Invincible spirits
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INVINCIBLE SPIRITS 無敵の精霊Muteki no seirei


Artwork: Neko Creations: Me

Hi,  I love to write and draw anime manga a lot. I love watching Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, and Blue Exorcist. Read More
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Invincible Spirits

無敵の精霊Muteki no seirei


Hello my name is Taiki Omoiyari and this is my brother Takumi Omoiyari. Yep were twins alright. We live in district 12 and go to Sakaigado school. But one day scientist accidentally let out two Nekoni. A species of a type of cat that has wings and a tail like fin on the end, and escapes the lab, and well you see the two cats found us. Their names were Akihiko and Hajime. The Nekoni were created to find the sky monsters. Because the Sakaigodo couldn’t keep finding the sky monsters their not lazy they just needed help.


Their really useful to us. Why? Because they detect and find the evil sky monsters. The scientists said we could keep them, and anyways the scientists told us that they have more Nekoni at the lab. So we have to go to school with them and they half to come with us everywhere! It is not the most funnest thing you could ask for. The stupid Nekoni make us get out of school because they detect the sky monsters around but the teacher tells us to ignore the Nekoni because first were still training to be Sakaigado and are not strong enough and second the other strong Sakaigado will take care of it like the adults. Our father is a very experienced Sakaigado and our mother is one of those healers.


You know the people who heal the wounded Sakaigado during battle ya she such a sweet lady you should meet her. Just saying at Sakaigado school the older and that know more techniques could kill you if you try battling. That’s why the teacher on the first day tells you to stay away from the older Sakaigado. But from then its not their fault if you get injured because they warned you to stay away. So if they parent complains that their kids badly hurt the school will just say its the kids fault that he or she did it with their own mind.


And guess what? The Nekoni told us that they live in necklaces. I mean like it would of been easier ifd you told us hours ago! So lets get on to the story hows that? Wait for me Takumi! No your just the one who’s going to make us LATE for school slow poke! okay fine- wait a minute who you calling slow poke! Me. oh. hey look its just up ahead hurry. okay we made it before the teachers caught us. Your late for class again Omoiyari brothers. Oh sorry about that. okay then get into your seats now. Yes Mrs. Satou. Okay class today we will be learning about how to make attacks stronger when battling the sky monsters. If you are l successful you pass this term, but if you are not you fail immediately and will be classified as lower rank. Come on out to the practice field everyone.


But please students stay behind the red line so that the person who’s up doesn’t hurt you. Okay the first person to come up to the line is Rin Satou. Hold on a minute lets pause this for a sec. Rin is related to Mrs. Satou! That’s just plain old creepy people I mean really. Okay Rin you can go when ever you want… Okay lets do this! Senkai Tsunami! (Boom!) Wow impressive Rin you pass for this term. Thank you. Hey Taiki you just think that she did it with full strength to impress all the students? Well I don’t know. Who cares she passed. What I care she definitely did it to impress everyone! Oh shut it Takumi.


Geez how rude of my own brother to take her side. Quit your whining Takumi. Okay class next up Omoiyari brothers up. Ya just what I need humiliation. Ready Takumi? ya sure. Tsuinsodo! (slash!) Nicely done you two I Guess you can pass for this term. Yes! complete success! Last person before lunch and that is Ren Nakamura. Please step up to the red line. Go when you feel your ready. Hi No Hasu! (Kabooom!) Stay low everyone! Wow very very impressive Ren! What he almost killed us all! okay class we will finish the rest after lunch. Bye!


Just what did that kid Ren do to the practice field!? Well I guess he’s just strong? NO he’s a psycho trying to do that! Okay Okay enough we all know he’s a psycho and is going crazy. Ya but at least he followed the rules. Right? Not the point Rin. Oh sorry. Oh hey how about we go and meet the guy? Wow I feel stupid now. We should go and talk to him because we don’t know him. Hey Takumi how about you think before you say someones a psycho? Fine lets just go and meet him already.


Um hello we just want to be friends with you Ren so please don’t kill us with that Hi no hatsu thing! I no worries I won’t but I rather prefer to be alone right now. Oh that’s okay we all understand. We’ll be over there. Okay guys what do you think about Ren? He sounds a little shy to me. Ya I agree with Rin. Ya I guess so.

