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As she was lying there on the grass with her eyes closed, she looked calm and happy like floating on a cloud, the ones with numbers in them. I was sitting next to her, looking at the most beautiful creation the universe has ever created, shifting my eyes from the sky and the stars, onto her. I felt like a blanket full of stars, those that we were looking at before. I was like the genie from the lamp, ready to fulfill her every desire. Her touch made the universe collect all of the illuminating pollution, so we can enjoy the view.
My lips were painting the Milky Way on her chest, every touch was like putting a new star on the canvas of heaven. And then I got reborn, I’ve erupted with my existence on this planet like a volcano, like a nebula deep into the universe, and she was still there. I was in my cradle and the stars were coming nearer and nearer to us, tight up with strings and caressing our faces. This is what happens to me when she touches me, her fingers through my hair, like an asteroid straight to my head.
One quiet sigh of hers and we are off into the stars. We are not on the ground anymore, we are somewhere into the solar system. She holds my hands and walks me around the solar museum and introduces me with Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ twins. We are cruising around Jupiter and the Galilean moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. I just watch and listen to her beautiful voice, echoing like songs of space sirens. The universe’s newborn, ”How is the universe so big” and just how big I am feeling when I’m with her.
When we got back on Earth, we had a duel with another of nature’s phenomena, water. While I was observing the spray nozzle and the firmament of water which was coming towards us, I thought to myself, if there was no gravity, the water wouldn’t have sprayed us. Maybe if there was no gravity, we would actually be somewhere in our solar system right now and would look around the mysterious Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.
As for Saturn, I will steal it and give it to her.

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