the assignment don bosco by noura mrowat - Illustrated by noura mrowat -
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the assignment don bosco


Artwork: noura mrowat

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hello everybody

I’m Noura and it’s my first book in ourboox site.

I have known this site by my teacher.

he learned and showed us how to create an elecronic book and share it ,I want to thank him because I like this idea because it’s too easy and enjoyable.

my book is about “gone girl”.

Gone Girl is an example of mystery, suspense, and crime genres.

I’m sorry because maybe you will find a lot of spelling errors or different mistakes but it dosen’t matter we all make a mistakes but in the end we learn .


what is the book talking about?

A husband and wife have a normal life until one day when his wife disappears.


What is the secret about the wife’s disappearance?


Is the husband is the killer and the reason for the disappearance of his wife? Or is there another story?



תמונה קשורה

about the author

Gillian Flynn was born on February 24, 1971 in Kansas City. Both her parents were professors, and Flynn, who was a shy child, spent much of her childhood reading and writing. She studied English and journalism at the University of Kansas, followed by a Master’s degree in journalism at Northwestern University. After experimenting with police reporting and freelance journalism, she was hired by Entertainment Weekly in 1998, where she would go on to write as a film and television critic.

Flynn’s first novel, Sharp Objects, was published in 2006 while she was still working at Entertainment Weekly. The novel won a number of awards and was followed by her second novel, Dark Places in 2009. In 2008, Flynn was laid off from her job at Entertainment Weekly, an experience which she drew on in writing Gone Girl. Gone Girl, published in June 2012, is Flynn’s most successful work to date. It furthers her interests in crime and dark secrets, situating these questions within the context of a modern marriage.

Flynn is married to lawyer Brett Nolan and lives with him and their two children in Chicago.


the assignment don bosco by noura mrowat - Illustrated by noura mrowat -

gone girl Quotes

“Love makes you want to be a better man—right, right. But maybe love, real love, also gives you permission to just be the man you are.”


“There’s a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.”


“I don’t understand the point of being together if you’re not the happiest.”


“People love talking, and I have never been a huge talker. I carry on an inner monologue, but the words often do not reach my lips. ”


“My gosh, Nick, why are you so wonderful to me?’

He was supposed to say: You deserve it. I love you.

But he said, ‘Because I feel sorry for you.’

‘Because every morning you have to wake up and be you.”


the assignment don bosco by noura mrowat - Illustrated by noura mrowat -



nick and amy dunne a couple living in a town in missouri they had a great life with no kid but on the occasion of their fifth wedding anniversary , nick’s wife disappears and he reports that his wife amy has gone missing and everyone asked the same dark question : did nick kill his wife ?
Along with the time and the local searching program, the progress becoming blurred between Nick’s version of the story or the new investigation result – that Nick suspected of killing his wife. Now, Nick struggles for convincing the media, telling them if he didn’t kill his wife.

the assignment don bosco by noura mrowat - Illustrated by noura mrowat -

Lessons Learned from “Gone Girl,”

There are two sides to every story.

In the beginning , the audience is not given the full story. All signs point to Nick as the murderer and Amy as the victim. But when the film reveals Amy’s agenda, everyone stops hating Nick and starts to sympathize with him.  In the end of the story, the media and the townspeople are convinced that Nick and Amy are the perfect couple, not knowing the real truth about their relationship and the lies that they both told.

Just like real life, it’s easy to make assumptions about people or situations after hearing only one side or source, especially when one is a close friend.  People are often biased and the only way to figure out the full, accurate story about anything is to ask everybody involved.

תמונה קשורה


You should never alter yourself to fit someone’s mold of what is cool.

Amy tried really hard to become her husband’s idea of a perfect woman, whom she labels the “Cool Girl.” The Cool Girl is a “hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes and burping; who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth while somehow maintaining a size 2.”

She’s the type of girl that’s “understanding, never gets angry and only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want.”  Amy later admits that that type of girl doesn’t exist and that she never felt like she could be herself. She may have been a sociopath, but she serves as a reminder that altering yourself to please others never ends up well.


You can’t force love onto somebody.

Gone Girl” paints painfully relatable scenes that depict the extreme bliss of beginning a relationship, followed by the desperate great lengths people are willing to go to save a relationship when it starts to fall apart. What we should all learn from Amy Dunne is to not do what she did.

While she was a beautiful, intelligent and extremely cunning character, she was also mentally troubled, soulless and vengeful. It is heartbreaking for a person to let go of the significant other that doesn’t love them anymore, but manipulation and trickery are not the way to force the relationship to keep going.  Her plan may have been successful, but it could never happen in real life.



my openion 


gone girl learned me that don’t judge things at first sight because in the beginning nick seemed like a killer and amy like a victim but after few chapters you discover that these are not the facts.

this novel has many lessons.

understandable language but of course I found a difficult and many words that seemed as strange to me.

but there is some things that i didn’t like for example the novel describes a few events that are not appropriate for all generations and also i don’t like open ending.

but on the whole this novel is too wonderful .


a few photos


תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪gone girl quotes with photos‬‏תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪gone girl quotes with photos‬‏תמונה קשורה

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪gone girl quotes with photos‬‏תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪gone girl quotes with photos‬‏תמונה קשורה



Thanks so much for taking the time to see my book.

hope u enjoy it.

and i wanna tell “worod odetalla” I will always remember how you helped me to get this wonderful job .

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪thanks emoji‬‏

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