THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -
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A little about me…


I’m Moti siton

I was born in northern Israel in a mountainous and rural area
I was raised on the basis of strength, terror, war, hostility, violence

At the age of 14 because of financial difficulties at home I had to leave school

And go out to work to support the family and parents,

Those days I worked in 3 jobs

In the morning I used to get up very early to milk the cows in the farm where I lived

Then I went out to work in cleaning the city

And at the end of a day when darkness fell, I would go to work in the pen


So day after day for three consecutive years – I managed to bring enough money for my parents to survive

At the age of 17, I earned some money for myself and I decided to do something for myself!

For my self-confidence, I tried to build a personality because I had no personality other than work and earning money for my parents I did nothing

After watching a short video about bodybuilding

I realized what was the place where I want to spend the rest of my life

Of course it was a gym

Day after day I just fell in love more trying to create something from my body, I saw it as a gift to God!

I understood at the time that if I practice correctly, eat right, and sleep correctly my body will get the perfect result to which I aspired


Do you think everything was right and good ?

Let’s find out together

But here the following questions arise :

  • What we have to eat ?

  • When we have to eat ?

  • When we have to practice ?

  • When the body is most ready for training ?

  • How much hours we need to sleep ?

  • How long it takes the muscle to grow ?  and more ….

I asked myself a lot of questions



As most of you have done I believe.

But I did not find the right mentor to tell me to do 1 + 1 and get 2

All I found was those people who tried to confuse me

To despair me

Instruct me that there is only one product that will help me achieve my goals

And only they can help me get it

Of course, I was intrigued as well as with discretion.

I decided to go on a journey.




This journey I brought you in several chapters on the basis of materials, proper consumption, when to take, how to take, what product is right for the body and what is harmful to the body

From here I lead you with me from the age of 17 at the beginning of the journey to the first product – age 25

After 8 years in which I built a high quality muscle I created a way of life for the body and reached one result or another I decided it was the right moment

(My body was ready for years back)

But I decided that I would build it naturally until the moment I told myself wholeheartedly I did everything and now the moment to step up



At the age of 25 I first took a cycl – it was fun, challenging, accompanied by pain, lack of knowledge of real consumption and lots of fog

I stopped it after 8 weeks and stopped thinking

And there are a few questions that came up to me when I stopped !

  • Why did I do that ?

  • How true was it to do that ?

  • Is there a way back ?

  • Will I have children ?

And a lot of questions I believe that flood you too ?



Of course in the current book I mainly write and talk about the right consumption and if you should consume steroids at all

And also gives a mostly explanation for the word steroid

I write my autobiography these days that I am already between 31 and 14 full years in the gym

And with 6 full years of consumption on a daily basis .. monthly .. yearly

To bring children I certainly can !

Normal sleep I do it on a daily basis !

Thinking coolly and conducting business is part of my life !

How did I get to that? And how much does it really intrigue you ?

This you will discover in the next step of my book…




If you have not already found answers to all of your questions..

If you too have a lot of misunderstanding in this world ?

Do not be shy, I’m here for you…

My goal in the world is to be a guide in the field and to help as many people as possible with information as possible not to get hurt – because some of my close friends unfortunately I can no longer help them ..
because while I was not there to help them and there was no one to direct them – Lost their lives – and I promise to share  my personal story in a wide-ranging chapter in my biography


THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Introduction

First article out of eight

In this series of articles he enters a very defined field that has not been written about much, and is intended primarily for athletes and athletes from all sports and bodybuilders, who wish to achieve achievements in the field of health and physical aesthetics, and are tempted to turn to crooked ways, think of shortcuts and time, Some will advance them and shorten their way quickly and “jump” them into a national league and thus develop psychological dependence on various materials that help here and there and we will detail them later on, but we do not stop and think that every good side also has a bad side and these are the negative side effects,


By taking materials / drugs, fire Causing damage to our bodies, and sometimes massive use causes destruction and an irreversible situation that sometimes results in death.

Therefore, I will relate and spread the entire story and lead you step by step in understanding this topic, but before that I will declare that the purpose of these articles is to warn and not to encourage, clarify scientific facts and not rumors, gossip, misinformation and / or accumulated deficiencies.
I will hope that this information will provide you with extensive tools and information that will lead you to both correct and intelligent decisions. Therefore, each person is primarily responsible for himself and we have no possibility of preventing this,


so we will try to exhaust the entire subject so that you will know What it is, what it contains, and you will have the necessary knowledge to deal with the subject.

The use of different types of hormones is not recommended and dangerous to our body and health, except for treatment that was approved and approved by a qualified doctor only!

We recommend that you carefully review the following definitions and concepts. Will be used extensively in this article and in the following articles.

Anabolic Steroids

These are synthetic substances derived from a substance called testosterone, the main male hormone that appears naturally in the male body, and is responsible for many actions. These activities are divided into two groups:


1. Anabolic – In the anabolic section, testosterone speeds the rate of growth of the muscle and regulates the distribution of fat in the body, and these actions are in fact
The purpose of steroid use.

2. Androgens – actions involving a male sexual method such as: thickening of the voice, excessive hairyness in the body and influences related to sexual ability.

These two actions (anabolic and androgenic) are not completely separate because the use of corticosteroids exposes the body to both anabolic and asrogenic results.

Androgenic side effects are undesirable and are called negative side effects, so avoid taking as much as possible substances that have a high androgenic effect that increase the negative effects and increase the risk to our body in the use of steroids.


Therefore, the choice of steroids should be preferred and careful to take those with high anabolic level, And low androgenic levels.

Before we start, it is important to know that steroids are not narcotic drugs but rather drugs, mostly synthetic, mimicking the anabolic effects of the natural hormones that are intended for medicine, and the “side effects” of these drugs lead us to the following.

Steroids themselves are not physically addictive, but psychologically addictive and physically influential, because when you see other people who use steroids and look in a relatively short time (at a ratio of about 5 to 1) they start thinking twice and thinking about how to be big, strong and good , And do not think about the other side of the coin, the side effects caused by it.

It can then be said that these are drugs that people use for medical reasons, and serve the purpose for which they were created and clinics. They are not fatal when taken under medical supervision.


How Steroids Work

When the steroid enters the bloodstream, whether in conventional forms by pill or injection, or less commonly, directly into the intestines (similar to the enema). Eventually, the anabolic steroids find their way into special muscle cells where they perform their function on genes responsible for the synthesis of proteins in the way testosterone works. They bind themselves physically to special parts of the cell, stimulating the DNA and the RNA to direct the ribosomes to produce chains of proteins along with the anabolic steroids.

