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This story is about a young professional waiter that worked every day and night on average 8.9 hours at a restaurant that served all the possible dishes in the world. This restaurant was huge and employed only the best servers and chefs in the world, serving 1274 dishes a day.


The waiter was happy to come to work every day and felt as if he achieved his lifelong dream. People would come from all over the world to eat there, after all not every day you get to eat at a restaurant which serves only toothpaste dishes, that was the restaurant’s special sauce. One day, the waiter got to work and much to his surprise he found out they ran out of toothpaste. What would he do? He couldn’t serve anything else than toothpaste dishes, that’s his expertise. The waiter was feeling lost, as if he had lost his calling. Nevertheless, he kept on working and did his best but it simply wasn’t the same. People stopped coming, the service level went down and eventually the restaurant was closed. The waiter found out they couldn’t bring any more toothpaste to the restaurant because all there was no more toothpaste in the world. The waiter was both lost and curious, how come there’s no more toothpaste? What would people do? He set out to satisfy his curiosity and to get to the bottom of the matter. He travelled all over the world, Europe, South America and even Asia but he couldn’t find the answer. He wanted to go back home, his family missed him, his friends missed him but he couldn’t leave this questions unresolved. In one final effort he decided to head to Hong Kong, where the great toothpaste master is living. The great toothpaste master is the highest authority in everything related to toothpaste, he knew the formula for each and every type of toothpaste and where exactly to get all the ingredients. When the young waiter finally met the master he asked him one simple question: “Master, please tell me what happened to all the toothpaste in the world”, the master smiled at him and started laughing, “there is no more toothpaste my son”. The waiter felt as if his world has collapsed, “but tell me why” he whipped, I have to know the answer. The master felt sorry for the young waiter, he looked at him and silently said “there was a restaurant that served all the dishes in the world and all of them were made out of toothpaste. They were the ones who finished all the toothpaste in the world”. The young waiter felt both sorry and ashamed, because of his action, there is no more toothpaste in the world. The waiter thanked the old master and went back home. He was sorry for what had happened but at least he got an answer to the greatest question of his life, he finally knew what happened to the toothpaste.

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