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Chapter 1

“Sandra!” My mum called my in a deep voice, so I knew I was in trouble. Since last night, Mum has been in an angry mood. I know I made her upset but it’s not my fault that Grandpa Joe said no to go to Macwaylo!

We’re not allowed to mention that place. It sounded so interesting when Grandma May told us about it. But now Grandma May is late, Grandpa Joe doesn’t want even the littlest conversation linking to Macwaylo.

That’s where Grandma May died – Macwaylo. No one knows how she died, but she disappeared. The not-so-funny thing is – Grandma May was delirious. She talked about so many unbelievable things. believed her. No one else did, not even Grandpa Joe.

“Get your butt down here now!” Mum screamed. I scurried down the steps to see my own MOTHER with my brother Tom eating the chocolate-covered Oreos I had kept in the fridge from Anjola’s party last week! Mum made me sit on the chair watching them munch my Oreos!

“What did I do to you?!” I shouted. But I did it inside my head, so nobody could hear it but me.

“We definitely need to have a long talk about how you disgraced us all last night,” Mum said. I knew what that was going to be about. It was going to be about why I asked Grandpa Joe if we could visit Macwaylo.

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