Steroids help the body produce a larger amount of male hormone that helps in muscle development and maintains muscle volume in a different way. They monitor the distribution of fats in the body and use them as an energy source, forcing the


body to use the entire protein it enters.

The human body (in males) is capable of producing 17 mg of testosterone per day, and it is noted that increasing the dosage does not necessarily result in better results for reasons such as genetics and the immune and body response to “non-natural” conditions of external drug intervention in the body’s natural processes.

Steroids themselves will be almost useless without proper nutrition and, as is known, not all the amount consumed reaches exhaustion and use due to the body’s ability to absorb only a certain amount and process it, and the remaining amount absorbed in the liver and circulation. Also, the body must have an available amount of vitamins and minerals that we get through our food, or by concentrated supplements to make the steroids work better.


In order to slow the absorption of the steroid in the liver, it was discovered that when a particular substance is added in the 17th cell of the steroid molecule called alpha-alkalide 17 (from the CH3 group), this significantly extends the life span of the molecule, but also results in side effects Not pleasant.

The anabolic steroids cause two types of major changes in the body:
Changes in the structure of the skeleton and muscles.
2. Changes in sexual organs, activity, and sexual ability.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Basic Terms

Article two out of eight

These basic terms are the same names or concepts that we have heard and were unable to answer or have known about in part, and I hope that I can include and answer them.


This term is used when talking about steroids taken orally by swallowing or melting under the tongue. These steroids come very quickly to the blood and therefore should be taken in some cases several times a day, which causes a high level of concentration in the blood, resulting in a very damaging effect on the liver, especially drugs belonging to the alpha-alkalide group 17 such as: Anandrol,




It is tuned to the addition of CH3 – an alkyl that binds to carbon that sits in 17th place in the steroid molecules. In most steroids taken orally, it is found that this addition extends the life of the steroid in the body and in doing so increases its positive activity as well as the negative side effects.


There is no natural anabolic or anabolic natural substance and any substance that claims to be called by this name and is not a cure is a lie.

This term refers to the construction of the body with the help of various chemicals that spur the construction process. This is achieved by taking the necessary blood from the body to build and repair, and this is the purpose of use, which is to achieve a result that will build the body without any side effects. And building more cells in the body and that’s the anabolic aspect of the drug.




This hormone refers to the nature of the effect of the hormone testosterone. This hormone is responsible for male characteristics such as: hairiness, thickening of the voice, changes in the male sex organ, and sexual drive high. The negative side effects of testosterone are also expressed. Since there is currently no drug that completely separates the anabolic side from the androgenic side, therefore due to the “calculated” risk level, it is derived that each side has a bad side.


Sometimes the androgenic effects lead to an increase in aggression and increase in the amount of glycogen and DNA. In the body, therefore, when we say that a certain steroid is high in androgen, we say it has high anabolic capacity and will cause a rapid increase in strength, volume and muscle weight,


but in the long run negative side effects will cause so much damage that it is better not to take high-androgenic steroids.



It is the hormone of the female species known by its name, and another hormone is progesterone. These hormones are secreted in the female by the ovaries from the age of puberty until after menopause, and small amounts of estrogens are also produced in the fatty tissues, which are responsible for the development of the female’s secondary sex marks, breast development, pubic hair growth, pelvic enlargement, and sexual desire. Estrogen is also found in small amounts in the male body.




This term refers to a complex reaction of the body in which there is an excess male hormone – testosterone that turns into a female hormone – estrogen. Of course, people who want or use steroids should avoid this phenomenon as much as possible. The aromatic phenomenon usually comes in conjunction with the effects

Androgens, that is, the state of the aromatic phenomenon with the most common negative side effects is:




This is an androgenic change of the growth and swelling of the nipples that results from the rest of estrogen in the male body, accompanied by pain and swelling in the tissues

Around the nipples. This can be prevented by using anti-estrogens and non-steroid use

Androgenic is high.



For example:

  • High-androgenic substances: dibenol, anadrol, sostonon, and lototin.

  • Low-grade androgenic substances: frimbolen, anabar, vinostrol, maxibolen.

  • Many problems will appear in high estrogen levels such as; Swelling, drip and pain from the nipples.

  • The only way to get rid of this condition after it happens is only by surgery.

In addition, other problems are caused by an increase in the hormone prolactin level, which is produced by the hippopotamus.



This is a name given to medical preparations that prevent the entry of steroids from the kidneys into the urine. Their temporary action is to prevent the entry of steroids into the urine, causing an interesting phenomenon that results in blood tests for the presence of negative steroids while they are circulating and in our bodies. Common steroids are well known are: PROBENECID, CARINAMIDE, ANTURANE and others. DEFEND is considered a new product and blocks almost all the anabolic steroids taken orally, and injectable substances have a long survival ability in the body for a long time such as; Daka-Dorbolin and Ecopoise.


Laboratory tests for steroids

  1. The test is called GC / MS and is the most technologically advanced today. The test is performed by means of a urine test to find anabolic steroids finding that its superiority is that it is able to detect very low levels of steroids and knows how to differentiate between the different types of steroids, the GAS CHROMATOGRAPH Is to isolate the different types / substances of the anabolic steroids so that the MASS SPECTROMETER will measure it in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

  2. The second method is called RIA – RADIOMMUNOASSAY – this test has proved itself in a large number of cases as unreliable, and since then

The above technology was not used for these tests.



This term refers to the time of steroid use. The average cycle is between 6 and 8 weeks, with a rotation time between 10 and 12 weeks. This time is needed to prevent adverse side effects. The user allows the body to restore its natural hormone cycle and recover from liver damage or other problems. The period is also very important for maintaining the effectiveness of steroids because long-term use causes the body not to be affected or almost completely affected by the drug and is accustomed to its presence.


Representative 2 methods of cycle:

  1. Diamond— By its shape, the cycle begins with a small amount from the growing base, reaching its peak in the middle of the cycle and then descending again until

To reach the initial level, and then stop.

  1. Pyramid – The user starts the cycle at the highest level and slowly descends to the lowest level at the end of the cycle.

You can build different programs according to the user’s desire and purpose, and the above recycling methods are only suggestions. The cycles are different according to

The nature of the drug and taxonomy.



It is best to keep an accurate record of the drug being taken and to draw conclusions at the end of the cycle, or if any physical problems have been discovered

In the given time period, we will conclude that the same medicine is not right for us, and if we need to get to the treating physician, he will know how to proceed with the cause

The same medicine we took.

There is a lot of efficiency for two cycles a year and no more. This way you get the desired results and reduce the side effects





This is a technical terminology that is used to determine how a particular steroid responds to a particular person. This is done with a number of internal tests and physical tests such as strength, weight and muscle volume.

