colors, along the seashore

I wish I would have one of them.

To open all the doors in the morning

To the blue breeze

To breathe the sea

To have my first caf茅

And the Greek music,

Like waves capturing your heart tenderly

Weather it is Haris Alexiou singing

“Ola se thimizoun”,

Or Yiannis Parios singing “sagapo.”

To pray for a good day- Kalimera.


What can I tell you?

Heaven is here.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

The friendly people who make you welcome in the island

Their smiles

Their warm heart

Their care

Their friendship

Their music

Their laughter

Their sadness

Their sense of humor

Their culture

Their pride

Their natural beauty

Their philosophy

Their wisdom.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -



On the Mountaintop

I stood between the glorious marble columns

And聽 Aegean Sea

The Gods of past are resting now

They cannot alter history

The restless seas

Pours heartbeats into endless bits

Of light turquoise.


I stood between the marble and the waves

Eternity and life

And worshipped both.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Efharisto poli agapitoi filoi mou聽馃檪

Thank you so much my dear friends聽馃檪

Unforgettable moments from a great night in the Blue Lagoon

* Click to see the video.



螚蟿伪谓 渭蔚纬维位畏 渭慰蠀 蟿喂渭萎.

It was a big honor to meet

the Mayor of Rhodes, Fotis Hatzidiakos.聽聽聽聽


There are moments…

I stood there, so excited, and handed him

three of my books, on my love for Rhodes in Greek, English聽and Hebrew.

I must have practiced a hundred times,聽“Chairo poly kyrie Dimarche”

(Pleased to meet you, mayor), but I was frightened that I聽would mix up 聽the syllables out of sheer nervousness).

The mayor bestowed on me the title of “Friend of Rhodes”,聽and I felt elated, and so proud, like I was an ambassador聽of Israel. .

I was blessed by the warmth I received from the people on聽this enchanted island of 鈥 Rhodes.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -

Shulamit Sapir-Nevo

Is a writer, poet

and the CEO of OURBOOX.

She has published several books of poetry, a novel,

and a book of poems聽translated into English.

Her poems have been published in literary supplements, literary

magazines and poetry collections.

She received a creativity award, from the “Association for

the Advancement of Research, Literature, and Art”.

She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry.

She is a member of the “Israeli Writers Society”.

My Passion for Rhodes by Shulamit Sapir-Nevo -
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