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# 432 – Propagandist

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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I take it upon myself to watch a few of the broadcasts/debates/interviews/podcasts etc. out there. And it makes me realise that we don’t stand a chance out there in ‘Worldopinionland’.

I have watched some of Piers Morgan’s ‘Uncensored’ interviews. I press the YouTube button and watch 2-3 of the latest news reports. Clever AI links me to a couple of other stuff, and my conclusion is the same. This is a losing war. Israel will win this battle, but we shall lose the war. Examples:


Piers ‘talked’ with Mohammed Hijab, a ‘Palestinian Englishman’ (is that the right description?), who has a million followers on his podcasts. It was ‘disgusting’ not only in content, but in behaviour, This was not a discussion. People wrote comments…currently 135,993 (and rising) of them!! I read 5 or 6. It was clear that a large percentage support Hijab, and that none complained how ugly it was. 6.8 million views to date!!


He interviewed Ehud Barak, ex-Israeli PM, ex-general, and one of the current leaders of the protests against Bibi and the judicial reforms in Israel. (His ex-wife is Aviva’s cousin). Despite lacking good English, THIS was a decent interview. Difficult and digging questions, strong answers. No arguing, no rudeness. 5,516 comments…only. 293,000 views….only. Are you starting to get my message?


Then came Hasan Piker, a Turkish-American ‘Twitch’ whatever. His twitches (used to mean something else, but now seems to mean…oh I don’t know) get up to 1/2 billion views. Do you want me to repeat that figure? Currently 26,808 comments on this exchange. Why? My theory is that the audience (and there are currently 1.7 million who have viewed the interview) want blood, they admire shouting on behalf of (in this case) the anti-Israel case.


Hasan is clever. (They are ALL clever, educated, using the social media platform to espouse their opinion – in this case, utter anti-Semitism). He accused Piers of being a fellow propagandist. PIers claims he is what was once known as a ‘journalist’. But Hasan proudly admits he’s a propagandist. His followers are mostly idiots; we know that. But have brains enough to make me worry. They have consciously decided to listen to and to admire Hasan.


He is so ‘powerful and influential’ that he could say ‘I love Jews and have just converted’ and they’d not only accept it, many of them would go out and follow suit.

I was going to quote someone’s words about how the World is again ‘standing idly by’ while we suffer.


No, this is not quite the same as the Holocaust. I do believe that the ‘decent ones’ are still out there. But they/you are perhaps not realising that we have lost control of that decency, and we are falling to the clutches of people like Hasan what’s-is’name. Unfortunately , what hasn’t changed is the victim. The Jews. True, there is now an Israel, with all the ups and downs of a modern society. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is no coincidence that Israel is being battered as it is. We all know why…


One of you ‘Letter recipients’ sent me an image today of a display of support for the hostages. I went to see. I attach some pics of the Shabbath table prepared for the 200 hostages (with flowers, wine, chalah bread and apples). There’s wall of photos of the hostages. I spoke to the father of one, holding the image of his son.


It interests me of course that the IDF ‘has plans’ to get the hostages out. But this is not Entebbe. That was a miracle of military ingenuity. We need far more than that today.

“Bring the Hostages Home”.


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