This is one of the methods to determine how the ideal quantity should be taken. This method uses several steroids in different amounts and in different combinations and tests the effect on the athlete continuously, until the best result is reached and then the appropriate dose is determined along with the appropriate combination which has the best results for the few negative side effects.




This term is used when describing the use of two or more steroids simultaneously. Negative side effects are known to occur at a lower level when several steroids are used simultaneously, each of them in a small amount. This usually results in better results.

A combination is achieved by using a steroid injected with a steroid pill, or two types of a steroid pill or two types of injected steroid. By combining two substances created in the blood a new substance is sometimes far more effective than normal.



This term is identified as substances that have not been manufactured by recognized medical laboratories under FDA supervision. It is usually a forgery of known drugs, carried out by pirate-underground companies and nicknames are “subliminal”. The counterfeiting industry has been going on for a number of years and stems from the black market. In some countries steroid use is strictly prohibited. This is a criminal offense when a doctor records a medical prescription of steroids to a person without needing them healthily. Despite this, the black market is very active and the fakes continue to appear.


The term cofactoris indicates that the drug is not genuine, and in fact some of the fake drugs are made from substances that are used by the real drug manufacturers, although some of the counterfeit drugs have not found enough or no steroids, but the main problem is that these substances are produced underground, All inspection and supervision.

Sometimes the drug itself contains harmful substances, or the drug is smuggled and under poor hygienic conditions, the drug is exposed to bacteria and viruses, and in many cases there have been deaths and


poisoning of blood in the world as a result of the use of these foals, ). There were also reports of infections at the injection site, pneumonia and influenza.

The user must beware of fakes manufactured mainly in Mexico, Poland and Romania, because first of all it is our body and our lives and we have to take it seriously, and here are a number of recognized products manufactured in authorized laboratories:



well-known manufacturers from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and more.

The following are the names of manufacturing laboratories under the supervision of the FDA: BOLAR, SCHEIN, GOLDLINE, MCNEIL, ELDER, BROWN.


In the packaging of the drug must be:

• User’s brochure with explanatory material.
• The drug must be hermetically sealed with an embedded expiration date.
• Do not buy bulk balls or open bottles.
• For the avoidance of doubt and for your personal safety, please contact a pharmacist or doctor who will check the authenticity of the medicine before use – then it may be too late !!!
At least 50% of the materials on the market are fake, useless at best, and harmful at worst.



• Please, if you decide to use steroids, take yourself to the doctor and receive comprehensive general blood tests and liver and kidney function tests.
• For additional knowledge or a specific question about a particular topic / medication, please contact us and we will try to provide the answers.



This is the opposite term from Anaboli as mentioned above, which means the destruction of muscle cells. Catabolic status is found in people with infections, people without mobility (disabled, disabled), and people who die. Athletes who exercise continuously with weights may also enter the catabolic process. Anabolic steroids make this condition and work better in the muscles in this given situation.


Response level – PLATEAU

This is where the steroid in the user’s body ceases to be effective. This happens when the material that responds to the presence of the steroid in the muscle is unaware and no longer responds to the steroid. This happens about six weeks after the start of the cycle, and then you usually have to increase the dose of the steroid or switch to another steroid, or finish the cycle and wait several weeks until the start of a new cycle.
The usual way to avoid the level of reaction mentioned above is to take a combination of 2 or more types of steroids and thus try to avoid the level of reaction and cause prolongation of the cycle until the relative time required to increase the muscle.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Negative Side Effects

Article Three of Eight


The negative side effects are the undesirable side effects of an athlete taking anabolic steroids. Although there is still a clear idea of ​​all the symptoms and their overall effect, most of them may disappear when the drug is discontinued, but there are damages that do not go away and should not be ignored.

Most users know about the negative side effects usually by passing word-of-mouth information, from personal experience and / or friends. Therefore, we will try to clarify and explain to all interested parties about these side effects:


  • Changes in liver function – in the short term (30-40 days) The changes appear to be minimal and can be corrected when they stop using, and in the long run the liver function disorders are Eurasavilim, even to the point of liver cancer.

  • Cardiovascular changes – the ability to assimilate glucose, triglycerides, and cholesterol is variable and potentially causes atherosclerosis. This is very dangerous for diabetics due to the level of insulin, which is a known and direct cause of atherosclerosis. The cortisol level also increases, and because of the inability of the liver to break up cortisol, it crystallizes in the blood and causes an interesting phenomenon on the other hand, because cortisol is a hormone that allows the body to work under pressure and thus the athlete can work much harder, and this may be one of the advantages of Steroids, by their ability to cause higher work capacity.

  • High Blood Pressure Blood pressure is known to cause heart attacks. Steroids usually cause higher blood pressure, blood pressure returns to normal after discontinuation, but long-term use remains a problem because increasing the volume and volume of the body and veins cause the heart to work harder and more strenuously, as well as increase the amount of nitrogen and calcium in the body, As well as an increase in blood pressure.

  • Changes in the reproductive system – Following the use of steroids in its various forms, a drastic reduction in sperm count and accumulation of testosterone in the testicles is caused. In animal experiments, it is known that this process of low sperm count and shrinkage of the testes can be repaired and returned to normal after a period of discontinuation. The sex drive is usually damaged in a small or not at all way, but when used in high doses, sexual desire is impaired, and this process is reversible in case of discontinuation. Prolonged use of side effects are: testicular shrinkage, impotence, erectile dysfunction, impulsive and persistent erections.

  • Increase in aggression – The most common side effect of steroids is increased aggression. Testosterone is known to cause higher violence in men than in women. The users of anabolic steroids become violent, aggressive and restless as a result of the use. This is especially evident before competitions, because they are usually used more often, and this is probably one of the most serious side effects of steroid use.

  • Development of chest tissue in men – Some types of steroids cause more developed breast tissue under the nipple, chest tissue decreases as a result of discontinuation of use, but sometimes there are skin glands that need to be surgically removed.

  • Androgenic phenomena – androgenic phenomena such as deeper voice, hairiness, oily skin causing acne and genital changes are all the result of steroid use in men.


Women – in women In addition to the above, other well-known phenomena are:

  • swelling, growth and expansion of the clitoris.

  • Hair growth on the face.

  • A great urge to masturbate.

  • Changes in turnover dates and rarely until it is stopped.

  • In the long term, obtaining facial features and male form due to increased use of testosterone.

  • After steroids stop, the menstrual cycle returns to normal but the remaining symptoms remain.

  • Damage to connective tissue – Experience shows that the use of steroids significantly increases muscle volume and strength, especially in novice exercisers. At the same time, there is no strengthening of connective tissue, and as a result of poor blood supply to these tissues they are torn. As a result, the tissues themselves are damaged and sometimes cause recurrent injuries.

