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# 426 – Supernova – Live

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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You really don’t have to, but I did spend a few minutes reading the first-hand experience of Tomer Mabraka on his FB page –


He tells how he survived the attack on the Supernova music festival, For hours. Couped up with others. Injured. Lying in urine and blood. The slaughter all around.


Or perhaps watch the videos that focus on the kidnapping of Shoshan Haran and 9 more of her family, all from Kibbutz Be’eri. She is one of the founders of Fair Planet, an organisation which sets out to enable micro farming in every and any corner of this World.

It is now 1 week since. this horror began.


Why do I write this Letter? Over the years, I have had umpteen reasons to defend or explain this very strange country to the ‘outside world’. I could use the words ‘special’ or ‘unique’, but that would be as worrisome as using the word ‘chosen’. Tevye, the milkman in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ begged God to choose someone else for once. It is my opinion that that is how antisemitism started. It’s almost normal to ‘not like’ those who describe themselves as ‘chosen’, who, by biblical history, learn to read, to be ‘educated’.


[Look at the ‘Asian invasion’ of Western Canada. Very approx. figures show the number to be around 20%. But then look at the figures for the universities in the area: around 50%. While the ‘Caucasian’ population also want to party or engage in sports etc., the Asians focus on study. The reasons are similar to those of the Jews. In order to survive as. minority, one must first establish a firm basis for survival. Hence the prejudices against many Asians, although they will never ‘gain’ the well-established position the Jews have had since whenever.]

Wow…I never thought I’d be ever writing such words…


So, even today, after one of the worst-ever atrocities, dramatically splashed onto social media by the perpetrators themselves, Israel is still being criticised, neutrals refuse to condemn Hamas. John Simpson, one of the leading names in British Journalism, refuses to use the word ‘terrorists’, ‘not wishing to be seen to be taking sides’. As Gretha Thunberg said to the UN: “How dare you!!”.


Bullets –

* Yes, we are scared that Hezbollah will join in. The Northern borders are being closely watched. (Some military activity).

* Ditto Iran. Yes, we have (are rumoured to) have nuclear capability, and they don’t (yet). And it must be recognised that we are desperate enough to use it. When pushed into a corner…and I can assure you that we feel that way today. The movement of the US naval force towards this region is a clear warning to Iran to stay out of this.


* There are some attacks in the Territories. I suppose to be expected.

* There are some attacks in Israel proper. We have over 2 million Arab citizens. It does not take many to cause havoc.

* The Arabs (including those who have attacked us many times over the years) are staying silent.


* The Jewish population of Israel is around 7.5 million. 320,000 reservists were just called up. This is also a tiny country (despite some still imagining that we are the size of France with 100 million). But to defend this country against so many is tough.


* With the new Nat’l Unity Govt. in place, we are now being lead partly by those who will inevitably be found guilty by the post-crisis tribunal. The dim Light at the end of that tunnel is that this could rid us of the extreme government that had been leading us down such a dangerous path. (I know that this will rile some of the recipients of this Letter, who are still supporters of Bibi).


I mentioned a possible solution to this crisis. For me, there are 3 requirements:

  1. No more of our ‘People’s Army’ must lose their life.

  2. Separate innocent Gazan citizens from Hamas. Give them a humanitarian way out.

  3. Eliminate Gaza. This sounds over-dramatic. But however we deal with this issue, if we let this entity continue, then this whole thing will be repeated.



  1. Evacuate the non-Hamas Gazans in a controlled way. Controlled by perhaps the Arab League, but unquestionably overseen by Israel. We have the names of every Hamas terrorist.

  2. They will either become refugees throughout the Middle East (and beyond) just like the Syrians, or they have the option of being looked after in Sinai camps by the Arab League and the UN until the new entity (call it ‘New Glasgow’ for now) is established.



  1. (Remember, the UN is highly qualified in looking after Palestinian refugees. UNRWA has insured that, from the original 1/2 million, there are now 5 million, 300,000 of whom are employed by…UNRWA).

  2. I mentioned previously how this would be an opportunity for Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, to establish himself as ‘saviour of the Arab people’ against Iran. I think that he is so keen on the current negotiations with Israel to succeed, that he’d agree to oversee ‘New Glasgow’.


This is today’s reality.  Very slowly, tragedy to tragedy, the bad is forcing the good to make difficult decisions, amongst which is some form of decent unity.

We have to believe that.


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