# 427 – Day 8 by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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# 427 – Day 8

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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# 427 – Day 8 by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com

I don’t know how else to title this letter. Pos. alternatives –

Our Children

Anti-Semitism – First Lesson

Not all Gazans are Terrorists

Hamas is the new even uglier Isis

Know Thy Friends

Survival through Strength

Reservists – Our kids.


The picture on the first page is today’s ‘Yediot Ahronoth’ front page.

(By the way, if any of you are in any way anti-Semitic, even the dormant Dickens-like sort, then you may not understand nor agree with much of what I am about to write).

These are our kids, slaughtered last Saturday (our Sunday) – or dragged away as hostages with little chance of survival.


I am aware that pictures of child victims are used ‘every day’ by our enemies, but (again if you’re not an anti-Semite) you will know that one image does not reflect the other. Unlike Hamas last week, we have never, never, never targeted kids. Never. And to go deeper, it is not in our genes.


The pro-Palestinian demonstrations started BEFORE any Israeli retaliation after the initial attack. They were purely anti-Israel and, in my opinion, in this case at least, were purely anti-Semitic. Some of them happened down the road from where I used to live, outside the Israeli embassy where Aviva worked.


The following is from Wikipedia, listing the many atrocities performed by the Palestinian terror group, Black September:

September 19, 1972, London: Dr. Ami Shachori, the agricultural attaché at the Israeli Embassy in London is killed after opening one of the Black September letter bombs personally addressed to him. He reportedly believed the package contained Dutch flower seeds he wanted to plant when he got home. The blast exploded on his desk and the official was killed when a large wooden splinter drove through his heart. Theodore Kadar, who had recently arrived to succeed Schachori, was also injured.


Aviva was Ami Shachori’s secretary. She was about to open that package, but saw it was personal, asking Ami to let her have the many Dutch stamps afterwards. It could so easily have been Aviva….

We named our first daughter, Eliana, after Ami’s daughter.


And still they support the Palestinians. Who is ‘they’? Well, of course, many (in the case of London) are UK Muslims. I once had a chat with a good friend about immigrants in London – in my lifetime. The Jews (often referred to as ‘Continentals’), the Caribbeans, the Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Irish(!) etc. With few exceptions, they were all pretty proud bearers of the British passport.


Many tried to become more British than the British. (My friend interjected that I was exposing my ‘racism’; I stopped him, and continued). Then came the Arab Muslims ( I clearly remember the early ‘lesser ones’ taking over Queensway, and the richer ones taking over Knightsbridge). They were the first to complain about celebrating ‘Christmas’, or the sign of the cross at state schools. They, and I am generalising of course, were not proud bearers of our Passport.


Melanie Phillips wrote her book ‘Londonistan’ 17 years ago, stating the known fact that most Arab terrorist organisations had the HQs in London.

I’m only writing about London, because I was a Londoner. But Sussex University and Harvard University? And a hundred others? Covered in anti-Semitism. I have a friend who will soon become the ‘president’ of the Jewish Students’ Union at a major N. American University. They could not have a more decent representative. Yet I shall warn him/her to beware of the ever-rising blind hatred of anti-Semitism.


Not one more of our kids should die (including those in the military).

Save Gazan citizens from Hamas.

Pray for the hostages.

And create ‘New Glasgow’ in Gaza’s stead, overseen by our imminent friends, Saudi Arabia.




PS – Just thought of it:  Gaza has 40 km of sea water. Decent leaders would have built a desalination plant. Israel has 5, with 2 more under construction. We are water-efficient. No, we would NOT have automatically bombed that plant. You would have had to be antiSemitic to have had such a thought.

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