  • Other side effects: The following symptoms were observed: headaches, convulsions in the body or eyes, loss of consciousness, neural files, hand movements, head movements or involuntary blink, tendency to nosebleeds, lack of appetite, excessive appetite, feeling of health and strength, Weight loss and fluid accumulation.

  • Steroid manufacturers themselves warn the long-term users of the drugs: inability to conceive, kidney dysfunction, liver cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, intestinal cancer, or breast cancer, and especially people who are prone to heart attack and high blood pressure, Strong asthma and kidney and liver problems.


High doses of the normal physiological level cause delays in the secretion of control hormones FSH-LH, which cause a decrease in the secretion of these hormones, which are important to the immune system of the body.

Results of discontinuing steroid use

  1. The known symptoms are: hypersensitivity to infections, damage to the body’s immune system, loss of weight and loss of strength, and as a result of discontinuation of use, the body does not return to the normal level of testosterone in the body, causing the rapid decline in weight and strength especially if the athlete continues intensive training. A decrease in testosterone causes damage to the quality and quality of sperm cells, to testicular degeneration and decreased libido.

  2. Pain and stiffness in the joints: When you stop using steroids it seems that the joints start to ache and become stiff. One of the reasons is calcium deposition in the joints. Another reason is that due to a low level of testosterone and intensive training, pain and even tendon inflammation are created.
    Note: If you have already decided to use steroids, you will use them under close medical supervision !!!

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Benefit from the use of steroids

Article Four out of eight

Steroids are currently used to treat many diseases:

  • For road accident victims as first aid.

  • Known as a means of helping with amnesia.

  • In cases of low hormone level or inability to digest proteins.

  • Using underweight.

  • In cases of pus infection due to abnormal proteins in the body.

  • For use in building bone tissue in cases of bone disease.

  • Steroids were also used in radiation diseases (to improve appetite).

  • Improves depression.

  • Accelerating recovery after surgery.

  • Also used to stimulate growth in adolescents.

Many athletes learned after a period of trying to “play” the dose of quantities and days to achieve good results by using scientific means and self-experimentation. However, athletes still use poorly. Mainly because


of lack of knowledge and lack of information and publicity on the subject. The results that athletes use with steroids are:

  • Increased power.

  • Large muscle volume.

  • Decreased body fat, especially in subcutaneous fat, both intravenously and musically.

  • Fast recovery of muscle after exercise or alternatively after injury.

  • Reducing joint pain.

  • Increased sweating rate.


Increased training capacity: more repetitions, more sets and more weight.

Steroids alone are not able to cause weight gain in a controlled manner, but with the combination of proper nutrition and personalized for each type of sport in itself.

As is known and as mentioned in previous articles on the subject. The best way is to have a tissue test that determines which types of steroids work best in our body.

Here are some recommendations for athletes using steroids

  • The best thing a steroids athlete can do is undergo a series of general and comprehensive blood tests, at most every three months, to check for cholesterol, blood lipids, blood sugar, etc. In addition, it is recommended to perform kidney and liver function tests, and we will be able to check our situation for any particular period, and may therefore prevent or avoid various complications.


For example:
a blood test can indicate liver function problems before the situation becomes irreversible, then proper measures must be taken

In order to prevent further damage.

A person who uses anabolic steroids who do not have periodic tests at least every three months may find himself in unpleasant and even dangerous situations.

  • A person who feels changes in his body such as; Unexplained pain in the joints or at the top, difficulty in breathing, pressure in the head, muscle contraction, please go to the attending doctor and check accordingly.



Note: If he does not do so due to shame or unpleasantness, etc., he will cause damage to himself and sometimes even irreversible damage.


One must think of the future in a few years, not the momentary present. In the end, the test of reality is measured by the test of time, and then when we find ourselves in 10-5 years with family, responsibility, maturity and mental maturity, we may regret and regret our thoughts and actions in retrospect. It should be remembered that sometimes certain symptoms can occur after several years rather than immediately.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Injection

Article five out of eight

The materials are injected

  • These are liquid drugs that are usually based on water or fat and are taken by injection with a 4 cm / ˝3 / 8 needle, usually depending on the type of steroid and the amount taken.

  • Water-based drugs are usually taken 4 times a week to maintain a constant level of the drug in the blood and over time.

  • Fat-based drugs are a mixture of fat and alcohol and are stored in the body and blood for a longer period of time and therefore it is relatively easier to treat them because their decomposition time is longer. These medications can be taken once a week and still maintain a high blood level.



Note: New syringes should be sealed hermetically from packing only and for disposable use !!!

When people come to the conclusion that they want to inject anabolic steroids into their bodies with oily or water-based substances by injecting them into the muscle, it is known that the injection quantities are usually relatively large and require syringes between 5 and 7 cm. They are usually 1 inch or 1 inch.

The injection locations are:

  1. In the upper buttock muscle.

  2. The quadriceps muscle – the large external muscle on each side.

  3. At the center of the shoulder.

Note: Materials with a fatty base are better injected into the buttock muscle.



The following is a basic order of operations:

  • A new needle should be taken from a hermetically sealed package, and the company should be given a syringe.

  • It is absolutely forbidden that the needle from the moment it leaves the world will not touch any organ, object, etc., but will be inserted directly into the bottle or the ampoule.

  • Fill the syringe in the air, and inject into the bottle something that creates pressure and causes the fluid to move freely.

  • Pump the required amount into the syringe.

  • After filling, place the syringe with the tip of the needle facing up and pour some liquid out so that all the air is out of the syringe.


  • The needle must not touch anywhere, not even fingertips or cloth. The needle must be inserted immediately into the bottle / ampoule.

If you use 2 syringes at once, after filling the first syringe, separate the syringe from the needle and screw the syringe back into the needle.
Then do the following:

  • Take a swab dipped in a sponge to disinfect the place where material will be thrown.

  • Hold the syringe with the needle facing the muscle to which we want to inject the material.

  • Take the free hand, stretch the skin and then insert the tip of the needle into the muscle.

  • Lift the syringe slightly up and see that we have not damaged the vein and blood has not entered the syringe.

  • Slowly insert the liquid into the muscle.

  • Place a swab dipped slightly on the skin, attached to the needle and pull the syringe out of the muscle and disinfect the area again.

  • The needle should be discarded after use for obvious reasons.

************ This information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice and supervision of any kind and the sole responsibility is for the user **************

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Types of Steroids part 1

Article Six out of eight

In this article I’ll talk about a wide variety of different popular steroid types, combinations of substances, and chemicals in the market.

each steroid will be ranked according to its ability to influence.

