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# 430 – Killers?

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This is difficult for me.

I’m trying to live a life here. I was actually watching the England-Italy football when I became aware of the hospital bombing. Within 1-2 hours, I received very ‘questioning’ emails from concerned friends.

I took my usual ‘step back’. For obvious reasons, I was not ready to jump to conclusions.

I shall respond – in this Letter – but first…


In the meantime –

Gaza – Over the years, I have written about 20 Letters directly referring to Gaza. I have now re-read most of them, and am ‘crushed’ by the accuracy of some of my observations and predictions. No, I don’t mean that the letter recipients were supposed to go out and follow my orders. But I did hope that my words would not immediately escape from the other ear. I predicted the horror of Hamas, the suffering of the Gazans and the apathy, hypocrisy of the World.


The support that the Palestinians receive in the streets of so many cities and the courtyards of so many academic institutes is an insult to humanity.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing’ – Einstein

I lost a best friend yesterday; so please excuse some of my mood. I have 2nd-hand knowledge of at least 7 victims of Oct 7, so please excuse my anger.


Today, Biden is here. Like it/him or not, he is here, and we are praying that something positive will come out of the visit. Today’s J-Post has a ‘paid advertisement’ – ‘Open Letter to President Biden’. Unbelievable – and wonderful. It basically asked Biden’s help to persuade Egypt to open their Rafah border to Gaza and to let the innocent population through. With enormous financial help (from?), a new territory on the Sinai coast should be established for these people – even pay the Egyptians for a 99-year lease.


He loudly does not mention the fate of Hamas…He also does not so clearly pray for the prevention of loss of life of 1 more Israeli, civilian or military. (I am totally against 1 foot soldier entering that quagmire).

He also does not give a name to the new entity. How about New Rawabi. Look it up again – ‘Rawabi’. This beautiful new city, near Ramallah, is still practically empty – as I recently reported. It is ready to inhabit 25-30,000. Today!


(By the way, Jordan’s Foreign Minister said this evening on Sky that not one Palestinian will be allowed to be transferred/relocated to Jordan. That would be war crime, he said. Disgusting in so many ways. Where do you think the name Black September comes from? Jordan slaughtered many thousands of Palestinians when Arafat, in 1970, threatened a civil war).


Now to the hospital –

  1. The main structure of the hospital is hardly touched. The explosion was in the car park, where many Gazans were located.

  2. Pictures show that it was not a powerful missile. No crater.

  3. Videos (several, but still to be totally verified) show missiles coming from Islamic Jihad positions. Since the start of this war, over 500 I.J missiles have fallen insideGaza (as was the case in every Gazan war. They fire without proper control, indiscriminately.



  1. Conversation between 2 Hamas guys clearly states that the shrapnel shows it was from their side, not  from Israel. (Also still to be ‘internationally verified).

  2. The chances of a deliberate Israeli attack: zero.

Israeli error? Yes, it  has happened in the past, but tiny.

A wayward Palestinian missile. Happens all the time.


A missile dropped on purpose by I.J. to totally disrupt Biden’s visit and kill any thought of a ceasefire, let alone peace. Cannot be ignored.

  1. Finally, how come so many casualties? Israel has been screaming for years about the horror of Hamas tactics. And we have hundreds of examples. Where do you think ammo is stored? Certainly mainly underground. But where? Wherever it is less likely to be bombed. Residential areas? Of course. Schools? Why not. Under or next to a hospital? Absoluly!


You don’t believe me? Well, I have got used to not being listened to, not being believed. This is the world we live in. Even 100% proof can now be edited, falsified or just plain ignored.

I have received a video, which is for me a scene of perhaps the worst atrocity I have ever witnessed. It shows Hamas atrocities, although it is not yet certain whether the victims are Israeli or Gazans attempting to flee. I am not sure if I want to pass this on to anyone. If specifically requested, maybe.


My fear is that some ‘neutrals’ might see it as a carte blanche for Israel to ‘do what it likes’. But, I can assure you, we are not like that.


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