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# 22 – State of Soccer

Helping others to understand Israel - and Israelis to understand others...
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December 6, 2003

The sun here is struggling against the rainy storms we’ve been having over the last week. A damper on the politics, it seems.

So what’s new from this part of the so-peaceful world?

I’m slowly realizing (I prefer ‘realising’, but too lazy to change Word from U.S.English) that my political leaning must be referred to as ‘swinging left’. And before you imagine me on some dirty night out, that means that I am basically a left-wing peacenik, definitely supporting the naïve Geneva accords, but who swings violently to the right when violence occurs.


I’ve also realised that Israel needs a super team of P.R. folks, enthusiastic communicators, with just enough political knowledge to convince, and who speak the language of their audience. How is it that I still meet outwardly intelligent and wordly people who do not know that Israel’s population is over 20% Arab, Muslem and Palestinian? ‘Why can’t Israel live in peace with the Palestinians?’ is one of the favourite questions, so easily met by ‘We are’.


Just read that there’s a State of Soccer in Israel. Established 18 months ago, now with over 60 teams, it is based on the S. American tradition of just about every village or decent-sized company having a football team and playing every weekend – without a cup, and without referees, 2 very important omissions. No ugly shows of overall winning, no need for arbitration. No yellow or red cards, everything sorted out between the players, who may include the mayor and the roadsweeper, and watched by the families and friends. Nice.


Also am very aware of the current political quiet, ‘trudgingly enforced’ by all sides. There have been prevention of attacks; you may have read about the one on Wednesday, when 2 terrorists, packed with explosives, were arrested near Yokneam on their way to blow up a school. But these peaceful weeks give everyone a chance to think of other things. Maybe the terrorists are being promised more Heavenly virgins if they perform in Iraq instead of here. (I was told that the Aramaic word for ‘virgin’ has been mis-interpreted; that it actually means raisins, dried grapes. Can you just see his face, when he arrives expectantly in Paradise? The female suicide bomber is quite happy about this; she prefers raisins).


I recently visited the lovely small Northern Czech town of Trutnov, where my mother grew up. I found there a portrait of my mother by a famous Czech artist that I had been seeking for many years. It was a special experience. In the next day’s IHT, I read that there had been a severe desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic – in the same town of Trutnov. Gee… considering my Christian upbringing, I’m having some eye-opening experiences.


Saw ‘Love, Naturally’ this week. Cute. Love is all around.

What? Of course we have cinemas here.


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