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# 302 – UN, Kerry and Jan 24

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January 2, 2017

John Kerry’s speech last week caused me to buy, for the first time, both of Israel’s 2 English-speaking dailies: Jerusalem Post and Ha’Aaretz, representing the right and left opinions. And following the speech, I did flip from CNN to Fox, with glances at Sky (we don’t have BBC on our cable). Aviva’s viewing of the speech on Israeli TV kept that door open for me.


I knew that something so clear would still be interpreted differently, depending on the point of view.

By Jan 21, most will have forgotten the speech. It was Kerry’s swan-song and, knowing his true dedication to Obama, a swan-song strongly supported by a lame duck. His reference to the fact that the next administration may not agree with all he says/thinks – and have the right to to think differently – was for me the waving bye-bye bit.


No question Kerry meant most if not all of what he said. He did get to know Israel very well, and he did get to appreciate it. But, as everyone knows, even being a Sabra (one born here) does not reflect, in any way, your political view.

It so happens that, like me, Kerry was not born here. And, in my opinion, he’s missing the point. He might even be a victim of anti-Semitism.


What is anti-Semitisim? How deep is it, and how does it influence our daily thoughts? It is arguably the oldest-known prejudice, and I don’t think it will ever go away. It may be superseded in ‘importance’ by other prejudices, such as anti-Islam, but that’s not the subject. It is so deep that it often shows itself out of total ignorance. There are many who have never met a Jew who will have anti-Jewish feelings. It may never become an issue, but if/when it does, it’s sometimes a shock.


Reminder: After the Jewish restaurant bombing in 1982, the President of France said that not only were there Jewish victims, but also innocent French ones. “Well, you know what I mean” might have been his next sentence, in some form of reactionary defence. That is the form of anti-Semitism to which I am referring.


I believe Kerry to be an example of such. I have personal friends whom I believe to the same. They are good, decent people who, unwittingly, have fallen into that trap, based on ignorance and subtle misinformation.


Anti-Semitism is often mixed up with Anti-Zionism. And sometimes it is not. I know many who have nothing against Jews, but disagree totally with Israel’s politics. And of course, there are many Jews here in Israel who are adamantly anti-Zionist. That’s based on ‘there can never be an Israel until the return of the Messiah’. Happily, there are many Jewish believers who support Israel as a land for the Jews, without believing any less in the coming of the Messiah.


For diplomatic reasons perhaps, Kerry appears to be treating Israelis and Palestinians equally. There are perhaps 60 Arab and Muslim states in the UN who don’t; yet he does. In fact, I’m not sure any of those 60 states (made up of thousands of tribes) consider each other ‘equal’. So what’s the mystery here. ‘Unequal’ does not necessarily imply better or worse. If you try to mix A and B, don’t expect 2A or 2B. It’s A + B.


I am wavering between 1- and 2-state solution. We are so different, that 2-state would seem the obvious solution. But the Arab’s hostility towards Israel almost guarantees that the new Palestinian will just become state # 61 against Israel – with the practical possibility of attacking us with a catapult-launched missile.


What’s wrong with 1-state? We do have a precedent: Israel, where almost 2 million Arabs live in relative peace. (Come here and see). I found a site on Wikipedia that shows some interesting poll results – what the Israeli Arabs think of their status, from many aspects. It is most revealing. In general, and despite the pressures on them, the majority of them are happy/satisfied, living here in Israel, and do not automatically follow or agree with their Arab leaders. (See my Letter # 288 of Feb 6 this year, which had a virtual survey of this section of Israeli society).


So there is no guarantee that, even if the Arabs were to have a majority in this ‘Jewish’ state, that they would all vote for Arab parties. (Not sure we can take that risk, but it’s interesting).

And we do have a precedents of what they do when we give land up: Gaza. (See also Southern Lebanon and the Sinai – both now controlled by Islamic Terrorists).


UN? Just like what may happen to the European Union (OXYMORON!!!) after the French and/or German elections, UN needs re-thinking! Yes, we need a forum for countries of the World to communicate, but not in its present format. Even ‘Kerry-like’ Ban Ki-moon admitted UN was unfair to Israel (to say the very least!).


Jan 24? Well, what is predictable is Trump’s unpredictability. Most would appear to agree with that statement, and many are concerned for that reason. One of his promises is to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Been promised before; never happened. Last embassy of any country moved to Tel Aviv in 2006, I believe. Which one of you lives in such a country, where there are no embassies in your capital?

And now they’re planning the Palestinian state with the capital where? You said it: Jerusalem. Gimme strength. You really think there’ll be a time when they have their capital in J, and we do not?? Possible alternatives:



  • Each have their capitals in Jerusalem. It’s already a traffic disaster; what’s the difference?

  • Nobody has their capital there – less security issues in an already sensitive spot.

  • Embassies dotted along the border between East and West – with 2 entrances in each.


And finally, reality. You tell me when in history has there been 2 countries sharing the same capital? Not even the Vatican City, not even Berlin during Communist times. What’s wrong with Ramallah, Nablus, or Rawabi, the new city currently under construction (like Brasilia)? Right-wing, left-wing, whatever you are and I am, let’s open our eyes…

# 302 – UN, Kerry and Jan 24 by Stephen Pohlmann - Ourboox.com
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