The ranking table will be according to the number of stars:

* Weak ** Medium *** Good **** Very good ***** Excellent


It is a water-based substance, competitors use it before competition, its function to burn fat and increase metabolism in our bodies, most effective with a low-carb diet, reported allergic symptoms especially rashes. The material can be injected.

The dosage IU 50 – 100 twice a day for a maximum of 3 weeks.

Rating – ** +



It is a substance belonging to the protein insulins group and contains a chain of 70 amino acids. The effect of this substance is on the muscles, bones and cartilages. This substance increases the response of the nervous system as well as the metabolism-metabolism in the body.

The use of insulin IGF1 has become very popular among bodybuilders. Side effects include hair loss and hyperactivity. This material is very dangerous.

The dose is MCG25-75 at intervals of 12 hours.

Some people take insulin concurrently with IGF1 at a ratio of MCG25 to

G I.U8 Insulin of the humulin-r type that occurs within 30 minutes of entering the body.

Rating – **




This drug is not a steroid, taken orally primarily prior to competition. Contains aldecan and laxative. This drug helps to get rid of the water that is stored due to the entry of estrogen into the body’s systems. Use this medicine very carefully because it causes dehydration very quickly. Do not use this medicine with another laxative.

Rating – **





It is an orally administered water-based drug that changes the effect of a substance called aldosterone, the hormone responsible for the amount of electrolytes and fluids in the body. This medicine is used for body toning or before the appearance, with which it will secrete water from the body and look good. This drug is especially effective for athletes whose body remains excess water produced by a high level of estrogen in the body.

Originally, this drug is given to high blood pressure patients, it is very good for women due to the androgenic effects created in women, to suppress and restore the androgenic phenomena. Men use this medicine to prevent gynecomastia due to excess estrogen. Muscle contraction, chest tightness, and sometimes dizziness. You should know how to use this medicine and should be careful.

The dosage is 1-2 tablets between 1 week and 3 weeks.

Rating – **





It is a steroid taken orally and is very anabolic in its properties and is therefore very popular for both men and women. Usually adds strength as well as can be used before competition, does not store water, and although its use while dieting does not result in large results, taken
As a supplement to other steroids and then gets good results such as testosterone or dynabol. Alone it does not result in large results in weight or muscle volume, it is not aromatic even used for a long time. Some people have 3 to 6 tablets a day that affect them very well.

The dosage is usually between 10 and 20 tablets a day.

Rating – ***






It is a drug with very few androgenic effects, manufactured in Italy, this substance is relatively weak and does not produce significant results. People who have been affected by this drug well have used 3-4 times the usual dose. Women like to use this substance. short time.

The dose is MG 30 per day.

Rating – **




Also known as Anapolone 50-ANAPOLON 50 produced in England, it is a drug taken orally and is the strongest steroid that exists. It is usually used to increase strength and increase muscle weight. This substance is toxic to the liver and has great aromatic effect. The drug belongs to the alpha-alkaliid group. An athlete using this type of drug must incorporate it with anti-estrogenic drugs, in order to prevent the phenomenon of gynecomastia. This substance has high anabolic capacity and high androgenic capacity and simultaneously causes weight gain and strength but at the same time sometimes causes very serious side effects because it is sometimes too strong for the body, and sometimes gives a feeling of illness, headaches and more. When this drug is not combined with an anti-estrogenic drug, it can cause gynecomastia in men. This drug stores water and can sometimes cause high blood pressure, which has been found to be extremely long in use and can cause cancer in the liver.

The dosage is up to 2 tablets per day and a short cycle between 4 and 5 weeks.

Rating – ***




Also found under the names; Andreol, Endostor, Restensoll and the Stensol. It is a steroid taken orally. Does not belong to the alfa-alkid 17 group and therefore is not dangerous to the liver and has few negative side effects. The drug itself has both high anabolic and androgenic levels. This drug achieves a significant rate of strength and weight quickly and increases the amount of glycogen in the body, meaning that this drug gives all the properties found in the injection of testosterone but in a much safer way. This drug does not reduce testosterone production in the body when taken at a level below MG280 per day.

The usual dose is MG120 -160 two to three times a week or between MG40-120 per day.

The recommended dosage for the day ranges from MG120 to MG200 but the amount should be spread evenly throughout the day.

Rating – ****




It is an injectable water-based steroid and is combined with an analgesic solution to prevent the pain of inflammation. Steroid has one purpose: it is designed to cause inflammation of the muscle, inflammation that causes muscle swelling and a rigid appearance, especially useful for small muscles such as: forearm, twins, back and trapeze. The steroid gives muscle toning and hardens it for 20-30 hours. The substance is injected directly into the muscle. The injections are recommended for at least one or two muscle groups. Athletes use this to achieve stiffness and stiffness especially in the front hand, which is done the night before the competition. Some use the steroid once a week to achieve size and stiffness in certain muscles. Has good results in correct use.

The dose is CC2 for the muscle, each time.

Rating – **





It is a steroid based on fat originally created for horses and animals and is becoming more common for use by athletes. The drug has high anabolic level and low androgenic level making it very safe to use. The steroid causes muscle mass development and also gives muscle toning. It prevents the accumulation of water in the body and does not interfere with the production of natural testosterone by the body Athletes who have used this drug have reported good results and very few negative side effects start to affect after 3-4 days and its duration is 12-14 days.
The dose is CC3-6 per week.

Rating – ***



This is the Spanish version of Nandrolone – phenylpropionate, originally called Dorbolin, not to be confused with the known minute dorbolin, which comes in MG10 ampoules, 4 ampoules in the pack.

Rating – **



Originally this material was taken in tablets and was similar in its operation to Istanbul.

This substance appears in ampoules and is very common. It appears to contain a combination of several steroids with a wonderful mixture that should yield excellent results. Athletes believed the results were guaranteed, but all this was refuted, and a lot of fakes were discovered by pirate companies under different names: UCLA BOLASTERONE, NEW BOLASTERONE, BOLASTERONE DEPOT

The recommendation is to avoid the use of a drug that is fraught with uncertainty about the authenticity of the drug.

Rating – **




This drug is not a steroid. It is a synthetic estrogen drug that is used to increase fertility in women. For men, this drug is used to increase testicular activity after steroids are used. This drug prevents gynecomastia when taking substances that have an aromatic effect. Directly affects the brain’s hypophysis with the help of the guandotropin hormone, causing the production of testosterone in the body. This drug is good but not as good as H.C.G and Nolvadex.

The dosage is MG50 per day and a short return of 2-3 weeks.

Rating – **




This steroid is almost the same as a minute-durbolin but it is a material that responds faster. It is given by injection and has a short life span. He entered the bloodstream very quickly and disappeared within a week.