After school…

Hey we all should go some where fun! Okay but where? I heard there’s the Mikoshi¨Yatai¨festival going on towards town. Oh sounds like fun lets go! Okay we’re here! Wait here while I go get the tickets. Okay then. Hey isn’t that Ren over there?


Ya it is. Hey guys I’m back! Hey isn’t that Ren Nakamura? Ya it is. Hey why don’t we go and talk to him and invite him to the festival. You know I can go back and bye more tickets. Maybe later he might be doing something else to. Your right. Hey Ren! What?! Oh its just you guys from school that wanted to be my friend. Ya I remember you guys. Sorry are you doing something right now? No not really. Oh ya you want to come with us to the festival?Its just down the street. I bet you will love it so much. And we would buy your tickets, or you can have some of mine.


Oh sorry were’s our manners. We should introduce our self’s. My name is Takumi Omoiyari that’s my twin brother Taiki Omoiyari and that’s our friend Rin Satou. Mrs. Satou’s daughter. Oh that’s cool I didn’t know Mrs. Satou is Rin’s mother. Oh my what is up with everyone not knowing I’m her daughter?! Okay sure I’ll go. just on second I need to ask my mother and father. I’ll be right back. Few minutes later… Okay they said I can but I have to came back to my house before midnight.


That’s good enough time and no worries we will all bring you back by that time or early either way. Oh hey look the Goldfish Scooping game you guys want to go and try it? Ya sure how many tickets does it need? well it says only two. Welcome to the Goldfish Scooping game. would you like to try? Yes we all want to try. Alright get close to the tank, its easier that way. Okay now all of you take a poi. Wait whats a poi? Ren you never seen one before? No not really. Oh its a stick that has Japaneses paper on it. Oh that’s pretty interesting.


Okay you guys can start now.

After the game…

Thank you come again! Wow that was a very cool game I know I didn’t get any gold fish to bring home but I had fun, anyways my parents wouldn’t allow it. Oh. Oh ya Rin nice job seems to me that you caught a few. Ya I guesss I did. (Kaboom!) What was that!? Well I’m guessing its a sky monster. Ya your right look up in the sky. Whoa! What’s a lot of them! Hello there Takumi and Taiki its been awhile since we seen you guys.


Hey what’s up Akihiko and Hajime? Well we detected tons of sky monsters. Ya we can see that.Oh. Okay then lets go and get those sky monsters! No No sorry were all still in Sakaigado school. And the other Sakaigado will come and kill them in a flash. Well okay but I just thought that you guys might want to try out if that passing the term is worth it. Stop getting under our skin Akihiko! Sure you guys will do it anyways. Fine we’ll do it. You guys ready for battling sky monsters? Ya common lets go catch some sky monsters!


Hey I have a great idea guys! Ya and what is it? We all should do our powers at the same time to kill all-well some sky monsters. Ya okay but when? I´ll tell you. Okay one,two,three now! Senkai Tsunami! Hi No Hasu! Tsuinsodo! (!Kaboooom!) Whoa look we definitely made the sky monsters explode! Ya good job everyone I know it would work! Hey look the other Sakaigado arrived. Hey were is the sky monsters!? Um sir we already defeated them.


Hah Hah that can´t be, your just kids! And you guys are still in Sakaigado school. Okay this might be nonsense to you but we all were done waiting for the real Sakaigado to come so we took action. Okay then but what did you do to make the sky monsters explode? Well we all slashed our powers and it combined to make an even bigger power. Oh that´s pretty smart of you kids try that out. You better all get home before the midnight strikes. That is when the sky monsters come out and lurk out from the shadows by midnight so hurry home! Okay Thank you!


Not. Oh, the sky monsters come out and lurk out from the shadows by midnight so hurry home well were not children! Geez calm down will you. The adult Sakaigodo think that they can control us. Well they actually do. True. Okay lets just get home a forget about it and call it a day. Ya your right I promised to be home at midnight. Bye see you all tomorrow! Ya see you then! Hey Rin you heading home? Ya I am. Okay see you tomorrow. You to! Hey lets go home Taiki. Ya sure lets go home.

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