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# 303 – UN Resolution 2334 and Manslaughter

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January 5, 2017

Two hot subjects.

Last and least, yesterday’s manslaughter verdict on the Israeli soldier. The then 18 year-old killed a terrorist in Hebron (West Bank), after the latter’s knife attack on Israelis.


We have an army; we need an army. Boys serve 3 years (that’s due to be reduced soon) and the girls 2 years (no longer difficult to find an excuse not to serve). More and more Arab and/or religious Israelis are either serving, or are being otherwise employed to serve the community. That’s the life we have.


Among the thousands who serve, there are every type. All are expected to ‘play their part’. There are some who can’t or don’t. That’s life. (All that hooha about Gilad Schalit – he who was held by Hamas for years – he was later found to be greatly at fault – he should never have been captured – he was not a good soldier).


So, the soldier’s name is Elor Azaria. He’s been found guilty of manslaughter. That’s it. the country should move on. But no. It’s a big subject. The ‘World’s press’ was watching. It’s headline news. Main item on the morning’s CNN, Fox and Sky. Why?

They show the boy grinning; his family continuously hugging him. Looks bad. But they do not show the many times he cried, and they looked devastated.


Not to be forgotten: his victim WAS a terrorist. That’s black and white. And he has gone through our democratic judicial system. Move on.

But no. Our sometimes extremely stupid PM has suggested giving the soldier a pardon. I think he’s done it to gain votes; his main focus in the latter stage of his career. Sorry, but on this subject, Netanyahu should ‘be quiet’.


Now to that UN resolution. There have been countless resolutions on Israel. That’s already known and ignored by so many. The UN appears to have nothing else to do but criticise this country.


Well, I have 3 numbers in my head: 181, 242 and 2334. 181 was the (UN is always democratic) vote in 1947 to establish two states. Most Arab nations have never accepted that vote (do I need to repeat that?), causing war after the Israeli State was established, and continuous conflict since. (What happened to ‘start a war and accept the consequences’).


242 followed the 6-Day War. (I was living in US at that time. Remember clearly how popular Israel was then. Like during the Entebbe raid, Israel was being cheered on. Oh! how the World has changed). Israel’s devastating victory brought them ‘conquered lands’. It’s all clear history that Israel’s immediate offer of negotiation was refused – the infamous ‘3 No’s’. (Like St. Peter?).


242 demanded a return to pre-1967 borders. Why? That’s actually not fair. And yet Israel was willing to do so – yet still the Arabs refused. They did not accept 181, and now they were refusing 242. No Israel was their aim. And the Palestinian refugees in the neighbouring countries continued to fester; no civil rights, establishment of camps, with the promise of eventual return to their homes in Palestine. No Israel, and to Hell with the UN resolutions.


So now comes 2334. It basically nullifies 242 and goes back to 181, sweeping under the carpet 68 years of Arabs’ refusal to accept UN’s decisions, 68 years of conflict and, yes, nearly 50 years of settlement and expansion in lands many feel belong to the Jews. Well, if THEY ignore the UN, why shouldn’t we?


I was one of those ‘hoping’ Obama would succeed in all endeavours. He seemed a breath of fresh air. But, on the subject of Obama, I have changed my mind – especially re his policies towards this region. His decision not to veto 2334 was dirty. (His permission to let Kerry give his long speech was silly. And he still has a few days left to make further damage; to really screw things up here for his successor).


My summary? On this subject, it is forcing me to drift to the Right. First, follow the Arabs’ example and not only ignore the UN resolution, but take unilateral steps to sort this out.

The Palestinians don’t want Jews in their country. That Palestinian country exists already. It’s called Gaza.


The only democratic country in the neighbourhood which treats the Palestinians (Israeli Arabs) as ‘equal as possible under the circumstances’ is Israel. So that’s done.


The West Bank had the potential of becoming a decent Palestinian country, with Jewish citizens. But the Palestinians refused to consider this, and many of those ’settlers’ have lost whatever faith they had in such a Utopia. So no future there – and no way 1/2 million Jews will be uprooted. So that land needs to be split up into sections. They are already referred to by ’those in the know’ as A, B and C. C is where most of the Jews live, and it should be annexed.


(Continuing what Kerry said cannot exist: “Jewish and democratic”. The rest can set up an autonomous state where they have ‘almost everything they desire’, including their own government, police force, schools etc. – almost everything that is required to establish a decent society…except an army.


And we should also ignore the subsequent UN resolution 2448 or whatever number they give it.


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