The dosage is 2 weekly injections of at least MG50 every three days.

Rating – ***



It is originally a remedy for stabilizing high blood pressure. Athletes use it to get rid of excess water before an appearance or competition. It is a loop diuretic, and during use should maintain the balance of minerals in the body.

The average dosage is 1-2 tablets per day for a short time, usually two days before the competition.

Rating – **




This is the most common steroid of all time and is the first anabolic steroid created by Dr. John Zilger in 1956. It is highly effective for weight gain, muscle and strength. Has been used by athletes since the 1950s and has long been the only one of its kind until the early 1970s, which means that this steroid has stood the test of time.The biggest problem with it is that it is part of the alfa-alkid 17 group and is extremely androgenic, In fact, the substance becomes estrogen in the body and causes irreversible side effects such as nipples and edema, so it is best to use the stage of mass and strength development and to increase endurance, and this is the best steroid. Along with the use of this material it is mandatory to combine also taking anti-substances Estrogens to prevent the conversion of Dianbol to estrogen.This steroid cycle should be as short as possible, and there is a version produced in Mexico called METANDIABOL.

The dosage range is MG15-30 per day in tablets per day or MG50-100 per week in injection.

Rating – ****


Durabulin DECA 


This drug is given by injection. It is a very common and popular steroid, and is widely used in the world. The substance itself is very androgenic and anabolic. Develops strength and size quickly, has low toxicity to the liver and aromatic only in very high quantities. Good to use with all types of different steroids. Produces very good results and has very low side effects. This drug stays in our body for up to 12 months, and substances that are blurred for the sake of not being detected in steroids laboratory tests, it is best not to take this before competitions. Also appears in the Mexican product DECA-JECT and comes in doses of MG PER ML25 and MG PER ML50.

The average dose is MG 200-400 per week, and for women MG50-100 per week.

Rating – ***



Nandrolone decnoate 50 mg

This is a very common steroid that is usually given to people who are starting to experience steroids. It is a steroid based on oily and is considered a very weak effective steroid, suitable for combination with other substances, and can be prescribed by a doctor. Comes in droplets, because of its low dosage it should be taken regularly every day or even twice a day for its effect to be felt.

The dose is ampoule of MG50.

Rating – *
athlete must take a calculated risk.




It is an Australian-based water steroid containing 2 types of steroids to give maximum anabolic effect and minimum androgenic effect.

Rating – **


In conclusion :

In the way we now see the use of steroids, the relationship between risk and cessation of benefit is significantly higher in favor of discontinuing the use of steroids. The amount of steroids does not change the rate of development of our bodies, because steroids have a rate of “permanent decomposition” in the body, meaning that the body can break down a certain amount and beyond that excess steroid remains useless. The average anatomical dose should be CC1 for every 1 kilogram of body weight. Most types of steroids stop producing results after about 6 weeks from the start of the cycle and therefore should be used to adjust their use. The long-term results of use are not yet fully known. In other words, there may be additional side effects beyond what is written above, and therefore the.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Anabolic Steroids – Types of Steroids – part 2

Article seven out of eight


In this article I’ll talk about a wide variety of different popular steroid types, combinations of substances, and chemicals in the market.


The list of steroids is in alphabetical order, and each steroid will be ranked according to its ability to influence.

The ranking table will be according to the number of stars:

* Weak ** Medium *** Good **** Very good ***** Excellent






It is an underground steroid which is for sale in vials of CC30 at a very high price. And according to manufacturers it has a very high and good result before competitions. Like all steroids produced underground, because of the little information about it, it is best not to use it.

Rating – *





This material appears under additional names: GH, STH, HGH.

Its commercial name is Escalarine, which is found in quantities of 10UU (world units), and is very expensive, and is also known as Crescormine, Biotropin, Sumatropin, 4IU. And other doses.


In USA, one of the names of the drugs is RORM, which is currently the only form produced not synthetically, and comes in units of IU4 and SAIZEN in IU4 units. Originally, the hormone is produced from the pituitary gland, the hippopotamus. The hormone is produced from the hippopotamus glands of the brains of people who have died, and in order to produce one dose,


anumber of brains should be used. Today there is a production of synthetic substances of growth hormone. This hormone is used to treat people with developmental problems (dwarfs) who suffer from a lack of activity in the pituitary gland. The results of use in some cases were astounding, muscle growth was significant and negative side effects were nil. The hormone increases the muscle mass, increases the level of protein breakdown in the blood, the positive nitrogen level, strengthens the connective tissues between the bones, and causes proper dispersion of fat in the body. Mix the liquid in a bottle with distilled water and store it refrigerated after mixing.


Caution: The dangers of this drug are many !!! As a result of its use, phenomena of:

  • Diabetes.

  • Decreased thyroid gland function drastically.

  •  Irregular growth of bones and joints.

  • Number of deaths due to a virus that penetrated the brain of various users and caused their deaths.

Several people who used this drug even developed antibodies to it and therefore had no effect on them. You should be very careful in buying this medicine because there are many counterfeits in the market that are useless but harmful. Please consult a doctor !!!

The dosage is 1IU every two days for 8-12 weeks.

Rating – *****



5,000 TO 20,000 IU PER 10CC VIAL

This drug is not a steroid, it is a natural protein hormone produced from the urine of pregnant women and produced by the placenta and stimulates the ovaries to produce two hormones; Estrogen and progesterone, essential for egg fertilization. Its medical use is for fertilization only. Athletes use this medicine to accelerate the production of testosterone in their bodies. Which is necessary after prolonged use of steroids, because then the production of testosterone in the body decreases to a minimum, and improves the production of sperm in the testicles. This drug also causes physical arousal. Do not use this medicine for a long time because it causes the body to stop producing the hormone gonadotropin. The most effective time
The use of this drug is in the last two weeks of the steroid cycle, and then the hormone balance returns to normal.

Caution: This medicine may cause “gynecomastia,” and should therefore be taken together with this anti-estrogenic drug.

The usual dose is CC2 three times a week for two weeks in the middle of the “cycle”.

Rating – ***






Also known as ANDROID F, this is a steroid taken orally and very dangerous to androgenic. Is usually taken by athletes for greater strength and a more rigid appearance of the muscles and causes fine results, but because of its destructive consequences it is not a wise choice.

The dosage is one to two pills per day, and the cycle is about 4 weeks maximum.

Rating – **




This vitamin is used by all users of steroids. This vitamin helps the liver to break up the steroid, adds vigor, increases the strength and increases appetite.

Produced in injections of MCG1,000 and taken in the amount of MCG2,000 once or twice a week.

