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# 428 – MBS

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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Almost 5 pm, Monday. Israel’s President, PM and Opposition Leader have just given speeches to the Knesset. Minutes ago, we hear explosions. TV reports rocket attacks towards the centre of Israel and Jerusalem.

We’ve had occasional rocket attacks here in Tel Aviv. We hear the sirens, rush into the stairwell, meet the neighbours.


First, a reminder, that only 2 months ago, I wrote a Letter entitled ‘The Who?’, warning of generalisation when referring to ‘The Palestinians’. Those disgusting idiots in the streets, on the uni campuses and in journalism etc. who support ‘the Palestinians’ need first to know clearly to whom they’re referring. E.g….


In 1947, the UN gave the Palestinians a state. The Palestinians refused it. The Palestinians started a war. The Palestinians were forced out and became refugees. The Palestinians stayed and became citizens of Israel. The Palestinians eventually recognised the state of Israel, but, at the same time, the Palestinians did not. In Gaza, there was a civil war between the Palestinians and the Palestinians. Last week, Palestinians became among the cruellest terrorists in the history of the World. And now the innocent Palestinians are suffering.


Do you want me to go on?

The people on the streets need education. Let me write what some of you already know, and what I have repeated so many times. 99% of visitors to Israel (that I know of) are totally surprised when they come here – in the positive sense. Why? Because most of them grow up in a World that refuses to see Israel in its true light. Only when they come here do they see. In fact, again as I have oft mentioned, they have to visit the Holocaust Museum to better understand.


For those who do not come here, listen to our close friend, Holocaust survivor, Manfred Goldberg. Some of his numerous talks to groups, schools, universities etc. etc. are easily available on YouTube. E.g, his talk to Sussex University –



After listening to this man, just you dare speak to me as they who wave Palestinian flags in Kensington High Street do. (Sirens again – I must finish this…)

The following (in italics) is a letter I have written today to the Jerusalem Post. You have my permission to copy/paste it into every newspaper in the World.



Sauda Arabia is the key to a solution to this horror. Perhaps the only solution. 

What does Hamas want, apart from suicide and mayhem? They want to destroy the potential peace accord with Saudi Arabia, a Mid-East alliance against the extreme threat from Iran and its proxies (Hamas and Hezbollah at the top of the list). Let me stress this: a New Middle East (NME).


No longer Israel vs the Rest. It is easy to say that Israel survived partly because of the dis-unity amongst the Arab nations. But, thanks to the ‘nouveaux riches’ Arab nations, there is a changed atmosphere in this region. These nations even support Western sports, Western weather forecasts, Western mentality. And they NEED Israel as a partner, for so many practical reasons. They have their priorities, and perhaps uppermost is the threat from the extreme Iranian regime.


Every effort should be made to work with Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) to put the negotiations with the US et al back on track, and to assure the poor and suffering Palestinians that the NME is ready and willing to help them establish a peaceful and prosperous land, call it ‘New Saudia’ perhaps, and in the meantime, we shall rid the World of their terrorist rulers. 



Summary (not necessarily in order of importance)

  1. Save the Palestinians from their suicidal rulers

  2. Prevent the loss of 1 more Israeli citizen, civilian or military

  3. Help Hamas and their followers to their desired destiny

  4. Replace Gaza with ‘New Saudia’. 



An obvious worry in all this is the power and stability of MBS. It is no secret that the imams in Saudi are not happy with the relaxing of religious restrictions in the country. Remember that the 2 holiest sites in Islam are located in Saudi. Were MBS to come to Jerusalem and shake hands with our leader (who at that time will NOT be Bibi), then of course, some ‘Palestinian’ will assassinate him. Like Rabin, Sadat etc.

But for peace in the region, he should risk it.


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