Rating – **



Also known by its various names; Stromba and Winstrol Diput, this is a very common anabolic steroid, which is diluted in water. It is used primarily for the purpose of making the best use,


and its main use is to achieve size and strength without weight gain, and it can be weighed with testosterone. It is very clean and easy to use for both men and women due to its low androgenic level. It may be toxic to liver in high doses over time.

The fact that it is diluted with water has a very rapid effect, so it should be used frequently, usually every two days. It can be used in long cycles.

The dosage in ampoules is between 3-5 CCS for men once a week, for women CCS1-2 once a week. The dosage pills is MG16-30 per day for men, and women for MG4-8. The effect begins after 24 hours and the duration of the effect is 3 days.

Rating – ****





First, all testosterone causes edema and bloated appearance as a result of fluid build-up in the body. This substance causes an increase in strength and muscle volume. Its main advantage is that an athlete needs only one dose every 10 days in the form of an injection to achieve an effective result. This substance is toxic to the liver and has a high androgenic effect and therefore the dosage must be low. Because of the aromatic results, anti-estrogens should be used. This substance is very slow in its action, and it takes at least two weeks for it to disappear from the body. There is a version produced in France called ANDROTARDYL. There is also an old name DELATESTRL. It can be injected and comes in MG250 ampoules.

The dose is one ampoule of CC200 every 10 days.

Rating – ***





This is a steroid given on an oily basis and is considered the best of its kind and is one of the first substances to be used. It has high androgenic capacity, very good for weight gain and solid vision, many athletes use this product because of its good results from its use. It would be a big mistake to use this material together with other high-androgenic material. The substance causes a large accumulation of water in the body and negative aromatic results, but it is very helpful for growth.

The dose is between CCS1-3 week. The onset of the effect is after 10 hours and the duration of the effect is two weeks.

Rating – **



100MG / ML 10 CC OR 30 CC VIAL

It is a steroid taken by injection and contains testosterone diluted with water. The common claim is that this is the oldest steroid used and started 40 years ago. With extremely fast results, runs within 8 hours and disappears after 24 hours. The problem is that you have to take 3-4 times a week from this material and this is a painful process, and yet there are many who use this material because it shows beautiful results in size and strength and all this very quickly. Unfortunately, this substance is highly androgenic and has aromatic results, and has a very negative effect on the liver, which must rapidly dissolve this material. Also known as the old name AQUEOUS.

Its dosage, because it is diluted with water, is CCMG100 day and day not.

Rating – **





100 MG / CC 10 CC OR 30 CC VIAL

This is a very fast steroid based on fat. It is very similar in its function to the sepionate, and differs from it in that it stays in the body for only 5 days, so it should be used at least twice a week. This material is very effective for size and strength, storing water and causing gynecomastia and aggression.

The dosage is MG200-400 per week.

Rating – **




It is a powerful loop diuretic, and athletes use it to get rid of excess water stored in the body and give the body a shapely and more rigid appearance, but in doing so damaged the balance of minerals and vitamins in the body. Another issue is the loss of potassium and sodium, which can cause muscle spasms. This is a very dangerous drug and can cause dehydration and in extreme cases to a heart attack in excessive doses and the result of excessive potassium loss.

The dose is between כדור and 1 כדור per day, in ampoules it comes in units of MG / 2 ML 20 and the dosage is 20-40 mg as needed.

Rating – **

Note: There are 250 ampoules and please do not touch them in any way.






It is a steroid that gives good results and few negative side effects, consists of a substance called testosterone which causes an increase in muscle volume without accumulation of water, making it excellent for use before competition. The main problem with this drug is that its activity is very slow.

Rating – ***





It is a drug with a very high anabolic level and a low androgenic level, taken orally. This drug does not belong to the alpha-alkaloid group 17 and therefore is not so toxic to the liver. Is very common in women because of the low androgenic damage and is taken as a supplement to another steroid. Maxibolin is one of the few drugs that can be used together with another steroid, and together they create a new, effective drug. The problem is that large quantities of this drug should be used, and therefore the cost is high. The period is sometimes up to 4 months to achieve an increase in size and mass of muscle without negative side effects, but this drug does not help to increase strength. Especially good for women.

The dosage is 5-10 pills per day and a cycle of up to 4 months.

Rating – ***






It is a steroid built on the basis of fat produced mainly for horses and dogs.

The problem with this drug is twofold:

  1. The forgeries are so problematic, so there is almost no way to tell the difference between the real and the fake.

  2. This drug is produced in underground laboratories, most of the time.

There have been good results from the action of the steroid and its combination with other substances, but we recommend that you be very careful.

Rating – *






5/10 MG / TAB BUCCAL 25MG / TAB ORAL 60-100 / BOTTLE

Contains testosterone tablets and has a very dangerous androgenic effect. This material quickly reaches the blood and within an hour its androgenic effect is felt, as well as obtaining rapid strength and increasing aggression. Weightlifters use it primarily before competition and this is its only benefit. Its effect on the body is harmful and dangerous.

The dosage is MG50 – MG20 per day, the onset of the effect is within 1 hour and the duration of the effect is 2-3 hours.

Rating – **



In conclusion :

In the way we now see the use of steroids, the relationship between risk and cessation of benefit is significantly higher in favor of discontinuing the use of steroids. The amount of steroids does not change the rate of development of our bodies, because steroids have a rate of “permanent decomposition” in the body, meaning that the body can break down a certain amount and beyond that excess steroid remains useless. The average anatomical dose should be CC1 for every 1 kilogram of body weight. Most types of steroids stop producing results after about 6 weeks from the start of the cycle and therefore should be used to adjust their use. The long-term results of use are not yet fully known. In other words, there may be additional side effects beyond what is written above, and therefore the athlete must take a calculated risk.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -

Types of steroids – part 3

Article Eight out of eight


In this article I’ll talk about a wide variety of different popular steroid types, combinations of substances, and chemicals in the market.


The list of steroids is in alphabetical order, and each steroid will be ranked according to its ability to influence.

The ranking table will be according to the number of stars:

* Weak ** Medium *** Good **** Very good ***** Excellent





It is an anti-estrogenic drug and its use is to prevent the effects of estrogenic activity in the body and breast cancer. The presence of estrogen in the male body is the result of an aromatic action of steroids. The drug itself was originally developed to combat a particular type of cancer and is very effective in suppressing estrogenic phenomena such as gynecomastia, excess body water and other female disorders, and is therefore so important. This drug should be taken during or sometimes at the end of the cycle, in all types of androgenic steroids. The drug will stop estrogen production but will not eliminate the amount already in the body.

The dosage is MG10-20 per day.

Rating – ****





It is a very powerful androgenic steroid, used primarily for size and strength, and for these purposes it is effective, although it has many negative side effects. There are many negative side effects associated with its use.

The dosage is MG30-40 per day and short use of several weeks.

Rating – ***






This steroid is a combination of the 4 types of steroids listed above. This material has a very fast action in the body and lasts for up to a month. This material is very effective and becomes one of the most popular materials to use. It increases weight and weight quickly, its aromatic side effects are smaller than the other types of testosterone. Does not cause much accumulation of water in the body, and there is no pressure in the liver. Good for combining with oral substances, especially for weight gain. This steroid is also found under the name Dora-Testin produced in Europe, and in the name of SOSTENIN produced in Mexico. The steroid is produced in MG / CC250 ampoules.

The dose is MG250 once every 7 days and MG500 every 10 days.

Rating – ***





It is a steroid that is equivalent in its effect to lowstroll and is very anabolic and has no aromatic results. This substance is very good to use especially for diet, and has no adverse side effects whatsoever. The substance produces very good results when used under MG50 per day. It is very convenient to combine with other high aromatic substances.

The average dose is between MG20-40 per day.

Rating – ***





It is a steroid based on oily, originally designed to treat animals. This steroid has a high androgenic level. The material runs quickly, so it is necessary to use it frequently. Provides a significant increase in power. The substance causes allergic side effects and various illnesses. This substance may affect our body’s immune system.

The dose is CC0.5-1 every two days.

Rating – ***




This is a steroid on the basis of oily injected into the body and has few negative side effects only. Especially good for trick before competitions. Mainly affects the increase in strength and holds the muscles strong and strong, and does not cause the formation of water inside the body. This steroid causes significant results in size, weight and strength, and with very few negative side effects, and this is unique.

The dosage is MG76-152 per week.

Rating – ****





It is a very androgynous steroid that is used only to fight the estrogen hormone and prevent aromatic phenomena. Most athletes help this substance to prevent excess estrogen in the body. Women use this substance to get a body with stiff muscles by taking a pill or two a day for several weeks to balance the action of other steroids in the body. Men use 4 pills a day to get good results. Most athletes, however, prefer to use nolvadex, which is more powerful and gives better results.

Rating – **





It is a loop diuretic with a strong and fast action. Has been in active use for over 20 years. Its effect is on the expansion of the blood vessels and is used originally to treat edema (fluid retention), which is caused by heart failure and certain diseases of the liver and kidney lungs. Poseid increases potassium loss and side effects are usually caused by the rapid loss of fluids, membranes, and salts following oxidation. We recommend adding multivitamin tablets due to damage to the body’s vitamins and minerals balance.

The dosage range varies between MG20-80 per day. The effect of tablets is within 1 hour and injections within 5 minutes. Duration of impact is 2-6 hours.

Rating – ****





This is a steroid with a very high anabolic level and a very low androgenic level. This feature makes it one of the most common steroid used for competitions. Injection, despite the fact that it is based on fat, it runs very quickly and therefore has to be taken daily. The asteroid has several degrees: it is not aromatic and works well on a low-calorie diet, so it’s the right product to take when you are on a diet before a competition. This steroid allows you to remove fat from the body and maintain maximum muscle volume at the same time. It is also very effective for women. This material does not produce impressive results in muscle size or strength, but it maintains a large, shapely, hard-looking muscle. You should take pills by the valve under the tongue.

The dose is MG50-100 for men and MG25-50 for women per day, and injection in doses of MG20 every day or two, and this is the optimal condition that the steroid is effective and with almost no negative side effects.

Rating – ****





This is a very popular steroid that was disqualified for use. The athletes know him by this name, but his name and successor is Frymbolen-Orles (which I have already given an explanation).




This is a steroid produced mostly in Mexico and comes in the amount of MG50, or Germany in the amount of MG100. Is similar in composition to acetate and is therefore very suitable for


use even when the user is on a diet a few calories before competition. The difference between the substances is that this substance remains in the blood for a week as opposed to the previous one. Gives good results both in size and strength with very few negative side effects at all. This material will not give the user significant results, so it is not as good as the previous use prior to competition. However, many prefer this material because of the great anabolic value in it. The German product is much better than the Mexican product and most athletes prefer to use it.

The dose is between MG200 for men and 100 mg for women every 7 days.

Rating – ****




Originally this drug can be used to stabilize high blood pressure. The drug is known to stimulate growth hormone production, especially before sleep. This medication causes changes in mood and sometimes even depression. This drug is not a favorite for athletes.

Rating – *




It also appears in other names: CLEMBUMAR from South America, CLENASMA from Europe. Originally, this substance is a third generation of drugs given to asthmatics. This medicine increases weight and reduces fat. It is customary to use it about a month before a competition. The period ranges from 6-12 weeks, the side effects are; Aggression and headaches.

The dose is between MCGS60-120 evenly distributed throughout the day.

Rating – ***



It is an oil produced in Germany, good for increasing small muscles such as front and back. It is not recommended for the twin muscle because of the high pain symptoms. Using this oil it is possible to increase muscle volume. The material has the ability to be absorbed into the muscle. No side effects and significant risks were observed. Side effects are: fear of allergies, and splits in the skin. In 3 months use, it is possible to reach an additional 3-4 cm in the muscle, as opposed to other oils that caused “inaction”.

Note: The injection into the vein is absolutely forbidden !!!

The dose is injected with CC5 once or twice a week until the desired result is achieved.

Rating – ***



This is a non-steroidal substance, a chemical designed to accelerate the spread of the injected substance into the body, to keep it away from the injection site, thereby speeding up its activity. Many athletes use this substance to get rid of excess fat in certain parts of the body. The substance is injected in a small dish directly into the fat concentration and causes it to disperse. The substance also appears in the cream to apply to the skin to disperse fat. There are also pills of this type, these pills are taken several times a day, at least two weeks before the competition. The best results were found in people with excess water in the fat cells created by excess estrogen.

Rating – **



In conclusion :

In the way we now see the use of steroids, the relationship between risk and cessation of benefit is significantly higher in favor of discontinuing the use of steroids. The amount of steroids does not change the rate of development of our bodies, because steroids have a rate of “permanent decomposition” in the body, meaning that the body can break down a certain amount and beyond that excess steroid remains useless. The average anatomical dose should be CC1 for every 1 kilogram of body weight. Most types of steroids stop producing results after about 6 weeks from the start of the cycle and therefore should be used to adjust their use. The long-term results of use are not yet fully known. In other words, there may be additional side effects beyond what is written above, and therefore the athlete must take a calculated risk.

THE SECRETS WORLD OF STEROIDS by moti siton - Illustrated by MOTI SITON -
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